MARNIE Archives June 2015

This page holds archived editions of the MARNIE newspaper which is published every Monday. The Archive contains at least four-week-old issues, and links are clickable despite what the Editor's Notes of the paper editions say. In order to keep the reading content manageable, each month will have its own page.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
June 2015

Editor's Note:
This first newspaper edition will summarize major events since the founding of the Commons of Valensiya. Following editions will contain monthly updates and be available for 1 Leather in Midgard's Marketplace store.

In Worldwide News:
Adschman Al-Ilol's Great Guardian Farm, page 17

In Regional News:
The Grand Metro Project, page 28

In Local News:
Midgard To Leave Commons?, page 42

Worldwide News

Threefold Trading Agreement
(ai/wl/vy) In order to populate Adschman Al-Ilol, Lolibernd decided to invite settlers to his nation. Since the Kingdom of Winterlyn has a rich population, Niller1703 considered allowing three of them to leave his nation and settle on Lolibernd's property.
The cost for this exception, moving and transport expenses and compensation for their loss to the Kingdom of Winterlyn summed up to 90 emeralds, a price which Lolibernd could not afford at that time.
At this point, Valensiya Administrator Tsaryu proposed to step in and pay the sum in exchange for the right to use the farms in Adschman Al-Ilol.
Lolibernd agreed to the offer, and the three settlers have successfully been relocated.

Moderation Vanishing Act
(ar) Following the Ender-Commonwealth War and the temporary banishment of members of the winning side, heavy disagreement with P_P_A's moderation has been declared by the banished Enderians. Faced with harsh criticism and outright rudeness, P_P_A announced his decision to resign from moderation duty and presently followed through, although he stated that this is not a knee-jerk reaction but has been on his mind for some time.
Equally disillusioned with their moderation position as well as MineCraft reality in general, and due a busy life in the real reality, moderator July has stated that he too wishes to resign from the position. His current status is not yet clear. Other listed moderators have barely been seen online for a month at least, and the fate of the moderation positions themselves remains to be seen.

New Spawn: Admin Shop
(ns) Responding to several independent requests for a supply of non-available or strictly limited materials on this map, AlphaBernd graciously provided an admin shop housed in his office building at the New Spawn of Alpha's Realm.
Red Sand can be bought here for Sand at a fair rate of 1:16, and Packed Ice can be acquired for Ice at the much steeper rate of 1:32. The shop found great approval among the inhabitants of Alpha's Realm, and already more unwarranted and indolent demands are being made.

'Top Secret' Activity In Nether Location
(ne) Due to careless chatting, it has become widely known that Valensiya Administrator Tsaryu and Niller1703 of the Kingdom of Winterlyn have embarked upon a joint project in an undisclosed Nether location.
Apparently, much netherrack and glass has been used in construction. The actual purpose and status of the project have not been made public, but rumor mills run rampant with speculations about it being considered a failure and abandoned.

Marketplace: Lower Level Opened
(ns) Since the available lots inside the Marketplace at Alpha's Realm's New Spawn have rapidly found owners and mostly conduct industrious business already, it became obvious that a new level needed to be added.
It was quickly decided to build down rather than up, and construction started at once. Thanks to the material donations of Tomoko and the industrious pace of Lolibernd, the lower level was completed within days and opened for business on May 28th.

Adschman Al-Ilol's Great Guardian Farm
(ai) Around the ocean monument of Alpha's Realm's Northeastern Sea at appr. 5700/-300, Lolibernd of Adschman Al-Ilol has started to create a huge Guardian Farm. To date, an area of 58×58 blocks has been dried out to a height of 45 blocks; this correlates to one fourth of the entire monument. On ceiling level, the guardian spawning chambers have been set up so that spawning guardians will die from the fall. On parallel tracks at ground level, continuously running minecarts with hoppers collect the dropped loot which is then stored in chests.
This part of the Guardian Farm has been completed within two days by Lolibernd, and been operational since the eve of May 30th. For now, Adschman Al-Ilol has exclusive rights to access the farm, though a license can be bought to use it from Lolibernd. He considers opening the farm to the public in time, though not before the rest of the monument has been dried out, or after three to four weeks of exclusive use.

Regional News


Valensiya Starts Store
(vy) Valensiya acquired a lot in the Marketplace at New Spawn and established a small store in the southwestern corner of the upper floor. In charming and cozy design, Valensiyan merchants sell new rocks for emeralds and trade wood for other goods. As a welfare project, free food is available for those in need.
Tickets for the Valensiya Metro are also available at this quaint shop.


Mercenary Exploit
(vy) Tsaryu's decision to take part in the Commonwealth-Ender War as mercenary led to tension with Midgard Administration. Unresolved reconcilement could be achieved after some lengthy discussions.


New Valensiyan Tree Farm (vy) Due to security issues at the previous location, an entirely safe underground tree farm has recently been built on Valensiya. The cavern measures 36 by 20 blocks at 8 high and was completely paneled with stones bricks. It has capacity for 54 birch or oak trees for wood trade. It can be accessed from the station by descending to Y33, and visitors should not miss out on the mascot sapling that does not wish to grow, in the southwestern corner.


Establishing Relations (vy) During the past month, the Valensiya administration has undertaken several emissary visits to neighboring and far away nations and settlements in order to establish friendly and beneficial relations. In turn, some ambassadors and nation leaders from those places visited both Valensiya and Midgard. Valensiya deems the visits successful and considers the continued relations very valuable.


The Grand Metro Project
(vy) The Valensiya Metro started small: as a practical connection between the islands Valensiya and Midgard in the Northeastern Sea of Alpha's Realm. Soon, Project Overseer Tsaryu decided on extension to Firnstein, Lauranya, Darkmicha and Zapp.
As visitors started to appreciate both practicality and design of the Valensiya Metro's Pegasus Line, separate lines to their territories were offered, as well as an extension to New Spawn. To date, the Pegasus Line reaches from Valensiya via Tipriya to Firnstein. Starting there, construction of the future Andromeda Line toward Fishermen Peninsula has been ongoing for the past week and currently reaches two thirds of the way, at great costs.
A considerate donation was granted by Austrobernd, who gifted Tsaryu with an Efficiency III & Unbreaking IV Diamond Pickax in order to lessen both time consumption and tool wear. This generosity is greatly appreciated by the Commons of Valensiya.


Overnight High Rise
(ln) On the eve of May 23rd, construction of the first building commenced on Lauranya. In a mammoth act by Tsaryu, during that night a complete high rise was erected, the outer walls built with birch and oak wood and lots of big windows for a maximum of light within the rooms, and the interior furnished with stable oak planks. The building has been named the Zivilization Tower.
Above the stylish foyer, two floors provide office spaces. The third to sixth floor provide seven spacious two-room apartments for rent. An additional VIP apartment with access to a private garden is provided on the third floor as well.
Probably the most charming feature is the roof garden, designed for privacy.
Lauranya is currently only reachable by boat, but will eventually be connected to the Valensiya Metro. Interested parties for the rooms are asked to address their rent wish to Tsaryu, and are encouraged do so even before the metro is connected.


New Haven Sikiliya
(sk) Acting on inspiration upon seeing the planned railway routes of the Valensiya Metro Planungsbüro, P_P_A rapidly erected a vacation villa on the island designated 'Neuhafen' on the metro map.
It has since been renamed Sikiliya. The buildings are made primarily from prismarine rock and the garden is adorned by sunflowers. According to the owner P_P_A, a small village is planned to be added at some far away future point.

Midgard News

Tower of Magic
(md) Midgard's Tower of Magic, built in a desperate attempt to get the new rocks Andesite and Diorite removed from their temporary storage area, has been completed as of May 19th and is already in business.
In a repetitive but calming design that allows utmost concentration for spellcasting, Floors 1-4 sport enchantment tables for various levels. On the fifth floor an anvil is provided, and on the sixth floor magical potions are brewed.
Visitors are encouraged to take the stairs all the way to the roof in order to enjoy the architecture and view; however, for quick access a ladder has been included right next to the entrance. Public access has yet to be assisted by building roads.

Underground Tree Farm
(md) The tree farm on Level Y40, formerly declared complete, is being expanded yet again. The new extension reaches all the way down to Level Y20 in order to accommodate room for giant Jungle and Spruce trees to flourish, and indeed already the first giants have grown. The farm is to be advocated as a tourist attraction in the future, so a walkway has been added on its circumference approximately at the height of Y50. The current capacity of the farm reaches 40 Oak, Birch, Acacia and Jungle Trees, 20 Spruce Trees and 13 Dark Oak Trees. Additional room has been provided for two Spruce Giants and Three Jungle Giants, and more is planned for a later project, as well as a tourism track along the walkway.

Midgard To Leave Commons?
(md) Differing opinions regarding one article caused Valensiyan Administration to demand a change of our newspaper's title so that it will not be associated with Valensiya at all, and forbid its distribution in their shop at Marketplace or on any of its three claimed islands, as well as in the regions Zapp, Sikiliya, Firnstein and Darkmicha without even first asking the opinions or consent of their owners.
Feeling effectively shunned from its neighbors, Midgard Administration concluded that an earlier expressed desire for complete independence was being enacted by Valensiya.
While Valensiyan Administration has since retracted their stipulations, Midgard is starting to consider taking the intent seriously.
Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel explained that despite their definition as 'Commons' which they hold so dear, he feels that Valensiya does not embrace its ideals. While Administrator Tsaryu has stated a wish to be useful and depended upon, Jinxauthor_Mel has come to believe that neither is his approach particularly steady nor his support reliable.
As requested by Valensiyan Administartion, first steps for separation have been taken by renaming our newspaper to an entirely Midgard edition.
Currently, relations are being continued but shaky, with a tacit understanding to evade all meaningful topics. It is unclear what our island's future will bring, so Midgard Administration prepares for self-reliance just in case.

Marketplace Store
(md) To anyone having purchased this newspaper, reading that Midgard has opened a store will come as no new information. It should still be included for historical purposes.
On May 31st, Midgard Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel chose a quaint lot with view in the newly finished underwater level of the Marketplace, to open the First Midgard General Store. Its primary purpose is the distribution of the Midgard newspaper MARNIE.
It will likely also offer miscellaneous stock prone to occasional change depending on the current projects going on in Midgard.
Midgard Administration hopes that you enjoyed both this newspaper and our new little store, and that maybe one reader or another may come to visit our Northeastern island.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
June 8th, 2015

Editor's Note:
Since life on Alpha's Realm runs fast-paced for most inhabitants, a monthly issue of a newspaper obviously won't do. We will therefore publish weekly instead. Links can NOT be clicked, but all photos are in the same album.

In Worldwide News:
CIS Headquarter Compound, page 9

In Regional News:
Overworld Spawn Connection, page 33

In Local News:
Terraforming Progress, page 43

Worldwide News

(ar) The editor of our newspaper MARNIE, Jinxauthor_Mel, wishes to apologize to our readers for incorrect information hastily put to print in our last issue. In the article 'Moderation Vanishing Act', it was wrongly stated that Moderator P_P_A had resigned from modship and Moderator July wished to do the same.
July, actually Moderator June, agreed to a statement and explained that what he had said had been misunderstood, and while he is a little busy presently, he never meant to remain absent for any long period of time, and does not wish to quit modship at all.
Moderator P_P_A could not be questioned yet until the time of this article. However, we wish to thank Tomoko Kuroki for noting that in the last week of May, P_P_A had admitted that he had not yet quit modship.
The Staff List on our server's wiki (viewable at has been last updated on June 6th. There, it states that P_P_A is “rumored to be demodded”. Aside from such hearsay, his current status remains unclear.
The new list include AlphaBernd, Bikki, Enton and v1adimirr as moderators, who at least are known names. Inhabitants are looking forward to their support and judiciary.

CIS Headquarter Compound
(ns) On June 7th, Midgard journalists were invited to a tour of the recently finished Headquarters building for the newly formed Confederation of Independent States. [pic:]
The Headquarters compound, including space for its member states' embassies, is located on neutral ground northwest of New Spawn. The tour was led by single architect and constructor Lord Commissioner Austrobernd.
To the right and left of the Headquarters' entrance, meeting rooms have been designated to house the Security Council and the Economy Council, respectively. Four more rooms have been prepared for future functions and will remain unfurnished until then.
The Headquarters' main feature at the end of the walkway from the entrance, the voting hall, currently provides seats for twelve representatives and could be equipped to accommodate even twenty-four seats, should the need ever arise.
To date, five seats are occupied by the Kingdom of Winterlyn, the Mandatory of New New-Badfacia, Umm Al Asufli, Adschman Al-Ilol and the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik. City-State Siverny has applied for a seat as well. Guests are allowed to observe.
The proclaimed goal of the Confederation is “to strengthen international ties and wealth” and to “unite citizens in spite of any differences”. Its Constitution can be viewed at, and an informal wish for membership may be directed at any of the noted representatives.
The surrounding embassies of Winterlyn, Adschman Al-Ilol, Breshik as well as one by Tomoko Kuroki, are without exception projects in progress and will be revisited once finished.

New Top Autist Emerged
(ai) On June 2nd, Shah Lolibernd of the state Adschman Al-Ilol climbed to the top our server's autism list, which can be viewed at Due to his resolved work discipline at the huge Guardian Farm [pic:] in Alpha's Realm's Northeastern Sea, he did so rapidly and proficiently. Demonstrating authentic enthusiasm in its intended meaning, not only has he defended the top position successfully since then, he has done so with great margin.
Currently, Shah Lolibernd is well on his way toward the half-million milestone. At over 480,000 changed blocks, he is far ahead of runner-up Tomoko Kuroki.

Increase In Illegal PvP
(ar) Recently, some veteran inhabitants of Alpha's Realm seem to be getting restless. Concurring PvP fights among members of the same nation or individuals with long-standing grudges occur nearly daily, and unannounced attacks without stated intentions are on the rise.
Occasionally, new inhabitants get drawn into such fights. Veterans and newcomers alike have been banished increasingly for 'Illegal PvP' during the last week.
The only one of the aggressors who stated a reason was Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of New New-Badfacia, who claimed the intention to “bring some action to the server” on June 7th. Whether other instigators share a similar attitude could not be verified.

First Test Flight
(ai) In the first June week, Shah Lolibernd took a break from construction work to experiment with flying machines. One of his proudly presented pictures of success can be viewed at

Sub-Desert Facility Instituted
(gc) In Alpha's Realm's most southwestern desert, a new facility has recently emerged on the map. On June 7th, a Midgard reporter received a tour and was graciously allowed to write about the compound.
The facility is being excavated underground by Tomoko Kuroki, who stated its purpose was to become his new main city. The surrounding desert is now called the Sea of Ares, and the compound has been designated Ganymede Command Center. It is modeled after Stargate Command with great love for detail. [pics: and next]
To date, its Gate (a.k.a. nether portal), the surrounding Gate room and the Control room are in service, and lower levels are being cleared.
Plans for the surface level have not yet been stated, so the progress will not be easily viewable on the map. However, visitors seem to be welcome, so if you would like to enjoy the tour yourself, please direct your request at Tomoko Kuroki.

Mall Management
(ns) On June 7th, Tomoko Kuroki suddenly appointed Shah Lolibernd of Adschman Al-Ilol as “the new mall manager”. He later explained that he actually meant a deputy position, so that customers at the Marketplace on New Spawn would have assistance whenever Tomoko himself is not in Alpha's Realm.
Shah Lolibernd, who built the lower floor of the mall and provided the first safely working elevator, is deemed a good choice as stand-in by the vendors and customers.

Alpha's Realm Advertisement
(ns) Readers have requested an advertisement section in the newspaper. Due to space limitations, Midgard will offer a paper called ARA for such and similar intentions. Its first edition will explain the system.

Regional News

Eyjan Hvíta's New Leadership
(eh) On May 26th, President Harcourtien abdicated from the office as President and Prime Minister of the city-state Eyjan Hvíta due to personal reasons. It is stated on the state's homepage at that Harcourtien will be absent for some months.
Citizen tablecat, who received administrative training during the last month, has been elected for office and been incumbent as President and Prime Minister of City-State Eyjan Hvíta as of May 27th.
How the new president will govern the city-state, deal with foreigners and manage ongoing and planned projects, remains to be seen.

Overworld Spawn Connection
(vy) Thanks to the efforts of Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya, the Northeastern Corner of Alpha's Realm has been connected to New Spawn via an overworld railway system. On June 1st, the Andromeda Line of the Valensiya Metro was connected to the preexisting Blue Line of the Slavia Rail on Fishermen Peninsula. From the same station, in Valensiyan called 'Fischerinsel', to its temporary northern end on Firnstein, the line covers 1,541 blocks east and 1,322 blocks north. Without delaying at stations, it takes 6:02 minutes to travel the distance.
Between Fischerinsel and the next station Südwestkreuz, a small stretch of underwater travel can be enjoyed.

New Commons Member Island
(sk) As of June 1st, the island Sikiliya has officially been noted as a part of the Commons of Valensiya. It remains under the jurisdiction of P_P_A, who stated a wish to join due to the active neighborhood.

Next Step Toward “Financial Heart”
(ln) Next to the Zivilization Tower on Lauranya, a second building was created by Chief Tsaryu to house the Valensiyan Bank, including counsel offices, a stock market and an auction area. With the very expensive construction of the Commons Bank of Valensiya and its high-tech vault, due to building materials such as Quartz, Acacia Wood and Sea Lanterns, the island steps closer toward its goal of becoming the Commons' financial heart.

New Town Growing
(pk) A little to the north of Lauranya, a new town is rapidly evolving. Its builders show a flair for accessibility and safety. The place has not yet been named and is most widely known as 'Warpig's' after its founder. We in Midgard, liking wordplay, have taken to call it Pigkyxkub as a combination from all three names of the area's new active citizens Warpig, xFreakyx and Benskubb. The official name will be announced once it has been stated by the town's citizens.

Midgard News

Admin Residence Heavily Populated
(md) The personal residence of Midgard Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel is currently heavily populated by merchants specializing in all kinds of craftsmanship. Despite safe construction, their mere number occasionally causes accidents, partly even fatal ones, wherein the inhabitants suffocate in walls. In order to reduce this risk, further buildings to house them are already at the planning stage.

Terraforming Progress
(md) The terraforming of the archipelago has recently been continued. Toward the southwest, vast strips of marshland have been reclaimed from the sea, increasing the overall size of Midgard and providing more space to develop the settlement. Additionally, mob spawning has increased on the now available flatlands. At, a comparison to last month can be viewed. The mined earth and sand will be used for farms and buildings.

First Mall Shop Opened
(md) Two adventurous merchants have taken upon themselves the setup of the first shop in the unfinished Station Mall. Theirs is to be called The Farmers' Market and is located on the ground floor right behind the staircase. For now, they are buying grain and produce in order to fill up their stock, so sellers are encouraged to trade with them while the two still have emeralds to spend.

Colored Sheep Farm Completed
(md) Midgard's colored sheep farm has been extended to its full potential on Level Y5. All sixteen colors of wool can be regularly obtained from around thirty animals each. It has been decided by the administration that these sheep are not to be bred or harmed; rather an additional slaughter farm shall be added as a far-future project. This will only be possible after the nearby lava lake has been dried up.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
June 15th, 2015

Editor's Note:
Links can NOT be clicked but all lead to this server's wiki, and all but one photos are in the same Imgur album. Some of them are bigger files due to picture collages.

In Worldwide News:
The Great Lobby Escape, page 22

In Regional News:
Mod Criticism, page 34

In Local News:
Midgard Goes Independent, page 46

Worldwide News

Collateral Damage
(ns) On June 8th, an altercation (later termed 'Tomoko's Rebellion, see: occurred between Supreme Technocrat Tomoko of Al-Andalus and King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik on the grounds of the recently finished Headquarters for the Confederation of Independent States. During the battle, King Shakomatic and his companion Prime Minister Salah of Umm Al Asufli chose to employ explosive devices, causing heavy damage to the southeastern edge of the voting hall, as can be viewed at
Stating the wish to preserve Lord Commissioner Austrobernd's architecture, Supreme Technocrat Tomoko retreated from battle. King Skakomatic, in name an ally of Lord Commissioner Austrobernd, triumphantly declared victory.
When questioned repeatedly by Supreme Technocrat Tomoko whether he would “at least repair the damage”, he retorted that “obviously it's going to happen”. However, that task was carelessly postponed and the damage left for the press as well as Lord Commissioner Austrobernd and Caliph Lolibernd to discover and investigate.

Nations Shuffle
(ar) Following the events of Tomoko's Rebellion, Supreme Technocrat Tomoko of Al-Andalus and Caliph Lolibernd of Adschman Al-Ilol decided to leave the CIS and found their own nation, called CICIS.
Currently still listed member nations of CIS are The Mandatory of New New-Badfacia, The Republic of Umm Al Asufli, the Kingdom of Winterlyn and the Grand Duchy of Somerset, the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik and pending, Siverny.
After Caliph Lolibernd launched a raid on Supreme Technocrat Tomoko's Base Ganymede on June 13th, the CICIS disbanded again. The settlement Al-Andalus renounced its independence and joined the Republic of Ender, as Sea of Ares, on June 14th.
Meanwhile, the renamed Carluga Shogunate of Kanshoku has once again risen as independent city-state with Shogun Carluga as its new leader, who is also listed as a citizen of Sea of Ares.
The Republic of Umm al Asufli has once again been reinstated as independent city-state nation due to new active members, and Sorra, in name still a city-state, has been demoted to settlement.
The Republic of Umm al Asufli, the Mandatory new New-Badfacia, the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik and the Kingdom of Lanno-Condeura have joined together in the order of The Restored Alpha Nations whose stated purpose is “to act as a grand international assembly of which representatives of all member states shall have equal votes in matters of transnational issues.”

International Currency
(ar) For the ease of transactions, an international currency has been proposed by Caliph Lolibernd and approved by God AlphaBernd. It is based on spawn eggs with no other use than as currency which can be obtained for diamonds; the details are described at
This currency is entirely optional, meaning that whether a shop maintains the old item trades or switches to currency won't impact on its right to do business at Marketplace or any other location.
Caliph Lolibernd intends to construct a “national bank building” (likely meant to an international one) on the lake next to the mall, and the traders themselves will be set up by God AlphaBernd.

Continued Terror Action
(ns) Over a month after it first showed up, the unaffiliated fighter jet launched by TheNerd96 on May 11th keeps returning and shooting rockets day and night. Thanks to brave photographers, several pictures could be taken and viewed at The commercial airliner that seems to have been its original target was able to move out of the way unharmed, and what the rockets are now aimed at remains a mystery.

Recent Activity In Nelson
(nn) After a longer absence, mcsam has returned from his journey to his hometown Nelson. He courteously invited any interested visitors to have a look around and guided our journalist on a tour through all of his town, some pictures of which can be seen at
Since the visit on June 8th, Nelson has been expanded particularly along the western boardwalk, giving visitors further reason to enjoy a stroll along the town's coast.

The Great Lobby Escape
(al) On June 13th, our reality hiccupped to such a degree that all active residents were ejected into the in-between realm of the Autism Lobby and barred from returning to any world. The individuals concerned were Austrobernd, BearMonger, BlackB, Chuck_Fiinley, dmigis, Jinxauthor_Mel, Koduck, k0n3ko, mcsam, niller1703, tehftw and Tomoko, all of whom demonstrated aggravated restlessness and an insatiable desire for freedom.
The first person to successfully escape was BlackB, and his dangerous method of cactus-jumping was soon copied by all others, as can be seen at and As stated by Chuck_Fiinley, “most of them succeeded” and ventured on to fun activities such as cactus-dancing, roof-hopping, tree-climbing (to the highest point of the lobby even) and free-flying followed by ground-hitting.

Warning About BlakkCopper
(ar) On June 12th, a verbal exchange was witnessed ( that our editor feels warrants a warning to all residents regarding BlakkCopper who admitted he killed someone “out of boredom.” Anyone who does not wish to end up a victim of such a mood, is advised to keep safe distance to BlakkCopper unless a meeting is intended by both sides.

Flag Incident
(ns) Some Alpha's Realm residents, in a display of American patriotism, hung (incorrectly designed) American flags everywhere on New Spawn on June 13th, including private properties belonging to non-Americans.
Not just those, but in retaliation all flags were taken down and destroyed by some non-Americans, ultimately leading to the raid on Ganymede Command Center and the disintegration of CICIS. [source:]

Niller's Road
(wl) King niller1703 of the Kingdom of Winterlyn has stated a desire to create a road all the way from his kingdom to New Spawn, as proposed on The road is supposed to become a speedway due to being lined with beacons. About 90 wither skulls are required to create those. If anyone can afford and wishes to donate either those or Nether Stars in order to contribute to international overworld connection, please address King niller1703 himself.

Regional News

The Rise of Valkyria
(vk) The fast growing town formerly known as Warpig's place has chosen a designation and status for itself. The residents have decided upon the name Valkyria for their settlement.

Skellie Farm Shapes Up
(sf) Northeast of Eyjan Hvíta, a settlement called the United Lands of Skellie Farm has been established on June 5th. More recently, its entry in the Autism Almanac (aka wiki) has been updated with details.

Mod Criticism
(vy) Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya and Warpig of Valkyria spoke up regarding the perceived abuse of mod powers on June 6th, as shown at That Friday, Moderator June admitted to occasionally building with materials from the mod supply chest and also using mod mode to be able to build safely and quickly underwater.
While Moderator June maintains that he uses this option mostly for infrastructure, Chief Tsaryu (who was working on a similar task at the time) stated disappointment about the unfairness and has since taken a break from continuing the Valensiya Metro project.
Confronted with the argument that he too had a right to receive assistance for infrastructure projects if he so desired, Chief Tsaryu explained that in a survival world, everyone should have to work and risk their lives for what they want (to build), including infrastructure.

Midgard News

Massolit's Invitation
(mm) Last Friday, Swamp Paladin Massolit extended an invitation to workers for hire on Novoblagomirsk and was taken up on it by Midgard's administrator Jinxauthor_Mel. Trying to adhere to travel instructions, for the first time Administrator Jinx dared to enter the nether portal at New Spawn and take the Nether Rail. At the very first station it became unclear which way he was to take, but further instruction was texted promptly. After about twenty seconds, a gap opened up on the track, nearly causing a plummet to the lava depths beneath. The cart was lost to it.
Having fixed the gap with cobble (no rail was at hand for the track) Administrator Jinx continued his journey with a spare cart. Around the next bend, a Zombie Pigman threatened travelers on the tracks and caused the cart to reverse course. However, from that direction President Tablecat of Eyjan Hvíta was closing in fast, pushing Administrator Jinx back toward the Pigman. In an attempt to encourage the Nether native to leave the tracks, the Pigman was caused to retaliate in a fatal manner. Thus, Administrator Jinx never even made it to the second station and decided to abstain from trying to travel via Nether Rail ever again.
After asking Swamp Paladin Massolit for the overworld coordinates of his little swamp island in the far south and undertaking a half hour journey to Novoblagomirsk, the actual work could finally begin.
Swamp Paladin Massolit graciously allowed Administrator Jinx to keep any clay and dirt found while drying up and digging out a square of the swamp area. Due to unsafe working conditions and the protection from bandits by the paladin himself, several items could be acquired additionally. As payment, Administrator Jinx bargained for permission to farm orchids on Swamp Paladin Massolit's island for a day and was granted a spot to do so, gaining much desired adornments for Midgard.

Midgard Goes Independent
(mm) As of Monday, June 15th 2015, the settlement Midgard parts ways with the Commons of Valensiya. This step has been long in mind and taken some time and research to properly prepare, from the opening of our own shop in the Marketplace to creating an entry for the Autism Almanac.
Like an adolescent leaving home to start their own life, Jinxauthor_Mel offers a grateful nod to Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya, who had taken upon himself to guide and support our fledgling community.
Feeling now more self-confident and self-reliant after having been able to establish and protect a thriving community, getting to know and appreciate fellow Alpha's Realm residents and being able to learn about various subjects from more seasoned veterans, Administrator Jinx sees a bright future for Midgard as an equal on the international scale.
Remaining an independent settlement, our town now has the official designation Midgard Municipality. Further information can be found on
Midgard Municipality aims to become THE tourism attraction in the Northeastern Sea and welcomes any visitors. It can be reached via Slavia Rail and Valensiya Metro.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
June 22th, 2015

Editor's Note:
Links can NOT be clicked but all lead to this server's wiki and map.

In Worldwide News:
The Russian Invasion, page 19

In Regional News:
Skellie Farm Abandoned, page 36

In Local News:
First Book Acquired, page 44

Worldwide News

Renewed War Declaration
(er/ab) Early this morning, President Hinoarashi of the Rebublic of Ender issued the statement, “The Republic of Battkhortostan declares war on the Eastern Commonwealth, specifically the nations of Breshik and New-Badfacia for violating the Treaty of Somerset and failing to recognize the borders of Altschwabenland and Kriegstein as defined in the aforementioned agreement.”
The Republic of Battkhortostan in Alpha's Realm consists of the Republic of Ender, which “is currently banned from political play by AlphaBernd for kicking Breshik's ass too hard” as noted on their page in the Autism Almanac (aka wiki), the newly formed Royaume de Kriegstein et d'Arès and Elggun which for as yet unknown reasons was added four minutes after the war declaration, though it shows no affiliations on its page at this time.
The declaration presents the culmination of border talks between President Hinoarashi and King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik who “claimed that Breshik never signed the agreement or agreed to acknowledge the borders of Altschwabenland, leaving its status to be at war,” as President Hinoarashi summarized.
King Shakomatic did not take the discussion seriously and refused any acknowledgement of statements by the President, or to give clear statements of his own. However, he did declare emphatically that he does not intend to take part in another battle, considering that activity “a waste of time”. He also noted that no actions of President Hinoarashi or the Republic of Battkhortostan could ever change his attitude or behavior, and hinted that he deems war declarations, the involvement of political officers or the possibility of having his kingdom “dissolved”, empty threats.

Current Kriegstein
(ks) Following countless re-nominations and designations during the power struggle between the Commonwealth and the Republic of Ender, the area known as Kriegstein (also occasionally misspelled 'Kreigstein') is currently labeled Royaume de Kriegstein et d'Arès and under the reign of Sidmarcus01, also known as King Sid, and his advisor Supreme Technocrat Tomoko. On their newly reformed Almanac page, it does not yet specify what government form it actually follows, and aside from King Sid himself, none of its citizens live near the territory. Due to the alliance of their six far-apart settlements, Royaume de Kriegstein et d'Arès nevertheless counts as a nation.

Commonwealth Development
(cw) With the recent influx of new Alpha's Realm residents, the Commonwealth too has gained more citizens in its various member areas, as well as new members contributing more land. Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia has taken up the task of bringing order onto the Commonwealth's page in the Autism Almanac, granting both population and visitors a better understanding of the alliance and its citizens.
For those interested in visiting any particular resident or area, an updated map is included on their page. It is advised to circumvent the disputed frontier areas, especially during times of war and battle days.
Representing the growing populace, King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik and Lord Commissioner Austrobernd are working on and planning various projects a parliament building, national banks, tower fortresses in major cities of the Commonwealth, watch towers in every member settlement.
The latter proposals were discussed by the two leaders only; it is unclear what the present leaders of the settlements and cities have to say to these plans.

The Russian Invasion
(ar) June 16th saw the most audacious griefer invasion of Alpha's Realm to date. The invadors communicated with each other in Russian. Our resident monocle_s identified some of them as Sosachers (later confirmed by the individuals themselves) and were able to understand their planning. Nick4629 was the first to defend New Spawn from the Russian aggressors, and monocle_s the first uninvolved bystander to be killed upon visiting Spawn. When Supreme Technocrat Tomoko awoke to the battle sounds, moonwa1k (who also speaks Russian) informed that the invaders were planning to pour lava around Spawn. Neither Mod nor God had answered any calls by the residents for half an hour at this point, so Tomoko enthusiastically decided to join the fray and have some fun, shortly followed by TheNerd96.
During the battle confusion, it became unclear at times which individual belonged to what faction, especially as short periods of infighting also occurred and newcomers did not know veterans and vice versa. Due to this, TheNerd96 was repeatedly attacked by monocle_s and also himself attacked the first defender nick4629.
About an hour after the start of the invasion, Moderator Koduck arrived and dished out the first round of bans against the griefers, including some defenders (newer residents) for chest looting.
Several hours later, a new wave of invaders arrived and immediately started killing visitors at New Spawn and pouring lava right over the spawn block. It was later confirmed that these individuals were the same as during the first attack, albeit with different accounts and names. This time, Swamp Paladin Massolit and dmigis rose to the occasion as prime defenders for half an hour, later shortly joined by President Hinoarashi of the Republic of Ender, until God AlphaBernd arrived at the scene to deliver the second round of bans.
However, since the aggressors kept returning and in order to prevent further chaos at New Spawn, God AlphaBernd offered them an opportunity to create a nation in Alpha's Realm and officially declare war that way. The nation created is called Byntari, and most of its listed residents have later been banned again for continued griefing.

Badfacia Renames Areas
(bf) Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New-Badfacia has issued a census on June 21st, listing eight citizens for the area. In addition to the updated information, a current map of the Mandatory displaying the renamed territories is also provided on its page in the Autism Almanac. The new designations have a more prestigious ring to them, possibly to attract visitors.

Sabotage at Ender Island
(te) At the island that houses the station to the Enderfarm, new resident claire saw fit to build a viewing platform directly beneath the cart drop, thereby hindering access to the farm. The platform itself is an unnecessary extension of the one already in existence, created furthermore with different materials. Since no statement as to the reason was given, the intent behind claire's act could range anywhere from mischief to sabotage.

Building Competition
(ab) King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik announced that he “will be holding a competition to see who can create the best dome for the Imperial Parliament in Nova Bydlograd.” The building cited can be viewed at the coordinates 1840, -720.
When this competition is to be held and where, or whether interested parties are only required to present pictures or blueprints of their ideas, and who is allowed to take part in the competition, has not been specified. For now, those interested might ask King Shakomatic himself or post a comment on
The winner “will receive 25 half forints […] upon completing review of plans and completion of the Dome,” the King stated. It is unclear whether this means after all the work is done, or once after the review and once after completion. 25 half forints amounts to 12.5 diamonds in Breshikan currency.

Regional News

Skellie Farm Abandoned
(sf) The leader of the recently founded settlement Skellie Farm, Speermen, has decided to join his territory into the Commonwealth and colonize an area on the main continent. The new territory will be known as North Skellie Farm, and the original one, now South Skellie Farm, might be handed over to second-in-command Krille3. While the United Lands of Skellie Farm might flourish due to the new location and connections of its leader, this development means that the southern area remains de-facto abandoned for the time being, and the planned Valensiya Metro line will not be extended towards it.

Midgard News

Visit to the far Northwest
(mm) After BlackB announced the completion of his automated tree farm, a journey to his far northwest territory was undertaken by Administrator Jinx on June 20th.
While the tree farm works and shows an extensive design, Administrator Jinx was more impressed by the steadily growing underground city. Some merchants have even set up shop down in the depths, and an intricate elevator was constructed that same day by BearMonger, who was commissioned for it.
On the surface, the village area is haunted by fearsome noise and faces the danger of Zombie Sieges, one of which cost at least two important merchants their lives even while BlackB, Administrator Jinx and several Iron Golems battled them back.
Elevator constructor BearMonger was asked whether the people could be transported to the safer underground city with his device. He affirmed the theory, but the actual transport is yet to be tested.
Meanwhile, for safety purposes and citizen organization, Administrator Jinx assisted BlackB in sorting the population, allot specific places for individuals and honor particularly important merchants with distinctive names.

First Book Acquired
(mm) The first book for Midgard's future library and bookstore collection has been bought this week. It is a copy of the Constitution of the Republic of Umm al Asufli, written by Prime Minister Salah himself. The author also hinted that more books might become available in the future.
It has yet to be determined whether any other resident in Alpha's Realm has written books, and if so whether they might be willing to sell a copy to Midgard Administration.

Top Autism
(mm) On June 21st, Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel of the Midgard Municipality reached the top spot on the autism scale with just a thousand blocks ahead of Lolibernd. Feeling quite authentically enthusiastic, he intends to extend that margin and defend the honorary position through his continued efforts to develop the Midgard settlement further.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
June 29th, 2015

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In Worldwide News:
Breshik Raid Averted, page 8

In Regional News:
Creation of Cavernshire, page 36

In Local News:
Contract With Nether Natives, page 43

Worldwide News

TP Glitch
(ar) On recent journeys, our journalist met with a phenomenon that might be quite common in this world. This is advice for newer residents.
While traveling with King Niller of Winterlyn, at some point the King seemed to come to rest on the tracks. After some delay and eventual enquiry why Administrator Jinx had not joined him yet at their destination, it was discovered that the person standing on the tracks was in fact an afterimage that remained after King Niller had teleported elsewhere. It disappeared once he reentered the chunk.
This is one confirmed occasion of this phenomenon witnessed by Adminstrator Jinx, although there might have been a second one during the Breshik Raid one June 22nd.
If your companions seem to become immobile at some point, residents are advised to make sure they are actually there and not some apparition. You could try to hit them, but first asking might be a safer course just in case they are still there.

Breshik Raid Averted
(er/cw) On June 22nd, Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of New New-Badfacia and King Niller of Winterlyn offered to show Journalist Jinxauthor_Mel the grounds of the Battle of Gay Cocks for Mad Ass and give accounts of their experiences that day, to contribute to a future book about the Commonwealth-Ender War. King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik also joined, according to documented evidence with a hidden agenda.
From the battlegrounds Journalist Jinx was guided to Grunenberg Abbey from where he set out toward Altschwabenland to get a view of the disputed area, with LC Austrobernd and King Shakomatic joining to provide explanations.
The latter used the visit to steal soul sand from the contested area, unashamedly right in front of the journalist. The act was captured with a camera and can be viewed at
Having been alerted to some activity in Altschwabenland, President Hinoarashi of the Republic of Battkhortostan questioned King Shakomatic whether his overheard comments meant his acceptance of the recently renewed war declaration.
Justly deciding that King Shakomatic's intent in visiting ASL was to 'grief' it, which the King actually affirmed (he had stolen soul sand after all), President Hinoarashi ordered his armed forces to defend 2) the threatened areas ASL and Kriegstein from the perceived Breshik raid.
Having successfully incited the Battkhort military into immediate retaliation, King Shakomatic fled the scene and left his follower LC Austrobernd to the battle. Battkhort forces split to cover both Badface and Nova Bydlograd to smoke out LC Austrobernd who hid a lot from the overpowering forces.
During the battle, the Kingdom of Winterlyn was exempted from aggression by President Hinoarashi, since King Niller formally acknowledged Altschwabenland and Kriegstein as Battkhort and did not take part in the skirmish.
Trying to end the confrontation, President Hinoarashi also asked LC Austrobernd five times whether he agreed with King Skaomatic's “actions against Altschwabenland and Kriegstein” but was ignored the first four times. When their enemy finally did react to the question, the President ordered his troops to briefly stand down to afford LC Austrobernd a chance to answer. However, the latter continued to ignore the offer of refuting king Shakomatic to end the war and eventually went on the offense again despite the cease-fire.
Half an hour after the original proposal, LC Austrobernd finally officially stated his decision to “stick with shako”. When the Battkhort forces declared victory and were about to leave, LC Austrobernd took to hit-and-run tactics to retaliate. President Hinoarashi himself then joined the ongoing battle, declaring the defensive raid a victory again when LC Austrobernd left to go to sleep.
While President Hinoarashi later chose to misrepresent the evidence he was provided in his official statement in the Autism Almanac, Battkhort agents released that same evidence to the press, for the public and future historians to study and arrive at their own conclusions. It can be found on the page
In that regard, Journalist Jinxauthor_Mel wishes to formally apologize for manipulating with underhanded methods both the Battkhort leadership and its agents into revealing the evidence they had gathered with modern surveillance technology.

Taushahar Elevator
(ts) BlackB's settlement in the far northwest has been aptly named Taushahar, meaning 'cave/mountain city'. Engineer BearMonger was hired to build an elevator from the surface to level Y26 and produced a machine that can safely and quickly transport up to four individuals in both directions, including mobs in carts or on foot. Pictures can be viewed at and a page in the Autism Almanac has been created.

Nelson Wall
(nn) The great wall separating the Principality of Nelson from adversaries of the mainland, and protecting the spectacular ruins on Nelson territory, was recently finished by Prince McSam. The inside of the wall is traversable (with great care) and affords good views due to its height, some of which can be seen on One main gate will allow access via road. Prince McSam now has some time to spend with his beloved horse, or enjoy fishing.

Commonwealth Triumvirate
(cw/dk) Following a coup d'état against King Shakomatic on June 27th, Lord Commissioner Austrobernd of New New-Badfacia and King Niller of Winterlyn declared that the Commonwealth will be renamed Danikia and ruled by a triumvirate consisting of LC Austrobernd, King Niller and Speermen of Skellie Farm. Residents of member states do not face any great changes and therefore did not oppose the new establishment.
One of the first acts of the triumvirate was recognizing the new kingdom Tomokia as a free city as declared in The Treaty of Tomokia-Winterlyn. Due to this decision, the new government was officially recognized by foreign countries.
Treaties with the former Commonwealth, particularly Breshik, have been nullified since the agreeing nations or leaders are no longer in office. The formerly occupied, then merged Kriegstein is once again under the single rule of King Sid and now known as Royaume de Kriegstein.

Escaping Withers
(ar) During the last week, in two separate locations Withers managed to escape their cages and caused great damages (shown at and many deaths before they could be slain.
On June 22nd, the tree farm wither of Taushahar broke out of the factory and massacred half the Yew population of the nearby village. Establisher BlackB called on BearMonger for help, who took down the beast and was paid with the dropped Nether Star.
In the Slavia Confederation near Tersk Bank Station, a wither was kept at a safer location and could not cause damage on the surface upon escaping, but managed to kill its creator Zoythrus several times before the latter asked for help.
Alex_Lopatin and BlackB (now more experienced after the slaughter in his village) went to the location and successfully killed the wither, though Alex_Lopatin lost his life in the process. They were rewarded with the Nether Star and various goods.

Spawn Shit
(ns) Not finding any toilet around New Spawn on June 26th, Changeling Tomoko of Wherever-This-Week decided to leave his business right on the spawn block where apparently it “fits well with the background”, according to the shitter himself. President Hinoarashi described it as a “Bydlograd replica” and others considered a piece of art. The brazen act deserves to be remembered and can be viewed at

Regional News

Creation of Cavernshire
(cs) A new great areal is being built at the edges of the Northeastern Sea under the Sovereignty of the Kingdom of Winterlyn. King Niller himself oversees the excavation of huge underground halls and the drying up of the ocean floor. The province is called Cavernshire and is not yet easily accessible but shall soon be opened to the public. Current views can be seen at
For now, it sports the source of the 'Holy and Sacred River Styx' which “will eventually connect several districts by boat”, and a comforting park along the stream. The districts will be made of “cities, forests, deserts, villages, mines etc.” Deep ravines will serve as connections between them, and future residents will be allowed to “build their own city or village […], forest, desert, witch cabin or just dig a little cave into the mountain wall” within an designated area of it.
People wishing to move to Cavernshire will be able to “get a noble title and live happily.” Peaceful co-habitation will be ensured by King Niller's rule that, “The size of each district will be determined by me,” and, “I will not tolerate people digging out anything without permission.”

Lauranya Metro Station
(ln) On June 23rd,the Valensiya Metro Pegasus Line was connected to Lauranya, and a station in “ultra-modernism”-style built there by Chief Tsaryu. The Zivilazation Tower and Bank of Valensiya are now accessible.

Zapp Island Excavations
(zp) The island Zapp has seen a lot of activity recently; particularly underground a huge area has been systematically dug out for as yet unstated purposes.

Midgard News

Contract With Nether Natives
(ne) While undertaking a second venture into the Nether, Administrator Jinx was chased by Ghasts on open tracks, fired at by Blazes in closed tunnels near a Nether Fortress and rerouted on several rails by Pigmen and chicken alike. Eventually, a Nether Native was hired for protection, who explained that their realm was never meant to be traveled safely by foreigners. However, during the amiable journey he offered a contract between Midgard Administration and Nether Representatives that would allow Midgard to establish a station and railway in the Nether in exchange for employing Nether Natives for maintenance and security of those structures, and a mutual agreement of non-aggression. A commemorative photo was taken and is showcased on If travelers to and from the Midgard Nether Station Utgard see fit to attack the workers rather than circumvent them, Midgard Administration will not take responsibility for any losses.

Southwest Journey
(ps/hj) After visiting the Principality of Nelson, Journalist Jinx decided to follow the new underwater railway (shown at to the southwestern islands.
The tube built by Moderator June was a surprise in featuring a leaky roof and headbutting-low ceilings at a conjuncture. A positive aspect is a circuit to switch between north-west or east-west travel directions; however it will not allow the other two as is.
Administrator Jinx enjoyed a stay at the Prismarine Hotel and took several days to explore the town and nearby Hanajima. Some pictures can be viewed at The unfinished island rock castle up north was also visited.
Visitors also intending to travel there are advised to bring an umbrella for the train journey and some spare food, as the island establishments are currently all sold out.

This issue ends the June 2015 page of the MARNIE Archives. The next issue will be posted on the July 2015 page.

The actual page link was changed in an Almanac Update.
Since the wording was ambiguous, Tomoko Kuroki later clarified that the President just ordered his troops to support the Kriegsteinian defense forces.
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