Not to be confused with Old Bydlograd


Location Coordinates
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Local Languages English
Government Town Council
Leader Mayor Tomoko
Establishment June 2014
Population ~11
Map of Nova Bydlograd

Novobydlograd is the largest and capital city of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik.Bydlograd was founded originally as Vargisk abbey situated at the mouth of the Vargisk River. For a short while Shakomatic retired and became innactive there, upon his return he found that the northwest_free_road Had been expanded and paved through the Abbey all the way to the village of Barasuishou-Ueban. Spring break 2015 lead to the return of Shakomatic to the abbey and an explosion of construction there, eventually Vargisk abbey would move beyond its original intention of letting Shako lead a peaceful life as a monk and would become Nova Bydlograd. Nova Bydlograd became the Capital of the newly formed Breshik. Nova Bydlograd is the economic heart of the east. Breshik, sharing borders with both Wynterlyn, Altschwabenland, New-new Badface and Silverny is at the center of Eastern politics and trade. It is common for easterners to come to bydlograd in search of product from Bydlograds many markets. Conservative estimates as to thd number of buildings in Novobydlograd are around 195ish.


As of December 28 2015 Bydlograd is considered “completed” as in its general expansion is now finished. This ofcourse does not mean inprovement and advancement in the great city is over only that bydlograd has reached its city limits.


Bydlograd is governed by a central council, Generally it is divided up into districts as follows.

  • West Parliment
  • East Parlimant
  • Market Square
  • Granite Square
  • Arena
  • Old Churchyard Island
  • Citadelc Island
  • Portal Island
  • Old Abbey Island
  • Vargistk Island
  • Farming District of Cowscwitz
  • Old Vargisk Abbey - The Old abbey at the center of town which no longer sfunctions int hat respect has been a landmark of town since its founding.
  • Novobydlograd Abbey - After many years of the monks of Vargisk abbey living in and around Byglograd, they were finally given a home when a monastary was constructed beside St. Josephs Basilica.

The town council is supposed to be voted on but no formal rules for this have been setup thusfar. Currently Shakomatic holds eternal mayorship of the city and tomoko was named temporary steward. Xepall has started a poster campaign to get tomoko elected as president of the town council, nobody is really sure if thats a thing though.

Bydlograd City Council

The Bydlograd city council are the appointed costodians of Novabydlograd, they are as follows:

  • Shakomatic
  • Austrobernd
  • PPA
  • niller
  • Zsombiepancake
  • Tomoko

Since the Bydlograd has reached its borders the city council is looking to diversify the economy with shops and redstone devices. Currently Bydlograd is the leading export of battles in alphas realm.


  1. Shako
  2. Xepall
  3. Tablecat
  4. Zsombiepancake(?)
  5. BWKeegan
  6. Deakin
  7. killasanta
  8. jiph
  9. Deruntotekaiser
  10. Tengo
  11. Corovaneer
  12. Luddi
  13. Bernd_Lauert
  14. Volker
  15. Ohfishyfishyfish
  16. Rickross
  17. BlackB
  18. Tomocat

Among others

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