Arianapolis Formerly Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān Bastet
Official Languages None
Official Religion Universalism
National Language English
Demonym Arian
Government Governorship
Establishment 2015/05/01
Leaders Governor-Technocrat Tomoko
Population 3+
Abbreviation Anpls

Was formerly the triple alliance of Bastet, Ēxcān Tlahtōlōyān Bastet, or short forms: Excan bestat, Excan Tlahtholoyan, was a country which contained 3 main city-states The larger city-state, Tollan, annexed the other two; making them into one large state within the country of Aresia, forming its capital.


Sea of Ares: Was established as an apolitical settlement in 2015/05/01, built as a space base called Ganymede. An underground section was planned but never finished and is still currently under construction.

CISIS: In 2015/06/08 Sea of Ares joined a union with Adschman Al-ilol to form the Caliphate of Industrious Sovereign Islamic Settlements (CSIS). After the leader of Adschman Al-ilol betrayed and invaded the Sea of Ares, the union was disbanded.

Ender: After the disbandment of CSIS, Sea of Ares temporarily joined Ender as a member state for protection. Sea of Ares was renamed the Kingdom of Ares.

Kriegstein: After negotiations, Ares left Ender and joined Kreigstein in a union state in 06/21/2015 which was dissolved in 08/15/2015. Ares helped expand kreigstein's territory 10fold and defend it against incursions by it's much larger neighbor. It left the union after it transferred power to a proper administrator.

The Triple Alliance After multiple failed projects Tomoko kuroki, former (insert titles) decided to go back to the former arianapolis and reconstruct a new settlement ontop of it. He forced invited two of his pals to join. And thus on Dec 2, 2015, the triple alliance was born.

Annexed into Aresea


The union is a loose confederation of 3 main Altepetl, each with it's own hereditary tlatoani. Each Altepetl is autonomos, but forieng affairs are dealt with by all three tlatoani. Ruled by governor-technocrat Tomoko, solely.

The three main Districts are:

  • Tollan
  • Kozkatlan
  • Anahuac


Much maize.
See: ANI




1. Anahuac, 2. Tollan, 3. Kozkatlan
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