Monger of Bears
Speaker of Congress of the Republic of Ender
Engineer of the Republic of Battkhortostan and Ender
 Bearnald Trump deporting Tomoko
Coat of Arms
Residence Hinoarashington, D.E., Republic of Ender
National Affiliation Republic of Battkhortostan
Republic of Ender
Titles Mad Scientist
Speaker of Congress of the Republic of Ender
Ethnicity Enderian
Joined June 24th, 2013
Icons Ender

BearMonger, also known simply as Bear, is a high ranking official in the Republic of Ender and veteran of virtually all its wars and conflicts. He is also renown throughout Alpha's Realm and Oceania as the go-to “Can Do” Red Stone Engineer responsible for such works as the Frequently Broken Mall Elevator, The Iron Farm Thing, and other stuff.

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