Yagira the Hacker

Alternative nicks of Yagira: NoIDeaWa | Bambuel | Unbaned_Yagira (lolwut) | Yagira | Virus

Related screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/yJhKL
The issue logged below was resolved by AlphaBernd on December 7, 2015. He fixed the bug discovered and issued a week-long ban for yev-killing.

[Edited: unrelated chat discussions removed for ease of read; main subjects bolted; links made accessible; footnotes added]

23:34:41 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> jinx, are you sure all your chest are locked xD?
23:35:31 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> gee i hope
23:36:11 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> why, you on your way to visit?
23:36:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> haha
23:36:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> was thinking about it ;3
23:36:46 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> might as well. got a bit of progress since last time

* upon retrieving building material, finding Yagira at the Administration office:
23:46:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> stop that
23:46:31 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> haha
23:46:44 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> these chests are logged
23:46:56 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> why are you opening them?
23:47:04 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just checking
23:47:05 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> hacker!
23:47:12 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> noo
23:47:14 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its me, mario
23:47:38 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i saw you OPEN them, and they ARE already locked
23:47:46 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ;3
23:47:58 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> now i just have to find a way to take your stuff
23:48:03 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> gib me a minute
23:48:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> did you kill these yevs too?
23:48:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> nope
23:48:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> im not hitler
23:48:25 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i do not believe you
23:48:44 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ;_;
23:48:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> did you bring zlywilk here? he's been known to endanger my people
23:49:11 Spock [alpha] <zlywilk> animals are not people
23:49:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> hey walking melon
23:49:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you left all the gates open
23:49:29 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt
23:49:31 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> o.o
23:49:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and zombies went into the house
23:49:41 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> wut?
23:49:43 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i locked them
23:49:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you endangered the people, they died because of you
23:50:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> but these two were clearly yag, I'll report him too
23:50:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what!?
23:50:20 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> all my population is properly registered
23:50:35 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> this shit1) was empty when i came here
23:50:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ;_;
23:50:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no one else was here today and they were alive an hour ago
23:51:06 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but i didnt touch them
23:51:19 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and i saw you hack so obviously you don't play by the rules
23:51:24 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what!?
23:51:27 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i dont hack
23:51:31 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> the chests
23:51:41 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what about them
23:52:25 Spock [alpha] Yagira left the game.
23:52:31 bydlo_3426 how would you hack chestlocks? that is all serverside
23:52:49 == Yagira [~053c546a@d09dd6c8.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has joined
23:53:02 Yagira ok my internet died and now i cant connect xD
23:53:12 Yagira but why do you think i hack?
23:53:19 Spock [lobby] Yagira joined the game.
23:53:20 Spock [lobby] Yagira joined the server.
23:53:34 Spock [alpha] Yagira joined the server.
23:53:39 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> k im back
23:53:45 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> time for more hacking xD
23:54:23 == Yagira [~053c546a@d09dd6c8.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has quit
23:54:38 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> ya
23:54:46 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he actually does kitty
23:54:50 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> ?
23:55:03 Spock [alpha] <zlywilk> wtf am I
23:55:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i screened that too
23:55:20 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> i was expresing excitement for finding the news paper stand
23:55:25 Jinx alphabernd?
23:55:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> oh sorry
23:55:47 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> jinx wait i wanna check something
23:55:53 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> no to get cought up
23:55:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> too late you killer
23:56:21 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> im not a killer
23:57:17 Spock [alpha] <zlywilk> autism is big in this place
23:57:26 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> OMG
23:57:34 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i just bugged that chest
23:57:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> dont worry ill give it back
23:57:50 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but thats a serious bug
23:58:31 bydlo_3426 you bugged it?
23:58:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he's hacking my chests!
23:58:54 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> important ones too
23:59:10 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and he killed two yevs
23:59:22 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt kill them
23:59:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but yes
23:59:26 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> im hacking his chest
00:00:07 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> thx for ink
00:00:07 bydlo_3426 can you take stuff out with this bug?
00:00:13 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yes
00:00:26 bydlo_3426 that is pretty bad
00:00:40 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes
00:00:51 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> give the ink back
00:00:54 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> im shocked
00:00:59 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> that this works
00:01:03 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> such a flaw
00:01:05 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i have a newspaper to print and it takes ages to get!
00:01:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he stole all my ink sacs!
00:01:21 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> ALL!!!
00:01:22 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but will you believe that i didnt kill your yevs?
00:01:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you realize i'm making screens in quick succession here?
00:01:54 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> they show what was in that chest too
00:02:02 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you realize ill give it back?
00:02:09 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> if you say you belive me
00:02:11 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no i have no faith in you
00:02:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> put them back right now
00:02:28 Jinx alphabernd!
00:02:53 Spock [alpha] zlywilk left the game.
00:03:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i don't care who was when time2); i see you do it right now
00:03:45 Spock [alpha] Yagira left the game.
00:03:57 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he did NOT return my stuff
00:04:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> there will be no paper tomorrow
00:04:33 bydlo_3426 i will spot you some sacks
00:04:37 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> How may ink sacs do you need?
00:04:40 bydlo_3426 give me a moment
00:04:41 == Yagira [~053c546a@d09dd6c8.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has joined
00:04:46 Yagira i cant connect
00:04:47 Yagira uh
00:04:52 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> at least 17, but this is a principle thing
00:05:09 Spock [lobby] Yagira joined the game.
00:05:10 Spock [lobby] Yagira joined the server.
00:05:13 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> I can kill some squids for you.
00:05:17 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> unless he returns my stuff, i will place a sign at the paper stall stating EXACTLY why there
00:05:19 Spock [alpha] Yagira joined the server.
00:05:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> is no paper tomorrow
00:05:29 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> jinx
00:05:34 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but i wasnt me
00:05:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt kill your yevs
00:05:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes it was
00:06:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> put the damn stuff back in the chest and get out!
00:06:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> so dont accuse me
00:06:26 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> of killing them
00:06:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> 243 ink sacs
00:06:48 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> 100 leather
00:06:55 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> 63 other leather
00:07:00 bydlo_3426 what yevs are these? shopkeepers?
00:07:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what is other leather lol
00:07:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no my population, an important cleric and librarian
00:07:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> named leather
00:07:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt kill them
00:07:36 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> SAY THAT
00:07:39 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> valensiyan quality stuff
00:07:43 bydlo_3426 zombies didint kill them?
00:07:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> only if SOMEONE left the gates open for them, and guess what?
00:08:06 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> only one visitor today
00:08:07 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt left them open
00:08:12 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> creepers were following me
00:08:16 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> so i had to close them
00:08:33 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> Is like Sherlock Holmes.
00:08:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you're here, they are dead
00:08:36 bydlo_3426 seeing that he pretty much admitted to hacking i am inclined to believe him about the yevs
00:08:41 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> “Case of the Yevs”
00:08:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he still has not returned my stuff
00:09:03 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> arent yevs logged?
00:09:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no
00:09:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> they are entities, as you well know, hacker
00:09:31 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but horses
00:09:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> were
00:09:37 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> why arent yevs
00:09:50 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> are you shitting me?
00:10:08 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ?
00:10:39 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> there is a reason the horse serial killer was never found either
00:10:52 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> another questions
00:11:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> is ekhm… combat start loged?
00:11:35 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> like if we get engaged in combat
00:11:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> why, you planning to attack me?
00:11:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> does that get logged?
00:12:04 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> afaik there ARE combat logs, but no idea how detailed
00:12:14 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> kills are atleast
00:12:15 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> no but you get engaged in combat with the horse owner
00:12:20 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> if you attack it
00:12:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> what like when he sits on it? maybe
00:12:41 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> no
00:12:48 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> he doesnt need to sit on it
00:12:55 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> well the no
00:13:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> anyone can ride a tamed horse
00:13:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> it doesn't have an 'owner'
00:13:15 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it worked like this few months ago
00:13:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> are you sure?
00:13:21 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes
00:13:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> do you have a horse?
00:13:26 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> can we check it?
00:13:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i often ride stray horses that were abandoned when someone tp'd
00:13:59 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> does anyone have a tamed horse?
00:14:00 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no, i want my stuff back, finish the project i'm on and get the friggin paper done
00:14:34 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> say i didnt kill them
00:15:30 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i will say no such thing when all the facts speak against you
00:15:44 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what speaks against me
00:15:50 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> even if they died due to your negligence, i still hold you responsible
00:15:51 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i said im gonna check your chest
00:15:52 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and i did
00:16:04 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but the carts were empty
00:16:06 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> when i came here
00:16:21 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> RIB
00:16:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yet an hour ago they were fine, and not as soon as you're here, while no one else came by
00:16:42 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> how do you know that
00:16:51 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> melon checks
00:16:54 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yea
00:17:00 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> did you check every block
00:17:01 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ?
00:17:12 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> every plate leading here
00:17:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> there are other ways to get inside
00:17:40 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> within an hour?
00:17:50 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> within 5 min
00:17:58 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> when you saw noone, and i kept tp'ing back for stuff not seeing players either
00:18:03 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> until you?
00:18:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what if someone knew i was gonna come here
00:18:24 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and came just before me?
00:18:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> holding on to what you stole does not make you any more believable
00:18:44 Spock [lobby] Tsaryu joined the game.
00:18:45 Spock [lobby] Tsaryu joined the server.
00:18:47 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ill give it back when you say i didnt kill them
00:18:52 Spock [alpha] Tsaryu joined the server.
00:18:55 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> ?
00:18:56 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> tsa help me ;_;
00:18:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i will not even consider *doubts* as to your guilt while you do not put it back
00:19:01 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> hes accusing me
00:19:04 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> wut
00:19:15 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> he says i killed his yevs
00:19:18 bydlo_3426 just give him back his stuff yag and get over those yevs jinx
00:19:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but i didnt ;_;
00:19:20 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i have screens of him hacking my chests
00:19:26 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> just gibe back items to Jinx and everything will be fine
00:19:28 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> screens of the ACTUAL hacking
00:19:31 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> how does hacking chests work o_o
00:19:48 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but i want him to apologize
00:19:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> opening them even though they're locked, and taking out stuff
00:20:03 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx on your island?
00:20:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i will not apologize to thiefs for believing them to be murderers as well
00:20:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes
00:20:26 bydlo_3426 some old exploit tsar, i guess alphabernd didint update that plugin for a while
00:20:32 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> thief is not a murderer
00:20:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no one else is here
00:20:48 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag why did you steal items anyways? its not like you could have asked us for them
00:20:53 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> unless you find someone to admit to it, like zly?
00:21:01 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt steal
00:21:06 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> everything started
00:21:11 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> when i asked if his chest are locked
00:21:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and yet there you have it, and my chest doesn't
00:21:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> looks like they arent xD
00:21:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and they are!
00:21:30 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what if i didnt take them
00:21:38 bydlo_3426 enton
00:21:38 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i premanently deleted them
00:21:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i have SCREENS saying so while you stand there opening it
00:21:44 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> Jinxauthor_Mel did you use a mellon
00:21:45 * bydlo_3426 slaps AlphaBernd around a bit with a large trout
00:21:46 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> do you not get that?
00:21:48 * bydlo_3426 slaps Enton around a bit with a large trout
00:21:51 * bydlo_3426 slaps GlitchyBat around a bit with a large trout
00:21:54 * bydlo_3426 slaps Rosenmann around a bit with a large trout
00:21:58 * bydlo_3426 slaps Bragzor around a bit with a large trout
00:22:03 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> well in Steam you wrote me that you found a way to take items from locked chests, so…
00:22:06 * bydlo_3426 slaps te3 around a bit with a large trout
00:22:14 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i did
00:22:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just to show him
00:22:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> they are not locked
00:22:24 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> xd
00:22:26 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> not from me :3
00:22:32 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> where on Midgard Jinx
00:22:36 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but then he started accusing me of killing his yevs
00:22:57 Rosenmann bydlo_3426, why do you ping me
00:23:12 Rosenmann do you want to be destroyed?
00:23:14 bydlo_3426 you got mod still?
00:23:17 Rosenmann yesd
00:23:21 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> There are moderatoring issues.
00:23:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> ^lock
00:23:23 Rosenmann Rosenmod best mod
00:23:23 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> yagira is aparently hacking
00:23:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'll try that
00:23:29 bydlo_3426 can you please resolve this drama
00:23:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> see, they already ARE
00:23:43 Rosenmann ok let me join
00:23:48 == bydlo_3426 is now known as Flakese
00:23:50 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> rosenmann stay away
00:23:54 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its between us xD
00:24:01 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no it's not
00:24:11 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ill give you your items
00:24:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yagira hacked my chest, stole stuff and even admitted to it
00:24:16 Flakese fish his inventory he should have inksacs
00:24:22 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just say i didnt kill your yevs
00:24:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i want him banned, like severely
00:24:46 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but ill give it back
00:24:50 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just want you to apologize
00:25:02 Flakese he wont
00:25:21 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag why are you making so much artificial drama? ISnt your GF doing enough drama?
00:25:32 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> or why this sudden attention-seeking?
00:26:12 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> because hes accusing me of something i didnt do
00:26:45 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> also its not hacking
00:26:48 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its glitching
00:26:56 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> where on that island are you
00:27:01 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> im running around but I cant find you
00:27:03 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'm uploading the screens now
00:27:03 Flakese same thing with the rules on this server yag
00:27:10 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> in my residence
00:27:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> the office room
00:27:19 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> coming
00:27:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he still hasn't given back the stolen goods
00:27:31 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> not exactly the same
00:27:44 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> will you apologize if i give them back?
00:27:53 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you see
00:27:57 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> they are open :3
00:28:00 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i was right
00:28:11 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no he said he bugged them
00:28:13 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> they are Donation type
00:28:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> so they are opened
00:28:20 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> they are already logged
00:28:21 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> :3
00:28:32 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> so opening them is okay but why could you take items from them?
00:28:38 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> for example I cant
00:28:46 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i can
00:28:47 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i got what i wanted
00:28:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he too
00:28:52 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> it puts them back in the chest if I grab something
00:28:57 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> they are open
00:29:06 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i was right :3
00:29:07 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i won
00:29:09 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag are you still having one of those admin-torches from back then?
00:29:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> https://imgur.com/a/yJhKL see how they are NOT open
00:29:40 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx for me it shows donation type
00:29:46 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> botjh of them
00:29:56 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> donation =/= locked
00:30:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he stated himself that he BUGGED them
00:30:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> look tsa you only just came
00:30:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and weren't on the chat either
00:30:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> oh, i should post that too
00:30:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> melon check what he stole
00:30:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i didnt steal
00:30:47 Spock [lobby] Rosenmann joined the game.
00:30:48 Spock [lobby] Rosenmann joined the server.
00:30:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> sure you did
00:30:51 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> nope
00:30:55 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just wanted to check something
00:31:04 Spock [alpha] Rosenmann joined the server.
00:31:05 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> >Yagira too 242x black dye 100x leather 63x leather
00:31:07 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> took*
00:31:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> see
00:31:16 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ic stont
00:31:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> xD
00:31:18 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> that is still locked
00:31:25 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag give back the items and go fuck your stupid GF and stop bothering us if you cant handle RL
00:31:28 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> Tsaryu u mod rite
00:31:32 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Rosen: no
00:31:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> want me to post the irc log to a wiki page?
00:31:43 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you can
00:31:47 Flakese open inv
00:31:49 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> yes but donation only alows you to give items not take
00:31:59 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you sure kitty?
00:32:38 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> there you go
00:32:40 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> just access
00:33:03 == Rosenmann has left (Leaving)
00:33:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> jinx
00:33:33 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag why did you decide to be an asshole anyways?
00:33:52 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> 1. he was accusing me
00:33:57 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> 2. i just wanted to check somthing
00:34:03 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> there, i gave them back
00:34:11 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> do you also want your clay?
00:34:19 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you know, the one from last time?
00:34:51 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> https://dev-urandom.eu/people:yagira have a read
00:35:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you stole the clay AGAIN?
00:35:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no it's there, okay
00:35:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> jinx, im secretly a mod
00:35:38 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it was a troll
00:35:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> the last time, clay was returned by mod
00:35:47 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag thats not funny, and thi is not trolling
00:35:51 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> and you are not a mod
00:36:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> okay
00:36:11 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> whatever he got his items back
00:36:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> still want him banned
00:36:15 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Socially retarded “oh it was only a prank” afterwards is KC tier
00:36:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> for causing this shit and hacking in the first place
00:36:25 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag I wish you will grow up one day
00:36:28 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Good bye!
00:36:29 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and i didnt kill his yevs
00:36:42 Spock [alpha] <jastro_cat> so basically the stuff on our locked chests arent really safe?
00:36:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no
00:36:48 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yep
00:36:55 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> this plugin is bullshit
00:37:00 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> that what i wanted to show
00:37:05 Flakese so please link the glitch so it can be patched and we avoid such chat drama
00:37:30 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> rosenmann?
00:37:34 Flakese or just pm it to alphabernd in irc
00:37:50 Flakese if that is what you wanted to show
00:37:57 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> remember my question? “are you sure all your chest are locked”
00:38:09 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yep thats what i wanted to show
00:38:15 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and im sure alpha knows about it
00:38:24 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> so
00:38:29 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> i didnt read all the logs so far
00:38:36 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> but it seems someone forgot to lock his chest
00:38:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> do read that log
00:38:49 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Rosen, the chests were locked
00:38:54 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> oh, so it was a bug
00:38:55 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he even admitted to hacking himself in it
00:38:58 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> and Yag abused a Glitch to takte items from them
00:39:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> also why would i make DONATION chests in my home?
00:39:12 Flakese tl:dr Yagira says he found a bug to open LWC plugin locks
00:39:30 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> how do i change them from donation to locked?
00:39:31 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> oh i see
00:39:39 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> all i get is the message it's already locked
00:40:17 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Have fun being an idiot Yag. That's noone I want as a friend.
00:40:22 Flakese unlock it and relock
00:40:23 Flakese ?
00:40:42 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> yea, /cunlock and /cprivate
00:40:48 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ok, now IM an idiot
00:40:59 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> well you did abuse a glitch and caused drama
00:41:16 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> well i said
00:41:18 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Anyways I dont want to talk to you anymore either. Enjoy the silence in Steam. Goodbye.
00:41:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i wanted to check something
00:41:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> did you mess with any other chests here today?
00:41:37 Flakese please enough with the chatshit, its good that Yagira atleast came clean and didint clean out every chest on the server
00:41:56 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> only because i saw him in flagranti
00:42:05 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and confronted him too
00:42:16 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> ok, how about this
00:42:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'm still awaiting a proper punishment
00:42:33 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> we will not ban you this time
00:42:39 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> but if another accident comes up
00:42:46 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ban me for what?
00:42:47 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Rosen it's the second time already
00:42:49 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> shit
00:42:58 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> last time he stole like 1000+ clay
00:42:59 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> for proving that this plugin isnt safe?
00:43:07 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> also from Jinx
00:43:13 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it wasnt stealing
00:43:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> the chests were open then
00:43:26 Flakese tell te admin then yagira if you are so worried about security
00:43:31 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> just trash your glitched admin torch
00:43:37 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> which you got bac then
00:43:42 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what torch?
00:43:47 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> i told admin
00:43:56 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> I suspect you got one from when your items were fugged
00:44:01 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> along with the glitched books
00:44:05 Flakese you dont go around stealing peoples shit untill someone catches you and then claim you are trying to prove some point
00:44:10 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> whats an admin torch
00:44:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> flakese
00:44:21 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> but you realize
00:44:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i told him i was gonna do it?
00:44:51 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you think i would do that if i wanted to steal anything?
00:45:13 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> well “Yagira took black dye from chest” in the log is pretty self-explanatory, tho
00:45:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yea and i gave it back
00:45:50 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx if you need anythign else let me know
00:45:57 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> I have no idea what proper punishment would be like
00:46:26 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> btw what are these 2 carts for? :3
00:46:37 Jinx there were two yevs in them
00:46:44 Flakese we need to know how he did it so it can be fixed for one
00:46:56 Jinx they died while yag was here, no one else came to day, within an hour of last checking
00:46:56 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> i told alpha about this
00:47:01 Spock [alpha] <Rosenmann> so don't worry about this
00:47:02 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> im gonna tell alpha
00:47:10 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> how exactly it works
00:47:31 Jinx now i gotta put there deaths in the cemetery registry
00:49:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> my beloved george
00:49:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he sold fire protection IV book
00:49:30 Spock [alpha] Rosenmann left the game.
00:50:06 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx need help making new Yevs?
00:50:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> what problem?
00:50:56 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> that i dont like when someone is accusing me of something?
00:51:17 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i told him i was gome come
00:51:20 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag you can stop trying. You were caught in something it's hard to talk oneself out of.
00:51:35 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and check his chests
00:51:41 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it was supposed to be a joke
00:51:57 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> then i found out you can take items out of donations chests
00:52:10 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> told him i was going to check something
00:52:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> also he got everything back
00:52:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i was fair with him
00:52:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and honest the entire fucking time
00:53:26 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> now frederic, at least, got united with his dead wife
00:55:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> so . . . no punishment for hacking, huh?
00:57:07 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Apparently Rosen wants Alpha to decide
00:57:12 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> okay
00:57:36 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> I dont get why he didnt show this on a new chests as a demonstration
00:57:43 Spock [alpha] <Kitty4fun> well that is still up to the admin but rosenmann chose not to. seemed not sure what to do for
00:57:47 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> if he really wanted to “prove” it only
00:57:52 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he's still here3)
00:57:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> get off my island
00:58:03 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> tsa, i only realized that
00:58:08 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> when i opened his chest
00:58:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> which was in fact OPEN because it was donation chest
00:58:31 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag get lost and stop talking to me. I have zero respect for you by now.
00:58:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> because?
00:58:42 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> just because one can doesnt mean one should
00:59:12 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yea, sure
00:59:23 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i told him what im gonna do
00:59:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and that he will get everthing back
00:59:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> do read the log
00:59:48 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Took you *quite* some time to give it back, though…
00:59:51 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> all you said was that you were thinking about another visit
00:59:52 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> for “just a proof”
01:01:44 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Though we got better things to do than to supervise him not to cause any more damage… :/
01:02:55 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> You're still here.
01:02:56 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you see him, tsa?
01:02:59 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yes
01:03:00 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> ah ok
01:03:17 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i get afterimages sometimes, apparently due to my internet
01:03:47 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag, leave. This is the last civil warning I can give you.
01:05:36 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> tsa, it'sokay
01:05:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> don't start anything violent
01:05:58 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Why not? Some people only learn it the hard way :/
01:06:20 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> in this case, it would do more harm than good NOt to leave punishment to alpha
01:06:25 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> okay
01:06:40 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> by now he may even have a home set here, so it wouldn't help anything anyhow
01:06:49 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> if you need me to bitchslap him, just tell me in skype
01:07:03 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx: its not about removing him from kebaps, it's about sending a message. joker.jpg
01:07:08 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> errr
01:07:19 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> “not about removing kebaps from premises” sorry XD
01:07:54 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Okay Jinx if you need me to slap him, tell me in Skype. I will play another game now :3
01:07:57 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Cya ^^/
01:08:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> have fun
01:08:04 Spock [alpha] Tsaryu left the game.

* Yagira still not leaving, checking around with melon block: 01:27:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> that only works on oak
01:30:13 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> better check your yevs
01:30:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i did
01:30:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> all others are fine
01:30:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> do it again
01:30:36 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i did just now o.O
01:33:52 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> now you gonna watch me all the time?
01:34:09 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i do not feel my people are safe with you around
01:34:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> all it accomplishes is delaying the paper
01:34:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> good thing i can blame that on you
01:35:14 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> you can go
01:35:16 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> dont worry
01:35:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i do not trust you anymore
01:35:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ill tell you when i kil lthem
01:35:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> it's too öate then
01:35:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> *late
01:35:58 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> just like i told you i would give you your items back
01:36:13 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> if i comply with some condition
01:36:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> that's extortion, not a trial
01:36:27 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> because i was pissed
01:36:31 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> nor a promise
01:36:39 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i really didnt touch your villagers
01:37:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> like i said, that does not mean you weren't careless in some way
01:37:18 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> dont you think others would be dead too?
01:37:24 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> if lets say a zombie got in?
01:37:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i think i got back in time to prevent worse
01:38:06 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> or if it was just one, it despawned before getting to all
01:38:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> they do not go on search and destroy
01:38:20 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> why would it despawn
01:38:24 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> if i was around?
01:38:25 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> just hit what gets close to them
01:38:55 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> find who did it then and have them confess
01:39:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> or some other proof it WASN'T your fault
01:39:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> it's the only way that would convince ME and have me feel my people can endure
01:39:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> your visit without supervision
01:39:53 Spock [lobby] Tsaryu joined the game.
01:39:54 Spock [lobby] Tsaryu joined the server.
01:40:03 Spock [alpha] Tsaryu joined the server.
01:40:14 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ok then
01:40:22 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> ill look for some clues
01:43:57 Spock [lobby] Koduck joined the game.
01:43:58 Spock [lobby] Koduck joined the server.
01:44:05 Spock [alpha] Koduck joined the server.
01:47:13 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yag, did you finally leave my home?
01:47:22 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> looking for clues
01:47:27 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> nope still here
01:47:48 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> man, i don't want you on my island anymore
01:48:08 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Koduck move Yag to spawn or somewhere he is less of a danger
01:48:15 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> no he is at Jonx'
01:48:18 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx'
01:48:20 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i dont want to be accused of anything
01:48:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> if he has made a homepoint, that won't help
01:48:36 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> if he doesn't leave, just kill him
01:48:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> the only clues here were made by you
01:48:57 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no i won't tarnish my record for a jerk
01:49:11 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> also that would certainly give him some sort of ammunition
01:49:25 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> rosen was here earlier but didn't takie him off my hands for the hacking
01:49:26 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> that's how it works
01:49:33 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he's at it again btw, opening chests
01:50:00 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and i had *JUST* re-locked them too
01:50:05 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> now i can start again
01:50:22 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> somebody please tell me what this shit is about
01:50:23 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> great why didn't he just ban him till monday night so i can get the paper done?
01:50:24 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> in detail
01:50:43 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> so
01:50:44 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> https://dev-urandom.eu/people:yagira this if you have time
01:50:53 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> there is a bug allowing to open donation chests?
01:50:58 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> yes
01:51:07 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> told alpha about it
01:51:10 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> in short, he hacked my chests and stole stuff for which i have proof
01:51:21 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> gave it back when rosen demanded and tsa came by
01:51:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and while i have no proof and he insists otherwise, i suspect him responsible for the death
01:51:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> of two yevs
01:52:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> apparently rosen took the bug thing to alpha, but i'm not sure about any punishment option
01:52:31 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> so which chests are open again?
01:52:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> in any case, he's here NOW still disturbing my home
01:52:56 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> that's what killing is for
01:53:02 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> stand your ground
01:53:15 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Jinx I can do it if you dont want to
01:53:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yag which one this time?
01:53:27 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> “<Yagira> jinx wait i wanna check something”
01:53:38 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i think this clearly states i was just trying something
01:53:46 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> then i found out that bug
01:53:59 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and i didnt “hack” to open it
01:54:02 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it was donation chest
01:54:04 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> what good would it do to kill him? he'll just be right back
01:54:12 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> that's not true
01:54:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> whats not true?
01:54:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i have no donation chests here
01:54:35 == greenkitten [~Nick@3065b29d.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has joined
01:54:39 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> IT WAS A DONATION CHEST
01:54:44 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> tsaryu confirmed that
01:54:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> after you yourself admitted you bugged it
01:55:01 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> when it came on, where you already hacked it
01:55:05 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> when I came on*
01:55:16 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> it was a donation chest all the fucking time
01:55:21 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> theres no way i can change that
01:55:28 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its fucking server sided
01:55:29 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yag its hard to believe you there…
01:56:19 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> yagira, what are you doing here anyway?
01:56:25 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> looking for clues
01:56:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> i wanna prove that i didnt kill his yevs
01:56:40 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> and that someone was here before me
01:57:57 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> that's not very credible tbh
01:58:27 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its kinda pointless
01:58:33 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> its too easy to get in
01:58:37 Spock [alpha] <Yagira> without being noticed
01:58:50 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> the fridge chests say donation now too
01:58:51 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> what
01:59:39 Spock [alpha] Koduck left the game.
02:00:16 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'm relocking them now
02:01:55 Yagira jinx can i try something else x?D
02:02:10 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> no i have enough of your trying stuff
02:02:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> go try on your own turf
02:03:20 Spock [alpha] Yagira left the game4).
02:03:32 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> thanks, koduck
02:03:33 Yagira are you kidding me?
02:03:34 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Thanks
02:03:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> at least now i can get back and some work done
02:03:49 Enton Yagira: why were you still lurking there then?
02:04:06 Yagira thanks to that he found another OPEN chests
02:04:10 Yagira he should thanks me
02:04:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> it's okay if you let him backcome tuesday
02:04:32 Yagira thank*
02:04:58 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i just need some breathing romm now
02:05:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> *room
02:05:51 Yagira maybe i should do some hacking
02:05:55 Yagira and unban myself
02:05:59 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> :—D
02:06:05 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> kek
02:07:10 Spock [alpha] <Koduck> okay, i'll shorten the ban5) because i have no idea to resolve it tbh
02:07:39 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> thank you
02:09:27 Spock [alpha] Koduck left the game.
02:12:49 == Yagira [~053c546a@d09dd6c8.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has quit
02:21:31 == Yagira [~db708313@572a772a.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has joined
02:21:32 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> huh,wonder which one that is nowadays
02:21:50 Spock [lobby] NoIDeaWa joined the game6).
02:21:51 Spock [lobby] NoIDeaWa joined the server.
02:22:04 Spock [alpha] NoIDeaWa joined the server.
02:22:07 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Japan o_o
02:22:12 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> japan>boland
02:22:13 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> Woah.
02:22:15 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> XD
02:22:16 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Konnichwa ^-^
02:22:17 Spock [alpha] <ZenYinEden> o_o
02:22:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> that's a proxy
02:22:28 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> sure it is
02:22:30 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Dang :3
02:23:05 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> tried to login from germany
02:23:10 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> but it seems banned XD
02:23:16 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> o_o?
02:23:43 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> the german proxy i tried seems to be banned here
02:24:48 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> hope that ain't yag
02:26:04 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> can someone give me cooked steak
02:26:28 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> LOL wow are you,
02:26:30 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> POOR?
02:26:40 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> yes
02:26:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> first time here, no-have
02:27:03 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> pants still around to hand out mules?
02:27:13 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> yea
02:27:24 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> you are very lucky I just randomly read that tho
02:27:25 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> there you go, a customer
02:27:28 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> is someone in need of mulage?
02:27:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i would have whispered next
02:27:48 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> noideawa would you like to have a starter package?
02:27:58 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> sure
02:28:01 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> whats that
02:29:57 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> noideawa you near the spawn?
02:30:03 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> yes
02:30:09 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> be there in a minute
02:31:11 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> hello
02:31:14 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> heya
02:31:20 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> this is your starter package mule
02:31:26 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> check its inventory
02:31:43 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> thanks
02:31:48 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> read the guide
02:32:31 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> if you have any further questions, just ask :3

* while connecting new line to spawn hub, NoIDeaWa was observed at the Ender chest of track #5 (which leads to Midgard): 02:46:54 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> I want slime blocks
02:47:01 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Corr: what even more? xD
02:47:06 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> come to spawn
02:47:10 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH
02:47:37 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> thanks
02:47:44 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> where how did you get these D:
02:47:53 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> its a secret
02:47:58 Spock [alpha] <NoIDeaWa> cant tell you
02:48:02 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> ok7)
02:57:13 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes it's yagira
02:57:19 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he's kiling my yevs8)
02:57:40 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> o_O
02:57:51 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> omg he came back?
02:57:58 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> coming
02:58:11 Yagira thats not me
02:58:13 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> hacked himself to ban evade
02:58:17 Yagira thats my minion
02:58:27 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he went straight here knew exactly how too
02:58:42 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> is my mule good?
02:58:50 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> apparently Yag now went COMPLETE RETARD
02:58:53 Yagira no it lags
02:59:15 Yagira yea he is retarded
02:59:26 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> >speaking of himself in 3rd person
02:59:29 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i dunno about mule, none here
03:00:00 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> but loads of stuff in dc
03:00:07 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'll leave it in
03:00:17 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> though it's kinda blocking my door
03:00:27 == Enton [~Enton@70d81a36.cloak.irc.dev-urandom.eu] has left (Enton)
03:00:27 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> don't steal stuff now
03:00:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i made screenshot of it too
03:00:54 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> what now?
03:00:56 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> how many Yevs did he gill?
03:01:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> should i call a mod again
03:01:12 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> or put that chest elsewhere?
03:01:33 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> that account will be indefinitely banned anyways
03:01:41 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> so throw all the garbage away
03:01:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i got distracted by hacking yagira
03:01:46 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> ban evasion = hahahalolwut
03:02:42 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> let me check something
03:02:54 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> I think I know why he has so many steaks…
03:03:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'd leave it for yag to get at some point, it's his anyways
03:03:18 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> there were a bunch of steaks in the free chests at spawn
03:03:22 Spock [alpha] <CorruptedPants> plus in the mule
03:03:33 Yagira nothing mine in there
03:04:01 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> he still got two more here ;_;
03:04:27 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> btw report that NoIdeaWa to a mod
03:04:37 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> so Yag can get a longer ban for ban evasion
03:04:48 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'll add this to the log and screenshots too
03:04:52 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yep
03:05:15 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> if anything asks, I am witness, too
03:05:18 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> anyone*
03:05:32 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> thanks
03:06:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> aw man, he even killed FOUR yevs this time!
03:06:52 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i should checked here sooner
03:07:05 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> themoment i saw him at the ender chest on the spawn hub
03:07:33 tomo jinx, did yag grieb?
03:07:39 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> tomo yes
03:07:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> killed yevs
03:07:46 Yagira i didnt
03:08:00 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i know you don't care, tomo
03:08:09 tomo whos yevs
03:08:17 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> my people
03:08:53 tomo if you have proof you could ask a mod, dunno if glitchy is on atm
03:08:54 Spock [lobby] GlitchyBat joined the game.
03:08:55 Spock [lobby] GlitchyBat joined the server.
03:08:59 tomo there he is
03:09:02 Spock [alpha] GlitchyBat joined the server.
03:09:13 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> I've got a headache and am about to shower so what's the quickie
03:09:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> proof like he went staright from spawn to my island, from the station to the home
03:09:38 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and hit them in front of my eyes still when i came to check?
03:09:45 tomo glitchy tp to jinx, jinx said yag killed his yevs
03:10:06 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> What's the exact name? Just yag?
03:10:17 tomo Yagira
03:10:23 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Yagira he is already banned, but needs a longer one, PLUS his ban evasion account
03:10:25 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> glitchy, enton did me the favor to ban yagira until tmorrow evening cause he didn't
03:10:47 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> wanna leave my island after his hacking episode went unpunished by rosen
03:10:51 tomo oh so he was ban evading?
03:10:56 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yes
03:11:05 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> and gilled even more of Jinx' yevs
03:11:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> so yag hacked some more, ban-evaded and logged on as this guy here9)
03:11:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i defended my yevs
03:11:15 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> “hacked”
03:11:18 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yes
03:11:35 tomo he probably just changed his ip and acc name
03:11:47 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yes he abused a technical glitch to get access to her chests
03:12:19 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> Alternative nicks of Yagira: NoIDeaWa | Bambuel | Unbaned_Yagira (lolwut) | Yagira | Virus
03:12:22 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> https://dev-urandom.eu/people:yagira see here for details later; i'm gonna add this incident too
03:12:42 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> “Virus” lol xD
03:12:45 tomo wow yag, you've been a bad boi today
03:12:56 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yep he went full retard :/
03:13:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> guys . . . with all this drama, i'm gonna postpone the paper a day
03:13:48 tomo zen, sabes adonde quires poner el netherportal?
03:13:50 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> don't ask before the end of tuesday
03:13:54 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> thats okay Jinx
03:14:29 Spock [alpha] NoIDeaWa left the game10).
03:15:15 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i like that weapon. i wish it could give me warmer feels right now
03:15:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> chuck, since you're here. what should i do with this death chest?
03:16:18 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> Who even is this Yagulo guy
03:16:25 tomo Mine is called the anal cavity
03:16:27 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yagira
03:16:35 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> is actually . …
03:16:41 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> huh that's hard to explain
03:16:46 tomo hes been coming here for sometime
03:16:52 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> He's not very good at proxying..
03:16:53 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i never considered him such a threat before
03:16:53 tomo usually he never griebs
03:16:55 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Glitchy: Yagira is a pole, he was cought stealing ~1200 clay some time ago from a “unlocked chest” a
03:17:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> mostly just a nuisance
03:17:04 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> and today stole stuff from “an unlocked chest” again
03:17:13 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yes, more of a nuisance really :/
03:17:23 tomo oh so hes polish?
03:17:29 tomo thought he was ukranian all this time
03:17:32 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> yes from Poznan
03:17:44 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> I was friends with him on Steam and Skype until today
03:18:04 tomo poles start war, poles fuel war
03:18:33 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> Neber drust a bole!!! xDDdd
03:18:39 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> What did he do this time exactly?
03:19:33 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> please read the link,glitchy
03:19:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> for 'exactly'
03:19:57 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> as that would take quite long … a third time
03:20:08 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> and about the death chest?
03:20:40 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> Glitchy: tl;dr: he abused a glitch in the game to take items from a locked chest
03:20:43 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> and when he got caught he claimed to “show and prove something only”
03:20:52 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> also, he gilled a couple of Jinx' Yevs
03:21:08 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> Jinx can you go to where you saw him dipping into chests?
03:21:24 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> that was as yagira
03:21:36 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> log even still shows he took items from it
03:21:37 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> They're all the same person anyways
03:21:42 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> Where physically did you see him taking it
03:21:45 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i re-locked them properly after koduck banned him to give me some breathing room
03:22:31 Spock [alpha] CorruptedPants left the game.
03:23:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> rosen made himgive the stuff back
03:23:45 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> So all that stuff is dealt with I'm guessing
03:24:14 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> yeah just his coming back to kill my people is disturbing
03:24:31 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> I'll bring this up to Alpha
03:24:37 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> thanks
03:25:34 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> man. he made me kill
03:25:49 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> it's my very first pvp kill too. so wasted
03:26:09 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> Wow
03:26:10 Spock [alpha] <Tsaryu> :(
03:26:19 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> were you saving it for someone specialy hated?
03:26:27 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> What a shame.
03:26:31 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i wanted to keep clean altogether
03:26:46 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> or do it in a proper combat, like a duel or even sparring
03:26:59 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> you know, something agreed upon? not self-defense
03:27:10 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> or rather, yev-defense
03:27:19 Spock [alpha] <Llyrana> Kek.
03:32:17 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> glitchy, and the DC?
03:33:39 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> What was that alt name again
03:33:53 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> NoIdeaWa
03:34:02 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> NoIDeaWa
03:34:11 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i suppose case is important
03:34:55 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> I see
03:35:04 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> He got all that stuff from the free shit chests at spawn
03:35:09 Spock [alpha] <GlitchyBat> I guess you can do whatever with it then
03:36:48 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> okay, thanks
03:37:42 Spock [alpha] <Jinxauthor_Mel> i'll just put it pack in that chest then

two mine carts
see whispers in screenshots
Yagira, on Midgard
banned by Koduck for a week
to one day
'from Japan'
see whispers in screenshots which led to hurriedly checking home, finding the 'new' guy hitting a yev in a cart
in desperation, he was hit by Jinx at once, then shot, see screens
GlitchyBat is shown the death chest of NoIDeaWa
killed with The Power of Christmas, then banned by GlitchyBat
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