The Rosenisle

Prince Bishopric of the Island of Rosenmannsomething in Polish
Capital Rosens House
Official Languages English
mod abuse language
Demonyn Rosenmann
Government de jure Prince-Bishopric
de facto Mod Abuse State
Leader Rosenmann
Establishment ???
Population ~1
Abbreviation Rosenisle

The Rosenisle is a small city State in the North Shaklantic Ocean. The smallest of the commonwealth realms, the Rosenisle consists solely of the Island of Rosen. Rosen Isle, not technically a nation, should not be allowed to be a member state of the Commonwealth. However, Rosenmann's mod abuse has granted Rosen Isle nation status for that purpose.

founding/time period

Founded when Rosen was sent to this island as aPrisoner Colonist Mod Abuser.

Consists of the isle of Rosenmann and the surrounding sea claims

  • The largest exporter of bad rollbacks in server history
  • Largest exporter of rare stones to the Commonwealth
  • Largest exporter of mod abuse
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