Commons Of Valensiya Allmende von Valensiya
Flag of the Commons of Valensiya
Location Map
Local Languages German
Government Commons
Leader Nobody (de jure)
Tsaryu (de facto)
Establishment April 2015
Population 6

A peaceful community of various small settlements. Currently, the community consists of the five islands: Valensiya, Tipriya, Lauranya, Zappaya and Sikiliya.


A few survivors from Oceania reached AlphaRealm in late April 2015 and began to settle down on a group of small islands in the north-eastern ocean. There was a dispute with the Kingdom of Winterlyn over the island of Valensiya, which was brought to court of Breshik, but it was eventualley settled peacefully.

The three main industry branches are railway planning and construction, building projects and crop harvesting. Lately, all kinds of crops are harvested regularly at several different locations.
In late May 2015, a trade agreement between Valensiya and Adschman Al-Ilol was signed, whereby Valensiya would pay 90 emeralds to the Kingdom of Winterlyn for the export and transport of three villagers from central Winterlyn to the settlement of Adschman Al-Ilol. In return, Valensiya gained the right to harvest Adschman Al-Ilols wheat farms, potato farms and carrot farms.

Lauranya is the economic heart of the commons. Inside Zivilization tower are not only ambassadorial apartments, but also the headquarter offices of Valensiya Metro and Æternitas Book Publishing. Offices of Valensiyan Constructions (valensiyan: Valensiya Hoch+Tiefbau), as well as a tourist guide office are planned. The historical bank provides offices, an auction area on the top floor and a high-security vault in the basement.

A newly built general store on spawn mall sells different kinds of wood, stone, food and an assortment of other items. Like in the old store, there is a chest with free food for those in need, and a Valensiya Metro Ticket dispenser, which is free of charge as well. In the former lot, a book store sells Valensiyan and International literature, as well as Valensiyan quality book supplies and acessories.

Another important economic factor is the production of railway equipment, with storage worth 3000 blocks of railway readily available.

Each island is an individual settlement. However, in terms of international relations, these islands are regarded as one settlement under the same flag. There is no “highest authority” within the conglomerate of settlements, each with its own administration.

Valensiya Metro map.
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As of 2015-07-12, the following lines are operational:

  • Pegasus line (blue) between Valensiya and Lauranya. Extension to Zappaya and Sikiliya is planned.
  • Andromeda line (yellow) between Fisherman's Peninsula (valensiyan: Fischerinsel) and Lauranya.
  • Kassiopeia line (green) between Südwestkreuz transfer station and Skellstadt (skellish: Skellsborough). Extension to Eyjan Hvita is planned.

Another line called Eridanus will connect Lauranya via Valkyria all the way to Darkmicha's place.

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