Settlements Voelhaven
Noord Wortland
Myropa Islands
Sonnevar (on a different server)
Joined 3th December 2012
Languages German
Feel no gf
This is an actual picture of him, feel free to point and laugh
Dec 17 14:52:49 <PPA> allahu ackbar

Founded Nieuw Walschor and its capital Voelhaven; lost a war and disbanded the nation; re-founded Nieuw Walschor a month later, lost it in another war and gave up on nationplay altogether. Since his retirement from politics, he has built the apolitical settlements of the Myropa Islands and Klamdorf.

Edgy dutchboo which specialize in building empty façades and treacherous treaties.

PPA at Madeuwe's theme

PPA at Madeuwe's theme

On Alpha's Realm, P_P_A first ventured north-east and made landfall on Walschor Island. He continued his journey to the Klamdau river delta, where he established Klamdorf at the foot of the scenic Rucheim mountains. Thither he invited Koinu and MystiaLorelei—his trusted neighbours from the Sea of Florina—to settle next to him. Unfortunately, the experimental architecture of Klamdorf was a failure. Border friction with Shakomatic's new Breshikan polity at Karak Khaldun culminated in a bitter dispute over a Breshikan canal cutting through Klamdorfer territory, and resulted in P_P_A ragequitting for some time.

When the map was expanded, P_P_A eventually returned to the server. Together with June, he explored the newly opened southern ocean, and together they founded Joodfontein. What was initially meant to be just a temporary foothold grew and expanded, and over time P_P_A claimed the entire island and dotted it with villages and farms. Notably, P_P_A became the server's first slaveowner, and introduced Yev slavery to the server at Weitenbosch.

He later founded Oströ, and became involved in politics again after a long period of abstaining from nationplay when he joined the shortlived Cærulean Federation and waged a successful war against whatever iteration of Breshik was around at the time. He retired to his southern farmlands, but would later be crowned emperor of the Commonwealth and lead its nations to battle against the Republic of Ender, reversing its fortunes in the victorious Second-Commonwealth Ender War.

Recently, he completed his magnum opus, the church of Siverny, where he intended to build a new nation together with his old and faithful ally and friend Sidmarcus01 and the great builder speermen, but they lost interest after a while.

PPA banning everyone

After long having been attacked for his ruthless enforcement of the rules and tendency to ban minor offenders, on the 23rd of December 2013, P_P_A's iron-fisted rule as a moderator (abuser) culminated in his successfully banning literally everyone.

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