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This page holds archived editions of the MARNIE newspaper which is published every Monday. The Archive contains at least four-week-old issues, and links are clickable despite what the Editor's Notes of the paper editions say. In order to keep the reading content manageable, each month will have its own page.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
September 21st, 2015

Editor's Note:
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In Worldwide News:
Cenotaph Raid, page 30

In Regional News:
Repopulating Duchy of Sorra, page 45

In Local News:
Submarine Park, page 47

Worldwide News

Disease Cured (ar) For the grievous skin condition which all residents have been suffering from since the Autism Hiccup in mid-June, God AlphaBernd was able to find and implement a cure on September 19th. It is now once again possible to identify a resident based on their appearance, allowing for clearer picture taking, and many residents have expressed their euphoria and gratefulness about being able to take proper selfies as well.

Border Expansion
(ar) As of September 19th, the world border of Alpha's Realm has been expanded by God AlphaBernd for one thousand blocks in every direction, and several areas have already been further explored. One of the first teams to venture into unknown territory was headed by Resident Zoythrus and started with a survey of the Southrim Continent where his two settlements are located near the former border. The next day, the northeast was explored by Moderator Niller.

Statue Demolished
(ns) The Shakomatic statue that had been overlooking New Spawn since July is now gone for good. With being erected by Kaiser Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia on July 18th, bombed into oblivion by 'liberators' that same day, restored by moderators and subsequently approved of by God AlphaBernd himself, the statue had certainly faced a rocky start into existence.
However, even when restoring the statue after the attacks, Moderator P_P_A declared that he would remove it if the building's owner wants it gone upon returning. Said owner, Resident Akarinka, visited his station briefly during the past week and did indeed wish the Shakomatic statue (built on top of the entrance) gone.
With that go-ahead, Supreme Technocrat Tomoko of the Aresean Technocratic Republic did not feel the need to burden any moderator with its removal and “with great enthusiasm”, according to Moderator June, set out to demolish it using lots of TNT. In fact, he used so much of it that the station entrance itself was damaged. The demolition was documented by Moderator June and can be viewed at, also showing Grand-Duke Carluga of the Grand Duchy of Orcaella on the scene.
On September 20th, the station corner, which ST Tomoko had not taken care of, was repaired by Moderator June so that Resident Akarinka would have no reason to complain upon checking in again three months from now as promised.

Mod Promotion
(wl) King Niller of Winterlyn and the Grand Duchy of Somerset has been promoted to Moderator as of September 11th, according to Moderator June. It was officially noted on his page in the Autism Almanac on Septemer 14th, although he is not yet listed on the Staff page at the time of this article.
Neither new Moderator Niller nor God AlphaBernd wished to comment on the (speculated) reasons for the promotion or thoughts behind the choice.

Spawn to Spawn
(ar) On September 18th, Moderator June informed that his project of completing an overworld road connection between Old Spawn and New Spawn has been finished recently. Named the Alpha Highway, it connects various pre-existent streets and adjusted those in order to comply to the highway statutes as standardized by the Northeast Rail and Highway Cooperative, the details of which can be found at

Upside-Down Grief
(ns) On September 6th, “some Ukrainian 4-grade schoolboy, a friend of Argent guy” (as reported by Moderator June) griefed and attacked on New Spawn. Photos of the attack were provided by Kaiser Austrobernd at (lower three) and show the culprit upside-down due to his naming choice. It also pictures the defenders alongside Kaiser Austrobernd, namely Grand-Duke Carluga and Residents Nick4629, Semyon and Zoythrus.

Horse Ranch
(bf) Kaiser Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia recently established a ranch in the district The Badforest where he intends to breed and train horses. In order to get started, he asked for permission to use King Niller's fast horse Prince WhiteFart. King Niller of Winterlyn offered the horse as a gift in return for the Kaiser's promise to breed another fast steed and give that one to King Niller.
The ranch itself incorporates a speedometer which measures a horse's speed in terms of items being collected in a hopper during the time it takes from one end of the track to another, meaning the faster the horse, the fewer items are being collected.
In a trial for example, an unboosted resident needed thirty-eight items to cover the distance, whereas Kaiser Austrobernd's horses ranged between twenty-five and fifteen items, with Prince WhiteFart reaching a proud seventeen items.
Aside from the speed track, a jump track sporting hurdles with different heights was also established so horses can be trained to jump over up to four blocks. The hurdles are arranged on a half-circle course with about the same distance between them so they can be taken in sequence without delay.

Independent Dobrograd
(dg/ks) On September 14th, Duke Nekronys of the Duchy of Dobrograd signed a treaty with Secretary General P_P_A of Royaume de Kriegstein, the details of which can be found at Dobrograd thus gained independence and returned to settlement status. Following this, Duke Nekronys sold a western part of his lands to the fast-growing City-State of Belltower; at the exchange was documented.
The central plaza Duke Nekronys had been building is now mostly finished, allowing him to pursue further projects.

Chilean Visitors
(sm) Four Chileans visited Alpha's Realm on September 18th, ventured just a small distance from New Spawn and decided to mine beneath the Free State of Smolenia. They were warned that residents might object to such indiscretion but maintained that they were being very careful not to damage any buildings or other structures.
One of them, a visitor named Sweetwind, expressed an interest to settle and was briefly coached about nations, claims, building rights and protections.

Cenotaph Raid
(ns) An unusual incident happened in Reseident TheNerd96's shop in the Marketplace on September 18th. While dozing in a corner, Resident Brosephtx was slain by a Zombie and aroused seconds later to find half his inventory on the ground. The other half remained missing, and no death chest seemed to have spawned. After a search behind walls and beneath the floor, assisted by the shop's owner in order to avoid a lawsuit, still came up empty, Resident Brosephtx scrolled up in the log history in the hopes of finding listed all he lost.
Instead, he discovered the notice that, 'Your cenotaph has been destroyed by Strafkamp.'
Resident Strafkamp, who had been in the mall earlier but went away for a while, happened to return just before the dozing resident was slain, and logged out again immediately after the death notice. A melon check performed by several residents confirmed that a death chest had indeed spawned, and also logged exactly what treasures Resident Strafkamp had taken from it before fleeing.
Surprisingly, Resident Anhisbus then approached the furious Resident Brosephtx and negotiated for dropping the charges in return for recompensation. “I got a very nice out-of-court settlement due to that,” Resident Brosephtx later stated. “Like his lawyer doesn't want him to get banned very bad, he paid me ten times what [Strafkamp] took.”
However, Resident Brosephtx declared that he intended to sue Mall Manager Tomoko “for failure to provide security leading to several wrongful deaths.” Supreme Technocrat Tomoko of the Aresean Technocratic Republic was informed but did not pay the threat any mind.

The Clock Tower
(wl) On September 11th, the groundwork was laid for the settlement New Zulu which is planned to be built in the Kingdom of Winterlyn. Starting out as a broad crossroads, the intersection was first adorned with the imposing Clock Tower, thereby gaining instant landmark status.
In order to gather all the clay needed for the many brick walls, King Niller dug up two swamps and bought or was donated clay balls from fellow Commonwealth citizens. “It's probably the most expensive thing I have built to date,” he mused.
The settlement is named after the late Sauerei's city in Oceania, Deep Ocean Station Zulu, and the Clock Tower's highest block reaches up to level Y168, with the building itself 96 blocks tall. A bright photo of the Clock Tower, as well as future developments of the settlement, can be found on the page in the Autism Almanac.

Aresean Acquisition
(at/oc) Upon joining the Danikan Commonwealth, Grand-Duke Carluga of the Grand Duchy of Orcaella sold his overseas territory to Supreme Technocrat Tomoko of the Aresean Technocratic Republic. The reason for the transference was not disclosed, and so far the Technocracy has not altered the submarine structure despite gaining building rights for it as well.
Nerd's Art
(ar) Resident TheNerd96 is being active creating new 3D art again, the progress of which can be viewed around the coordinates The picture products are being sold in his shop in the New Spawn Marketplace where they are also exhibited so that buyers can view them beforehand, a sensible and commendable decision of the artist.

Regional News

Repopulating Duchy of Sorra
(ds) On June 9th, Moderator June was invited by his old acquaintance King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik to take over leadership of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras. New Duke June immediately terraformed an area of the eastern desert and recreated the abandoned village former Duke Juinnn had started there. The duchy has settlement status and is part of the Commonwealth Territories.

Local News

Submarine Park
(mm) Further recreational areas have been added beneath Midgard Municipality's Seainn Hotel, namely an inside park area extending downward and offering a view of the underwater ocean from three wide glass walls. Lush vegetation presents privacy and various flowers speak to the aesthetic sense, while a small stream soothes the ears, allowing guests to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
A hallway is currently under construction, providing an underwater access directly from the hotel to the station.v

This issue ends the September 2015 page of the MARNIE Archives. The next issue will be posted on the October 2015 page.

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