Prime Minister of Winduzastikan Empire
Language(s) English
National Affiliation Winduzastikan Empire
Home City Faryagrad
Joined June 2014/June 2016
Titles Prime Minister of Winduzastikan Empire
Governor and Founder of Faryagrad Republic
“Sons of Venuz” Division Commander

Russian bastard who somehow became a mod in late 2017, then got burnt out and quit the job in the summer of 2019. Also known as the biggest representative of Winduzastika.

Public Contributions

Sloppy Personal History (MARNIE articles' mentions)

Scrapyard Rail
(as) On May 27th, Resident Anhud disclosed the map position of one of his homes where he had built three pixelarts, on the western edge of the Ur jungle. He was provided information about the closest netherrail station, and accepted the offer to extend a line to his own portal.
Due to the change, the NEAR switch formerly termed 'Xpeh Tubes' without a portal was adapted into a proper portal station, leading to the jungle island east of the main jungle.
As had been requested by Duke June of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras, his pagoda portal is not easily accessible from either the station or the jungle portal.
Resident Anhud decided to name his jungle home Anhud's Scrapyard. Signs and maps have been updated accordingly. Later that night, Resident Anhud allowed Editor Jam of the Midgard Municipality to visit Scrapyard, where a disturbing but fun time of discovery began. A collage of the most interesting sights is compiled in photo 042.

City Growth
(ns) During the third week of May, three new residents have taken plots in the southern regions of Spawn City. Residents Anhud and Crni_Drachen decided to set up shops, with the former successfully doing so before shopkeepers went on short-time strikes again, and the latter quickly getting disappointed by their lack of cooperation.
On the plot of Resident Sturmbannfuehrer, more market stalls joined the first one, offering wool, appliances and costumes.

Oppai Event
(oi) While developing the Oppai Islands settlement, Resident Variobond created a jump tower where survival depends on skill and practice, and invited several residents to compete with him on June 13th. The first and most eager visitor was Resident Anhud, who tested various methods and invented additional tricks; he also set (and broke) all records.
Resident Variobond considered hosting an actual competition event, teams and prizes included, but due to reconstruction of the tower, vacation and the June Purges distracting the possible participants, the event has been postponed until further notice.
One of the perks of the trial event was a growth of the Oppai Island population.

Circumstances (Russian Nationality), Events (Political Wrangling) and Achievements (Divine Manipulation) Leading to Modhood

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