Capital Greedmesa
Official Languages English
Demonyn Space cowboys
Government Oligarchy
Representative Ceceri_Mt
Establishment 21/04/21
Population 3

Webop, which is a mix between western and Cowboy Bebop, was founded by pioneers seeking gold in the mesa.
Thanks to the abundance of the metal, the mines have yet to empty and the nation is currently experiencing a steady growth.

Major events so far

  • On 21/04/21, the nation was founded, with Greedmesa as its capital

The Council of sheriffs of Webop

Webop is run by an oligarchic Council which controls all powers (legislative, executive, judicial and military) and that takes care of both domestic and foreign affairs.
The members of said organ are called sheriffs, with Ceceri_Mt and Manyueru currently being the only members.

The Constitution of the Council

The flag of the Council
  • The Council of sheriffs of Webop is tasked with maintaining order and peace in the West Mesa, as well as coordinating the efforts of national interest and representing Webop internationally.
  • The organ is made up by those who committed the most in the construction of Webop. New members will have to be approved at the unanimity of the sheriffs.
  • In the event of a stall in the council, a referendum will be proposed to the citizens.

The motto of the Council: “Don't duel us, you're gonna lose”

  • Ceceri_Mt
  • Manyueru
  • FilFigio
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