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Autism Standard Code (ASC) is an official code used for denoting Nations and Settlements. The purpose of ASC is to establish internationally recognised codes for the representation of names of nations, settlements or areas of geographical interest, and their subdivisions.

There are two types of Autism Standard Code: Autism Standard Code for Nations (ASC/N) and Autism Standard Code for Settlements (ASC/S). ASC/N standard uses 2 letters (sometimes 3 letters because people can't read) and ASC/S uses 3 letters. In order to represent a national subdivision, it is possible to combine the codes, for example, BX-BDS for Blasted Desert, province of Battkhortostan.

Autism Standard Code for Nations (ASC/N)

Autism Standard Code for Settlements (ASC/S)

ASC/S standard is currently used for better representation of settlements. Please add your settlements or choose another code if the current one does not suit you.

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