Holy State of Konradia

Holy State of Konradia
Capital Nova Nova São Konrado
Official Languages PT-BR
Demonyn Konradian
Government One election held many many years ago
Leader caca_de_nariz
Establishment 22-05-2020
Population 3

When first Followers of Konrad came to Harmonia from far away lands, a small coastal village was established. On the shores of Baharna Sea, Nova Nova São Konrado would function as an arrival point for many believers of Konradianism. In time, as the population grew and the city developed, the need for a nation that could unite all the Konradians was obvious.

By the twenty second of may of the first year of Harmonia, The Holy State of Konradia was founded, comprising the city of Nova Nova São Konrado, Little Amazônia and the Triumvir Islands on Baharna Sea.

The K-Cycle

One of the most important recent findings in the study of the long-term dynamic social processes was the discovery of the political-demographic cycles as a basic feature of the dynamics of complex agrarian systems. Interestly, the Konradian society has its own unique cycle, called “The K-Cycle”. This cycle is marked by four stages, which are:

  1. caca_de_nariz disappears
  2. Konradia begins to decline and its population emigrate
  3. caca_de_nariz reappears
  4. Konradia recovers and its population returns

At the end of each cycle, Konradian society goes through a period of great economic growth and cultural production. Why this cycle is directly linked to the Konradian leader, however, remains a mystery to sociology.

Currently, Holy State of Konradia is going through its second K-Cycle, while Konradiality is in its fourth cycle.

Nation Borders:

The official state religion is the Konradian Catholic Apostolic Church. Others beliefs are allowed as long they do not go against the Konradian tenets.


The Padroado was an arrangement between the Holy See and the Konradian Empire, through a series of concordats by which the Holy See delegated the administration of the local churches and granted some theocratic privileges to Konradian monarchs. The Konradian Padroado dates from the beginning of the Konradian maritime expansion and was confirmed by Pope QB_ in 1514. At various times the system was called Padroado Real (Royal patronage) and Padroado Ultramarino Konradiano (Konradian Overseas Patronage).

When the Holy State of Konradia became independent from Konradian Empire, in addition to the Konradian Catholic Faith being confirmed as the official religion of the new State, the Padroado regime was retained, with all its institutions and privileges (now vested, regarding the Holy State, on the Emperor and on his government), and this was recognized by the Holy See.

Holy State of Konradia is the biggest producer of quartz and exporter of black ink and wither roses of Harmonia, despite many attempts of “a certain sandnigger” to sabotage Bengalabrás S.A production facilities.

Neko's Farm Crisis

On June 6, 2020, Holy State of Konradia recalled it's nonexistent diplomats after an event that was later called Neko's Farm Crisis. Caca_de_nariz, leader of HSK, was accused by Kloware, leader of Belrunia, of using Neko's mobfarm without permission. Caca argued that the farm was public, as defined in Neko's testament, while Kloware argued it would only become public after BearMonger, MU leader and heir to the farm, decided it's fate. After much discussion, Neko's written testament was brought up for analysis:

Apr 22 17:24:50 <Kirk>	[harmony] <NekoNeko> the building is now public and only bearmonger decided what to do with it, but with only two choices - leave it public or destroy it
Apr 22 17:25:01 <Kirk>	[harmony] <NekoNeko> he's not allowed to claim itt as his own

After presenting the indisputable evidence, Caca's argument was confirmed. Caca then demanded written apologies from Belrunia, which Kloware denied, damaging diplomatic relations between the two nations.

  • caca_de_nariz - founder of Nova Nova São Konrado
  • Fidalgo - CEO of KKKKorp and builder of skyscrapers
  • Rolen - director of Federal Police
  • Coabara - Mushroom Farmer
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