Midgard Municipality
Location X: 4400, Z: 0
Alpha's Realm Map
Local Languages English / German
Government Municipal Administration
Leader Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel
Establishment May 10th, 2015
Population Buncha Yews +1
(incl. 10 personas)

 Status May 15th 2016

Originally a twelve-island-archipelago nestled in a quiet corner of the Northeastern Sea, much ground has been reclaimed from the ocean, forging a splendid island that is not yet done growing – in any sense of the word. The safety of Midgard's inhabitants is the Administration's foremost concern.

Visitor's Comments:

  • “That tree farm is really great!” — Resident Santikaye, September 2015 (visited end of July 2015)
  • “There's more to this island than meets the eye when you see it on the map.” — Kaiser P_P_A, October 2015 (during visit)
  • “Impressive.” (Pillar of Midgard); “A hedge maze! Nice.” (Seainn Hotel); “This is a nice settlement.” — Duke Speermen, February 18th 2016
  • “That's pretty cool.” (Paper Press Machine in the AMUN building) — President Hinoarashi, February 18th 2016
  • “Matrix.” (Upside Down House) — Resident Ners_Ebower, February 20th 2016
  • “Very nicely made.” (Pillar and Cavern) — King Austrobernd of the Kingdom of Badfacia, December 6th 2016
  • “Probably the least smokiest town in this world.” — Resident Santikaye, September 29th 2018
  • “Oof. This is … dedication.” (Municipal Cemetery) — Moderator jerdnhud, October 29th 2018


One lonely builder, eager to create with no idea how and where to start, was led to a twice forsaken archipelago in the Northeastern Sea and granted full jurisdiction over it late in April 2015. Finding many of its twelve islands dotted with leafless tree trunks easier to cut and harder for monsters to hide under, Jinxauthor_Mel decided to accept the pre-owner's legacy as a considerate gift. Within two weeks, the first 5×5 wood hut grew into a big mansion, and on May 10th, the first Zombie allowed himself to be cured. With him immediately taking residence inside the mansion, this date was deemed the founding of the settlement.
The settlement was invited to become part of the nearby Commons of Valensiya and gratefully accepted the offer that came with tutelage, material support and a railway connection. Prompted by the latter to build a station and decide upon a name for it, 'Midgard' was chosen after some deliberation as it suited best some faraway future plans.


Having been introduced to various people, places, methods and rules (as well as other important matters) of Alpha's Realm, and grown more self-reliant and confident as a result, Midgard Administration came to the decision to part ways with the Commons and become entirely independent in early June 2015. After taking some time to come to terms with the vague intention and prepare for the step, independence as the Midgard Municipality was declared on June 15th 2015.
To that effect and for the purpose of presentation in the Autism Almanac, Midgard Administration decided upon a banner design hinting at the above-mentioned 'faraway future plans'. In the banner, the green part depicts Niflheim, the extensive subterranean town beneath the island's surface. The blue part stands for Asgard, a sky project not yet undertaken, while the indigo strip between them represents the surface area of Midgard Municipality. The red part on the left side is the outer 'Utgard', the nether region to which the Midgardian portal connects. All parts are touched by a yellow dandelion, symbolizing the flourishing life Midgard Administration wishes to bring to all four subsections of our settlement.

Visitors' Neglect

On July 29th, 2015, nine residents were found dead due to visitors' neglect. They had been working in the Administration building when willfully or carelessly all gates surrounding the house were left open. This allowed Zombies to invade during a siege, and whoever was visiting Midgard at that time did not see fit to protect the villagers he had endangered, or to close the gates to prevent further attacks. A communal funeral service was held at the Plagua Circle on August 1st, and the necessity for an municipal cemetery has become most obvious.

Yagira Affair

Late on December 6th, 2015, Resident Yagira visited Midgard Municipality in order to secretly test a plugin bug exploit he discovered, on chests he had already raided once before. During his time on the island, two Yevs vanished from the Administration Residence. When this was included in charges of hacking and theft, and he was banned for one day because he would not leave our settlement, he angrily used a ban evasion and returned. This time, he was caught in flagrante killing four more live-in merchants, and killed by Intern Nitu, who has before shown great dedication in defending the populace from hostiles. When the charges were brought to God AlphaBernd, a sentence of a one week ban was issued for the witnessed quadruple murder. Resident Yagira accepted the punishment, and animosity could be laid to rest.
As a result of his bravery, Intern Nitu has been granted the position of Constable with full control over the security guards. His duties will include protecting and defending the populace, as well as peaceful visitors, from native hostiles and aggressive intruders, installing security equipment in sensitive areas and consulting with Architect Mel on building safeguards.


Following a two-month period of only sporadic activity, Administrator Jinx suddenly left Midgard Municipality in January 2017, citing a necessity of viewing ether dreams and engaging in explorations and battles in some other reality. Thereby left to flounder around their daily lives in confusion, many residents fell into depression or madness, suffocating in walls or throwing themselves at dangerous creatures. Some lethargically hid in glass walls, others went dumb.
In an effort to curb the threat of populace extinction, a mathematician named Emit suggested to collectively engage in counting the days until Administrator Jinx would return. As the days of Alpha's Realm are comparatively short, their numbers soon exceeded easy calculation and indeed provided the remaining populace with enough mental engagement to keep their sanity and lives, and their children flourished.
42,748 days passed before Administrator Jinx returned to Midgard Municipality.
Being confronted with that number and a proposition to continue counting Midgard time, or rather to start counting it that way from its official foundation date (87,221 days since then), Administrator Jinx reluctantly agreed under the condition that at least a calendar system similar to that from the ether be established.
Upon the populace's consent, Emit was tasked with developing one, and soon presented a decimal-based system which is described in detail under the section Culture. As a reward for his efforts, Emit was promoted to Educator and will oversee all future schooling in Midgard Municipality.


Having thus been made aware of his people's struggling during his absence, as well as discovered the many deaths that had occurred, Administrator Jinx vowed to take exclusive care of Midgard Municipality henceforth. Within four days, he removed Midgard's presence from Spawn City by demolishing the store, stalls and vault. The nursery was completed, the farms repaired, glassed-in residents freed, and a general uplift of spirit is currently being observed.
While the companies AMUN and DACU may still be contracted, and occasional visits to friends will certainly take place, Administrator Jinx will refrain from wanton map exploration, unrewarded repair work and self-imposed distant construction.

The land is marked by buildings and surrounded by the sea.


Currently, Midgard trades for materials or items needed at the time of the trade. However, due to the growing Yew populace, the Municipality's official currency is emeralds. In the shops that are planned to be extended and created, a secondary currency of gold nuggets will be used due to more common availability, at a rate of 1 emerald ≙ 16 gold nuggets. As diamonds are not an official currency in Midgard Municipality, they can be exchanged in the Midgard Bank cheaper than they can be bought. With only special exceptions, they cannot be used to pay in our settlement's stores.


Midgard imports gold, lapis lazuli and copies (or copies of copies) of original books from anywhere in Alpha's Realm.


From June 1st 2015 to September 1st 2016, our most unique export item was the MARNIE newspaper, standing for 'Midgard Alpha's Realm News, International Edition'. It was at first published weekly, then monthly as of March 2016. During September 2016, Editor Jam came to the decision to discontinue the newspaper as of October 2016.


AMUN Publishing Company

Due to the MARNIE's success, the unofficial newspaper club founded an official company after the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd. The report on the events leading to the war - as well as the one covering the battle itself - turned out too extensive to be included into any one newspaper issue, necessitating the printing of independent books. Thus, AMUN Publishing Company debuted on October 26th 2015 with the book 'Steering to War', soon followed by the two-parter 'Rearing to Fight'.
The Name 'AMUN' stands as acronym for 'Asgard, Midgard, Utgard, Niflheim', the four subsections of Midgard Municipality. The company's CEO is Editor Jam, who agreed to the post under the condition that the compilation and production of the newspaper he'd founded would be taken over by the publishing company under the supervision of veteran Journalist Thor.
Since its establishment, AMUN Publishing expanded its projects to tourist guides, novels and bureaucratic registers within Midgard Municipality. On a realmwide scale, the printing of maps, paintings and banners were included as regular tasks. Occasionally on request, Editor Jam also performed proofreading and editing tasks for authors from other settlements, as well as reworked and reprinted older texts by authors who have long since perished.
To accommodate these various departments and their mechanical requirements, a new office building was finished on January 20th 2016 on the western offshore island. The AMUN Publishing Company Headquarters' layout was designed after Midgard Municipality's official banner, with two opposing feathers replacing the flower symbol - both in honor of the ancient god who was often portrayed with them, and because quills are an essential tool in the publishing business.

DACU Company

During the establishment of the street grid in Spawn City in March 2016, various age-old abandoned ruins had to be either moved sideways or removed entirely, a process undertaken primarily by workers from the Midgard Municipality. On request by Resident Hostes, a similar task had been accomplished on February 1st that same year, and according to the rules established for Spawn City, a handful of plots were cleaned up in the same manner.
This prompted the overseers to establish a new Midgardian company, to be led by new Administration member Cleaner Orat. Using the acronym 'DACU' for 'Demolition And Clean-Up', the company officially went into business on April 1st 2016, although prior tasks will be considered part of its endeavors.

Both AMUN Publishing Company and DACU Company are available for hire.

 One Year of Terraforming

Midgard Administration's main goal is to make the island a tourist attraction in order to attract visitors and business. Unfortunately, the growing populace first overruled that ambition and demanded more solid ground for the development of an actual settlement to be created. The Administration had therefore focused on terraforming during June 2015, and started to construct more residences.

Around October 2015, the populace grew satisfied with their residences, and more prestigious projects could be advanced. Some of the residents agreed to move underground and take care of special fields, allowing the construction of partly automated produce farms.


Being an island, Midgard Municipality can be reached in various ways. From anywhere around the Northeastern Sea, it is overworld currently most quickly traveled to by boat. From Midgard Station, the Valensiya Metro Pegasus Line provides safer (and drier) access to immediate neighbors. For people enjoying train travel, in the Spring of 2015 Valensiyan Chief Tsaryu built an overworld metro that connects to Slavia Rail at Fishermen Peninsula and to Second and New Spawn from there. Overall travel time to Midgard along that route takes about eighteen minutes.
In July 2015, from Midgard's nether station Utgard a line to New Spawn was created that shortens travel time to about three minutes, all stops included. Since then, three more lines in all directions were added that branch out to most of the central parts of Alpha's Realm and connect to other netherrails leading further, allowing our curious tourists safe and comfortable access to most areas.
On the island itself, roads are being laid only where houses are constructed as well, so it is mostly still untamed grassland to traverse on the surface. Underground however, tunnels connect various areas in a safer manner until the road network improves.


Finished Structures of Midgard (click to display)

Finished Structures of Midgard (click to display)

Tower of Magic
completed May 19th 2015
Administration Residence
completed June 12th 2015
Underground Tree Farm
completed June 27th 2015
Utgard Station
completed July 19th 2015
Submarine Park
completed September 20th 2015
Station Mall Frame
completed July 24th 2015
Seainn Hotel
completed August 16th 2015
New Spawn Book Store
completed November 25th 2015
demolished September 6th 2018
Upside Down House
completed December 2nd 2015
AMUN Publishing Company Frame
completed January 20th 2016
Pillar of Midgard Structure
completed February 27th 2016
Great Cavern
completed June 21st 2016
Midgard Municipal Cemetery
completed October 22nd 2018


Colored Sheep Farm completed June 8th 2015
Midgard Library completed July 26th 2015
Paper Press Machine completed February 3rd 2016

Ongoing Endeavors of Midgard (click to display)

Ongoing Endeavors of Midgard (click to display)

Terraforming Process started June 2nd 2015
Shops in Station Mall started June 7th 2015
Municipal Registries started July 3rd 2015
Pillar of Midgard Interior started March 4th 2016
Extending and Securing of Horse Stables started November 20th 2015
AMUN Publishing Company Interior started January 21st 2016
Midgard Bank started September 14th 2016
Nursery Destination Elevator started September 8th 2018

Future Plans of Midgard (click to display)

Future Plans of Midgard (click to display)

  • Bridge over Southern Straights to Snowbelt Continent
  • Municipal Administration Building
  • Education Complex

Efforts Elsewhere (click to display)

Efforts Elsewhere (click to display)

Project Process Contractor Completion (Compensation)
Second Spawn Mall Annex planning, procuring and building Speaker BearMonger July 24th, 2015
Royal Road through Royaume de Kriegstein leveling and paving General Secretary Tomoko Kuroki July 25th, 2015
Elevation of Former Headbump Bridge planning, procuring, building and adaption to boardwalk Duke June December 2nd, 2015
Interior Design of Nova Bydlograd's monastery (at Basilica of Saint Joseph) planning, procuring, furnishing, decorating of the Dining Hall, Kitchen, Dormitory, Study Room, Lower and Upper Infirmary King Shakomatic December 4th, 2015
Extension NEAR Lines to Tollan (Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān) planning and building Tlatoani Tomoko December 7th, 2015 construction materials +10 diamonds
Extension NEAR Lines to (Vaeroyar) planning and building Harcourtien December 19th, 2015 construction materials
Extension NEAR Lines to Edge Stretch planning, procuring and building Vladislav, OrthodoxCrusader January 22nd, 2016 help with menial construction tasks
High-rise frame demolition in former Fortress Camelot toolmaking and manual takedown Hostes February 1st, 2016 9 diamonds
New Spawn Subway Station procuring and building Moderator Koduck March 4th, 2016
New Spawn to Second Spawn Overworld Rail Connection procuring, building, and partial takedown of Akarinka's unfinished tube Duke June March 5th, 2016
Spawn City Street Grid planning, procuring (lighting supplied by moderators), building April 1st, 2016 1 Stack Glowstone
Vault of the Vanished (North Spawn City) planning, procuring, building (+ removal on September 4th 2018) March 5th, 2016
Public Fields (South Spawn City) planning, procuring, building March 8th, 2016


Midgard residents love to explore. They prefer to do so in safety, but will take on great risks in order to discover new places or master difficult activities. Lives have been lost that way, but lessons have been learned as well.
Despite this tendency to head into danger while exploring, Midgard residents love order and stability at home. This mentality led to the rise of a bureaucratic administration that keeps redundancies of redundancies of records and prefers to focus on just one project at any given time, often leading to procrastinations and various adjustments of planned projects long before they are ever actually started on. (Some get lost along the way.)
Midgard has a high percentage of librarians and clerics among its residents, who started a trend of liking to keep track of happenings and were the first to demand written books. In order to satisfy their curiosity, the MARNIE newspaper was created and - for the first seven months - filled weekly with news from all over Alpha's Realm, keeping the bookworms quite satisfied.
A month after the paper's establishment, requests from historians emerged, asking to provide an archive for the newspaper so that its records wouldn't get lost during dire circumstances. This request was met on July 6th in 2015, when some pages of this Autism Almanac were set aside to hold older MARNIE issues.
Due to the receding number of regular residents, language barriers and a general lack of willingness to comment to reporters, as of February 2016 the MARNIE was downgraded to its original monthly format for half a year, then discontinued in October 2016. This allowed far more time to finally tackle long-standing building ventures and the further exploration of Alpha's Realm, at least until the age of stagnation that started in January 2017.

Midgard Time
After the age of stagnation, during which the populace started literally counting days, Educator Emit developed a decimal calendar system: Ten days would be a week, ten weeks a month, ten months a year. In order to avoid confusion with the existing ether calendar, he also suggested slightly changed names for the units, so that the following system will be used within Midgard Municipality as of September 2018:
1 yar = 10 mon = 100 wek = 1000 dar
There will be no separate plural forms. Dar is the day unit, wek the week unit, mon the month unit and yar the year unit. One dar compares to twenty minutes in ether time, but the populace has taken to only differentiate between sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight. Ten dar make one wek, ten wek make one mon, ten mon make one yar, and the individual units will not be named, just numbered.
For the Autism Almanac, this system will be converted in the more familiar ether calendar so as not to confuse future visitors too much.

Midgard's Yew inhabitants tend to make their requirements known at their own convenience; it is up to Administration to comply with those or loose the populace.
To this effect, any laws focus first and foremost on safety considerations. As of September 8th 2018, there is still only one:
Close All Gates!
Formerly, settlement founder Jinxauthor_Mel administrated every aspect of daily life. However, with the growing population and responsibilities, it became necessary to delegate some tasks as of November 2015, and several personas emerged to cover open positions.

Name Occupation Description
Jinx Administrator leader who coordinates daily life and has to listen to the residents' complains
Mel Architect designing all building projects and coordinating their realization
Thor Journalist set out to cover the most prominent events, resistant to fatalities
Jam Editor compiled the weekly newspaper
Rux Bureaucrat paper-shuffler who demands copies of everything in triplicate every month
Aume Geologist leader of mining teams, particularly on excavations in unclaimed territory
Elth Engineer student of redstone mechanisms, responsible for creation and maintenance of machines
Nitu Constable chief of the security force whose job is to protect and defend
Orat Cleaner overseer for demolishing, removal and cleanup projects
Emit Educator professor who has to coordinate general education

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