Tomoko Kuroki

Joined Late 2014
Languages Breshikan english
Incoherent Japanese and spanish Phrases
National Affiliation: Breshik
Political Affiliation Pro-Catholic, Anti-Enderian, Federalist Monarchist, Stronk
Home City: Novo Bydlograd
Title - Current King of Hohenfels
- Former King of Breshik
- Previous first Lord of Breshik
- Head of House Hohenfels
- Supreme Technocrat of Aresea
-Leader of the Tomokian (tomo's slaves) people
Feel no gf
Ethnicity Breshar


A bernd who appeared in the Spring of 2015. Originally recruited into breshik as a minor hedge knight he was brought under the wing of the Supreme Deuchbag Shakomatic. After much tutelage and fighting many battles alongside his master, the student Tomoko became increasingly distant from the breshikan regime eventually breaking ties entirely. After not long through the use or dark forces Tomoko achieved the impossible and stole the coveted title of Supreme Deuchbag from his master Shakomatic. As is the way of all ethnic Breshar much asspain was felt throughout the server and sorrow ensued from all directions. Tomoko had done his kin proud.

A younger tomoko
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