UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd

UFO Invasion of Nova BdlogradPart of the Second Commonwealth–Ender War
Dates 24 Oct 2015
Location Nova Bydlograd
Result Victory of the Commonwealth–Dobrokanaistan alliance; alien invasion thwarted
Republic of Ender
Republic of Battkhortostan
Eastern Commonwealth
Dobrobakanistan Federation
Leaders and Commander
President Hinoarashi
Kaiser P_P_A I
Prime Autist Nekronys
7 18
90 50
11 Bystanders

The Siege of Nova Bydlograd was the first battle in the Second Commonwealth–Ender War. Enderian UFOs besieged the Breshikan capital and rained down Withers on it, the combined Commonwealth–Dobrobakanistan forces, vastly superior in numbers, routed the attackers and crashed their UFO with no survivors.

I'm not writing about all this legalese bullshit again this late at night. PPA got elected as Kaiser of COM and then inherited the crown of RDK. Ender butthurt about possible annexation of Kriestein's lands. PPA and Hino engage in long political discussion over a casus belli to war. Finally they do and war started. Niller surrendered and Enders drived their UFO straight to Novabydlograd.

Before The Battle

Ender boasting, P_P_A and Salah conspiring, Dobrobakanistan mobilising its reserves, and all that.

Sikandar and K_Chris joined the battle on a whim. Due to ingesting psychoactive substances Sikandar flew into a berserker rage and broke the discipline of the Enderian camp, causing complete disorganization though raising their spirits and bloodlust. tl;dr Com–DBF forces repel Enderian attacks on the city centre, the mole Salah who had been spying on Ender gloriously summoned a Wither in the Enderian base, after a lull in fighting and some more Withers an brave Russian built a staircase to the UFO and then all the Enders were kill.

Dobrochaners liked the battle and want to do it again. Enders butthurt at some random mod abuse. Commonwealthers whine about losing or damaging most of their armor. The Mongols have taken notice and have promised another battle.


mod aboos, bans, and butthurt

crashed ufo and bombed sewers

List of Participants

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Eastern Alliance

  • Austrobernd
  • BanksyStreetArt
  • Carluga
  • June
  • P_P_A
  • gO_Ogin
  • EasternTime
  • ImyaFamilia
  • LastofAvari
  • Nekronys
  • eggis
  • AdanJensen
  • JustFoxRus
  • DanFunMan
  • Naugrim
  • Gaddafi
  • Kokogumi
  • Salah
  • TechMagos
  • venomthrope
In Spirit
  • Shakomatic
  • 1 Wither
  • 1 Spider

Republic of Ender

  • BearMonger
  • EternalZohne
  • GlitchyBat
  • Hinoarashi
  • Max_Renegade
  • Sikandar
  • mazznoff
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