Republic of Ender

Ender RepublicThe Republic of Ender
Estados Asentamientos de Endéria
لجمهورية أمريكيون أفارقة اندريا
Эндер Бүгд Найрамдах
 Flag of South Ender
 Coat of Arms  Seal
Anthem Enderia, Gem of the Ocean
Capital Hinoarashington, D.E.
Official Languages No official language (de jure)
English (de facto)
Demonyn Enderian
Government Constitutional Republic
Leader President Hinoarashi
Speaker BearMonger
Supreme Court of Ender
Establishment 7-3-13
Population ~21
Abbreviation Ender
National Flower Blue Orchid
National Animal Ender Dragon
Currency Enderian Dollar

The Republic of Ender mostly concerns itself with matters of commerce. The official state stance is one of non-aggression unless if foreign entities provoke or infringe upon the holdings of Ender. Settlements in the union are autonomous.

The Republic of Ender allows the separate states to govern their selves and the federal body exists to oversee the common welfare of the union. Each settlement may appoint its own representative to vote on their behalf in Congress.

The President of the Republic of Ender possesses the ability to veto decisions of Congress and is the commander of the armed forces.

Civilian foreign aid exists through the Ender Republic Agency for International Development ( ERAID ).


For private parties, the Republic's official stance is a laissez-faire environment. Citizens are free to carry out transactions free from tarrifs, government subsidies, and enforced monopolies, with only enough government regulations sufficient to protect property rights against theft and aggression.

An entrepreneur named BearMonger built a massive pumpkin pie factory, selling much of his products to the people of the D.E. area.

Pioneers of the End, Enderians engineers like Ruby constructed the first functional Enderman grinder on the server.

Enderian Dollar

The official currency of the Ender Republic is the Enderian Dollar which is pegged to diamonds. Reserve notes can be exchanged to and from diamonds in denominations of 10, 20, 50, and 100.


Despite Porty Mouth's formation by foul mouth pirates and seamen, citizens are encouraged to maintain a bow with sufficient enchantments to discourage attacks from both native archers and undead bandits. : Mountain Fucker Upper 4188

The Slow Dancer Doctrine had advocated a much more active foreign policy.

The Enderian Military was scrambled during the Commonwealth-Ender War and emerged victorious. Soon after, Speaker BearMonger was appointed General of the Enderian Military and supervises the occupation of Kriegstein.

The Enderian military has been accused of being too strong and was once banned by AlphaBernd from political play for this very reason.

Each state of the Republic of Ender has its own cultural identity and heritage. An old custom of the people of Ender is to pick up grass blocks and randomly punch people who make eye contact while shrieking.

Republic Member States

Hinoarashington, District of Enderia

The District of Enderia and its surroundings
Topography of Leninstadt and Hinoarashington DC

Hinoarashington, D.E. is the largest city and capital of the Ender Republic.


A city governed by Destroyatron just outside of D.E.


Altschwabenland and its surroundings
Altschwabenland's districts

Altschwabenland and its surroundings are one of the oldest sites in Alpha's Realm.


Albearquerque and its surroundings

Albearquerque was founded in the far south reaches of Alpha's Realm and its main exports to Hinoarashington consist of Granite, Andesite, and Diorite. Business leaders in the area are researching methods to farm slimes in the area. The settlement borders the Yevish village, Joodfentein and Condeura.


Beartroit is an eyesore that everyone would much rather forget about.


Calisia and its surroundings

Calisia is a state founded by Breshikian refugees seeking a better life in the cold reaches of Alpha's Realm. The state of Calisia had a period of turbulent leadership, changing from a direct democracy to a single-party communist state and eventually to a Shogunate in under a month. Many indigenous Calisians have left for elsewhere in the reaches of Alpha's Realm. Enderians have begun settling the territory in New Aspergia.

Sea of Ares

Contrary to its name, it's actually not a sea at all.

Kriegstein Territory

The Kriegstein Territory consists of the former Kingdom of Kriegstein under the administrative jurisdiction of the President of the Republic of Ender through the Chief Justiciar.

Protectorate States


Leninstadt entered an agreement with the Republic to enter a protecterate status after the settlement was besieged by Breshikian militants. As such, Leninstadt is autonomous and sovereign while being under the diplomatic and military protection of the Republic of Ender. Additionally, residents of Leninstadt have been extended Enderian citizenship while both Enderians and Leninstadters may use the facilities and farms of both Hinoarashington and Leninstadt. The resulting agreement lead to connecting the neighboring cities' routes from north and west of Hinoarashington and east and south of Leninstadt.


That feel when friends who helped kill dragon are goned.



Hinoarashington, D.E.
  • Hinoarashi
  • GlitchyBat
  • Roobyon
  • Cigaredibles
  • Thief_Runner
  • Tirack
  • EternalZohne
  • Killer_Chris
  • Sikandar
  • Corovaneer
  • Destroyatron
  • _glo
  • Helios
  • Hansenn
  • Sweetwind
  • Panaberto
  • ( Others need their names here )

Ethnic demographics

  • 6 Enderians
  • 1 Astonian
  • 1 Rhodesian
  • 1 Nedermarker
  • 2 Leninstadters
  • 2 Unknown
  • 4 Assburgese
  • 5 Calisians

President Slow Dancer

After the election of President Slow Dancer, Ender had taken a firm stance against the imperialism and aggression of the northern territories. President Slow Dancer had stated that further efforts by northern lands to colonize or interfere with their neighbors would be viewed as acts of aggression, requiring Enderian intervention. Critics like BearMonger and Ruby had questioned the horse's judgement in abandoning the principles which founded the nation and why a horse is making policy decisions and have called for his impeachment. Advocates like Speaker Hino had noted that while President Slow Dancer has adopted a hawkish stance, the Republic had seen rapid technological advancement and prosperity and questioned if critics of the Slow Dancer Doctrine are simply politically motivated on behest of his rival, Candidate Grumm.

On July 13th, a Ukrainian assassinated President Slow Dancer. The Republic was shocked and appalled by these actions and opted to hold elections to determine their next executive.

President Hinoarashi

On March 3rd, former Speaker, Hinoarashi, was elected to the office of President of the Republic. Hino abdicated as Speaker and appointed Representative BearMonger as Speaker of Congress.

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