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This page holds archived editions of the MARNIE newspaper which is published on every first of a month. The Archive contains up to the current issue, and links are clickable despite what the Editor's Notes of the paper editions say. In order to keep the reading content manageable, each page combines half a year's editions.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
July 1st, 2016

Editor's Note:
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In Worldwide News:
Currency Exchange Survey Completed, page 20

In Regional News:
Sponville Spreads, page 38

In Local News:
Great Cavern Jump Club, page 47

Worldwide News

NEAR Transports Extends Network
(mm/ne) Due to the immigration of new residents into Alpha's Realm, as well as the return of veterans, two new lines were added to the existing NEAR Transports Network, leading to Prystanak in the south via Yagira Falls, and beyond Barriada in the north via East Sorra, Nautica, Phiagrica and Sponville. The northern existing line is being extended to Zapadnyi Krest, with stations currently being under construction.

Trashcan Supplied
(if) After repeated complaints about the Iron Farm not working and usually finding poppies clogging the pipes, a poppy trashcan was added to the Iron Farm's machinery on June 16th. Two double chests were left for flower storage, and any overflow will automatically be disposed of. The addition does not affect the iron ingot collection which has been stable and abundant for the past two weeks.

D.I.D. Discovered (ar) Around the beginning of the month, two residents suddenly re-introduced themselves by stating, “I am not [this person], but his girlfriend.” For confidentiality reasons, their names will be omitted.
Adhering to the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder, both personalities inhabit the same body and therefore the same settlement, leading in some cases to rather distinct differences in architectural style.
In order to lessen confusion, both personalities are usually addressed by the primary's name even after the second one named themselves. In one of the affected residents, the secondary personality has taken dominance during this month to a point where it becomes unclear whether the primary personality will ever return.
There is a possibility that more than the two people who outed themselves publicly are afflicted with the disorder, but the dark figure is estimated to be low enough so as not to cause concern.

Elevator Terror Claims Three
(er) On June 13th, Resident Spon2007 reported a defunct portal at the end of the netherrail to Hinoarashington, the capital of the Republic of Ender. Since neither evidence of tampering nor official signs were found upon inspection, the portal was re-lit by Midgard Municipality's Administrator Jinx on the assumption of too-old griefing.
After stepping through, a wayward horse was discovered doggedly trying to enter the portal. Even after being led onto the streets, the steed showed unreasonable determination to return to the portal. For his own safety, he was escorted into a nearby building where he seemed to settle down. There were no traces of his master.
As Resident Spon2007's reason to visit the Enderian capital had been to ride the famed elevator in one of its skyscrapers, he was shown to that building after some exploration. At first try, the elevator got stuck midway when called to ground level, but eventually descended after repeated button-pressing.
Both visitors entered and enjoyed the trip halfway up, when a sudden explosion ended both the rise and their lives.
An investigation of the attack found that an unknown suicide bomber had hidden within the elevator's machinery, hopped into the cabin when it reached his height and immediately blew his explosives. Due to the narrow space, most of the three victims' remains and personal belongings were lost; what little was found during the investigation was handed to the two visitors' descendants.
The reason for attacking in a then-unpopulated town can only be guessed at, just like there is some speculation whether the steed discovered earlier had belonged to the terrorist. Two weeks later, President Hinoarashi repaired the elevator, which had been stuck again. On a side note, he also informed that the nether-side portal had been disabled by the Enderian government as it was no longer in use, and access to the new one would be provided someday.

Currency Exchange Survey Completed
(ar) Since the influx of immigrants since the end of May, trading has become a challenge due to differing opinions about the values of various currencies, as well as their accessibility for individual residents.
A currency exchanger had been asked for by one of them, and after giving the idea some thought, Administrator Jinx of Midgard Municipality offered to set one up in the Admin Office which is otherwise unused to date.
In order to find an average from people's estimations, a one-week survey board had been set up since the last Friday of June on the Spawn Plaza. Three new residents offered their assessment but also demonstrated a lack of understanding of the circumstance that out of gold, emeralds and diamonds only the latter is a non-renewable resource which ALSO is used for crafting, thereby wasted as a currency.
However, in accordance with their estimates, during the month of July a currency exchanger will be set up on a trial basis with the following rates:
1 diamond = 4 emeralds,
1 emerald = 8 gold nuggets,
1 diamond = 32 gold nuggets,
and vice versa.

The June Purges
(er/ru) The series of skirmishes taking place in and around Perdyusheno during the last decade of June has been termed the 'June Purges' in the Autism Almanac entries. Distinguished into three 'Raids of Perdyusheno', the background and outcome is cited as follows.
'The June purges were a series of raids by [the Republic of] Ender into Russian territory meant to purge Russians from using Cyrillic. In two raids, the Enderian forces manage to sack the city of Perdyusheno. Outnumbered but better supplied, the Enderian forces met heavy resistance from the Natives, in their second and third raid. The conflict ended formal[ly] on June 26th.'
Links to the individual battle accounts can be found on the page
As a result, a new nation was founded on June 29th, named the Rumine Union, with details about its creation described on its page

First Water Road in Prystanak
(pk) After building a wooden condo and inviting wandering immigrants to start out from his new settlement named Pystanak, Resident Feliin decided to build the first working water road of Alpha's Realm.
As a prototype he built it underground with the entrance immediately accessible from the portal facing the condo. The water road itself stretches over 350 blocks north to Ghoul's Base in the desert and can be traveled without the need to accelerate or steer manually, at a speed of 1.38 blocks per second. The whole trip takes a little more than four minutes.
Each direction has its own lane and cannot be traveled automatically in the wrong direction. It is also ill-advised to exit a boat while on the way, as the ceilings are held rather low anywhere but in the stations. Aside from the noise, the journey is enjoyable for anyone who does not tend to get seasick on waves.

Regional News

Boat-Impeding Walkways Removed
(oi) Resident Variobond of Oppai Islands discussed at length with Editor Jam from Midgard Municipality the walkways interconnecting his island group. After being informed about veteran residents' general opinion about similar practical and aesthetic matters, and provided with material regarding the Invasion of Aestland (see early October issues and Autism Almanac) for just such reasons, he decided to adapt the walkways so that they no longer impede boats.
Midgard Municipality's Architect Mel suggested to him three methods: a floating underwater tube system, a supported raised bridge system or the periodical insertion of wider and/or higher bridges.
After careful consideration, Resident Variobond decided on the raised version which provides the highest safety from flooding. “I'll work on putting my roads 5 blocks upward […] and make a sky rail,” he stated and showed a monorail example he had seen.
For the removal of the existing walkways, Midgard's DACU Company was hired after Resident Variobond heard it mentioned in negotiations with another resident. Due to disregard for the loss of materials, the work was finished swiftly.

Sponville Spreads
(sp) During June, the small settlement of Resident Spon2007 started spreading fast and far. In addition to a fully automatic sugar farm - the first innovation of the month, a hotel, stable, Yev village and roundtrip monorail were constructed in quick succession. All of those display a vastly different architectural style than the original buildings, adding cultural flair to the settlement. Resident Spon2007 already managed to draw in villagers willing to settle and trade.

Lolifarm Complete
(ai) On June 3rd, Resident Lolibernd briefly returned in order to complete Adschman Al-Ilol's guardian farm in the Northeastern Sea. He laid out a proper floor on the ground level and provided access to the maintenance areas.

Metro Extension
(vy) During the second decade of June, Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya extended a line of the Valensiya Metro to Zappaya, where Resident Zapp002 recently resumed working on his farm project as well as a lighthouse.
Beyond Zappaya, Chief Tsaryu constructed a floating tube all the way to Sikiliya. Tracks have not yet been laid and the tube currently dead-ends, likely until the island's owner, Count P_P_A of Klamdorf, creates the station according to his own wishes.

Doran Stronghold
(dv) Another returnee from Omega Realm, Resident Dora of the Doran Villages, embarked upon a giant stronghold project near Dorville, the steady progress of which can be followed around the map coordinates X5360 and Z-3380.

Oppai Event
(oi) While developing the Oppai Islands settlement, Resident Variobond created a jump tower where survival depends on skill and practice, and invited several residents to compete with him on June 13th. The first and most eager visitor was Resident Anhud, who tested various methods and invented additional tricks; he also set (and broke) all records.
Resident Variobond considered hosting an actual competition event, teams and prizes included, but due to reconstruction of the tower, vacation and the June Purges distracting the possible participants, the event has been postponed until further notice.
One of the perks of the trial event was a growth of the Oppai Island population.

Local News

Great Cavern Jump Club
(mm) Around the Pillar of Midgard, the excavation and planting of vegetation in the great cave was concluded on June 13th. On the following day, with the assistance of our visitor Resident Spon2007, a bright red jump tube was added on the western wall. The installation of a spiral track around the perimeter leading upward at the slowest pace possible, called the 'Scenic Route' for full appreciation of the pillar and ease of photographing, took a little longer than two days. Access to the surface was added during the next week, and as soon as a proper building was finished, the Great Cavern Jump Club formed and bought it as an on-site office.
Already, several tickets and even one Year Pass were purchased by various visitors, a good sign that Midgard Municipality's newest tourist attraction is being appreciated by our guests.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
August 1st, 2016

Editor's Note:
Pictures can be viewed at when exchanging '???' with the photo number given in the articles. Other links lead to this server's wiki.

In Worldwide News:
New Capital Faryagrad, page 14

In Regional News:
Arcadia Expansion, page 40

In Local News:
Summer Slug, page 44

Worldwide News

Nordtown Settlement
(nt) Under guidance of Resident Litvin, a new settlement was established on the territory of former Graenland1), part of disbanded nation Eyjan Hvíta. On its most southwestern cape, just across the bay from Aebinsborg, the small settlement on top of the cliff was named 'Nordtown'.
It sports a station housing the portal which connects to the netherrails' Alpha Spawn Network, a cozy plaza with fountain and the homes of the settlement's five residents, three of which are connected by an underground room.
Nordtown's unified style provides a sense of intimate neighborhood, and many boat elements in its decor convey a certain appreciation for said vessels. In one home a sign even declared, 'Beds are for pussies, boats are for men,' indicating the preferred sleeping arrangements of its owner.
The nearby overworld rail station from Second Spawn has not yet been made accessible by road or path.

Upheaval in Nova Bydlograd
(nb) On July 12th, Mayor Tomoko of Nova Bydlograd led his starving citizens into a revolt against the Eastern Commonwealth, with the goal of seceding from the union in order to start anew on their own.
King Austrobernd, who had taken over governing the member states of the Commonwealth without official title after King Shakomatic left for another lengthy journey, answered the peasant revolt with equal force.
'The royal army and the peasant militia fought to a standstill,' the according page in the Autism Almanac reads, and 'after days of fighting [King Austrobernd] offered to negotiate and a cease fire was in order.'
Said negotiations led to former Mayor Tomoko being appointed as King of Breshik, the disbanding of the union entity known as Eastern or Holy Danikan Commonwealth, the creation of a new union following its predecessor in everything but name and Austrobernd officially taking of as head of said union, Kaiser Austrobernd, as of July 22nd. Due to the insufficient number of residents, elections were not held for his term.

Grum's Public Guardian Farm
(zk) The public Guardian Farm designed, developed and donated by Resident Grum of Zapadniy Krest can now be accessed directly via the netherrail network.

New Capital Faryagrad
(fy) The settlement once established as a 'Scrapyard' has since grown to become the capital of new-found nation Rumine Union. As many residents were driven away from Perdyusheno as a result of the June Purges, they built new homes as well as public institutions in and around Faryagrad. The museum was thus slightly expanded and a hospital is in the works. Around the nether portal, a bilingual station building with integrated tourist information center was erected, overworld rails to Perdyusheno and Vitlevsk were laid out and meme skyscrapers proudly represent the particular theme of the settlement.
One of the most interesting establishments is the boat parkour created in cooperation of several citizens. It allows for complicated training to steer boats but also offers the option for advanced rowers to race one on one. As such, Rumine Nation's capital Faryagrad holds the possibility to one day host a full-scale boat sports competition.

Commonwealth Restauration
(cw) One day after the revolt in Nova Bydlograd was settled, Kaiser Austrobernd decided to archive the old Autism Almanac page about the Commonwealth and 'turn a new page', albeit mostly figuratively.
While the history section reflects this decision with a concise summary, the section listing member states completely disregards the dissolving of all nations during the months-long absence of their respective leaders. In fact, it even contains 'states' which currently have neither leader nor any citizens, such as Winterlyn, Slavia Confederation and Skellie Farms, and therefore should not even be listed as nations in the Autism Almanac at all.
The Treaties, Economy and Culture sections were nearly copied despite most of its partners being long gone, mentioned nations having been dissolved due to said absence and agreements being obsolete. Even the 'obsolete treaties' part was included, for no discernable reason, in what should be a page about the politics of the Commonwealth henceforth, rather than a repetition of the archived page. Thus, the actual purpose behind the decision for a 'new' page remains unclear so far.

Interactive Map
(ar) At the end of July, the previously only static map of Alpha's Realm's netherrail network was successfully converted into a working interactive map, capable of displaying stations' names and notations as well as calculating a route from one station to another. In some cases, the routes displayed are not the shortest ones, but all will help travelers get to their destinations more efficiently.
The map can be found on the Transit page in the Autism Almanac, and its creator Resident Spon2007 of Sponville was acknowledged for his community effort with a page of his own.

Rumine Settlements
(ru) All around the capital of Rumine Union, smaller settlements in various styles have popped up. Infrastructure has been developed in order to connect them, though only the town Vitlevsk in the southwest can already be reached directly by a modest metro line. Overworld roads lead all the way to Perdyusheno in the north, via a sandstone mansion and passing an island fort, allowing boat access to a floating city platform from there. The architectural preferences in each location differ greatly and also diverge from the meme theme of Faryagrad, reflecting the individuality of Rumine Union's citizens.

Enderian Blaze Farm for Potions
(er) During July, in only a (long) day's work, Speaker BearMonger of the Republic of Ender used one of the long-since preserved blaze spawners of his nation to build a well-armored farm around it.
With the changed brewing laws, blazes finally came to be of use for the nation's formidable brewing factory on the Snowbelt continent. As such, President Hinoarashi's decision to claim and protect the discovered spawner despite having no use for it at the time, has turned out to be a wise bit of foresight.

Renovation of Drenesk
(ab) After officially being approved as the leader of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik, King Tomoko decided to build a new capital, even greater and prouder than Nova Bydlograd, in the Drenesk Oblast.
Several buildings have already been outwardly finished and, in King Tomoko's style, most of them float above the surface. Going by past projects, they will likely be connected by plazas and streets obscuring that aspect but leaving unfilled dark areas right below them. Being an original Breshikan, however, King Tomoko may have been imbued with the idea of 'canalizations' by the previous king - as many great waterways do indeed suggest - and plan to properly dig out and design the spaces beneath the buildings 'later'. In that case, the only question will be how long he manages to focus on his plans and whether 'later' ever rolls around.

Badfacian Evolution
(bf) The former Mandatory of New Badfacia has gained its independence in June and evolved into a sovereign nation. On its page in the Autism Almanac, it officially is called 'The Eastern Freehold' now, though it is still commonly being referred to as 'Badface'. As leader of the Eastern Freehold, Grand Admiral Austrocat of the Nautic Syndicate was appointed and granted the title of 'Count'. Count Austrobernd also currently triples as the Kaiser of the Commonwealth of Greater Apharealm, and will heretofore be referred to by the title connected to the duties relevant to the given article.
With its resurrection, the eastern freehold also grew, incorporating neighboring territories which formerly belonged to the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik or the Commonwealth itself. An updated map properly depicting the new borders and names of these territories was included on its page in the Autism Almanac.

Regional News

Arcadia Expansion
(dv) By joining the nation Oppai Islands, former Resident Dora gained the right to claim land farther beyond current settlements. The area chosen for this is where currently a castle is in the works, near Dorville as the de-facto capital of 'Arcadia, Lands of Lady Dora'. As the first resident to choose a female address as their official title, Lady Dora will from now on be referred to as 'she' within MARNIE articles.
The Lands of Arcadia are not yet represented in the Autism Almanac; its borders are therefore unclear to date. They do however include the castle (unofficially) Dorburg, Dorville, (unofficially) Dorbarn to the south, (unofficially) Dorfarm to the west and possibly small houses to the east and north that have not yet been connected by roads.

Local News

Summer Slug
(mm) Midgard Administration devoted all its resources and attention to netherrail-building throughout July, getting literally nothing done within our own settlement. Very nearly, even travel approval for the MARNIE journalists were denied, leaving the residents as well as the AMUN operatives in doubt about the competence of the current leadership.
Administrator Jinx has been holed up in his residence during the last week and refused comment, but rising dissatisfaction among the populace may soon demand more home-oriented action.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
September 1st, 2016

Editor's Note:
Pictures can be viewed at when exchanging '???' with the photo number given in the articles. Other links lead to this server's wiki.

In Worldwide News:
Kriegstein Revived, page 17

In Regional News:
National Growth of Oppai Islands, page 29

In Local News:
Bank Building, page 42

Worldwide News

Correction: Not Graenland
(ns) In last month's issue we reported that the settlement Nordtown had been established on 'the territory of former Graenland, part of disbanded nation Eyjan Hvíta.' The press was informed the southern peninsula was actually the district called 'Vestmannaeyjar', while 'Graenland' referred to the northwestern rocky island which belongs to King Austrobernd of the Kingdom of Badfacia and renamed to 'Grünland'.

Pizza Piazza Got Neighbor
(pp) During July, the temporary station name 'Pizza Plaza' was changed to the more appropriate 'Pizza Piazza' by its founder Moderator Koduck, thereby granting his Southrim project an official name. On August 3rd, during routine checks of the netherrail network, a new neighbor and second portal was discovered southeast of Pizza Piazza.
Some concerns about unwanted portal interactions could be laid to rest by various travel experiments which revealed that the portal on the fiery floating netherrack island cannot be traveled to accidentally, but leads directly to the Pizza Piazza netherrail station from overworld.
Further investigation revealed the creator of the five floating islands - each representing a different dimension or biome - were created by new Resident JewBear during the last week of July.
When informed about his new neighbor, Moderator Koduck expressed his displeasure about the floating islands and announced, “I'll remove them either way.” However, the discovery that his portal was not influenced by the new one seemed to placate him somewhat, and technically Resident JewBear founded his settlement in the neighboring biome, thereby respecting the settlement boundaries of Pizza Piazza - so that infringement could not be named as a basis for removal of his structures.
Moderator Koduck then resignedly considered, “I should just officially abandon the project and leave the server. It's too hard not to get something fucked up by someone else.” To date, he has not been back to Alpha's Realm since August 4th.
Meanwhile, Resident JewBear also built a small public guardian farm, connected it to the New Spawn Netherhub via direct rail and seems to have abandoned his islands for the new location in the Ocean of Feels where he recently embarked on a new, even greater project.

Public Cow Farm
(ne) On August 19th, Resident TheNerd96 installed an automated cow farm with public access to its products right outside the New Spawn Netherhub. Located next to its eastern wall, it can be reached via the roof of the station on a somewhat tricky path.
When asked about the mechanics, the designer replied, “It runs on the magic of chunk loading manipulation and shopkeeper plugin.” He also voiced concerns about the legality of such; however it was deemed a commendable idea and effort, to use a public place to build a public farm to create public food, especially as few residents can afford to donate large quantities of food to the public chests on Spawn Plaza.

Kriegstein Revived
(nk) Since the end of July, King Sidmarcus01 incorporated his holdings of Siverny-le-Château and Nouvelle Reims, and revived his nation Royaume du Kriegstein by persuading old comrades to join and help “reconstruct and overhaul the old kingdom.” He renamed the capital to Nouvelle Kriegstein with an eye-twinkling explanation that, “Every Nouvelle Reims settlement was a failure, so let's change the name and make it a success.” To the end, he also built a proper government building and recreated the central plaza with a nicer French style. An entirely new building replaced the station formerly constructed by Resident Tomoko, terraforming widened the construction space and additional buildings are already finished and currently being constructed, giving the revived capital the ambience of an actual city.

Plans for Currency Converter Scrapped
(ns) The idea to install a currency converter in the Admin Office in Spawn City, which came into consideration due to the influx of many new residents unaccustomed with Alpha's Realm's currency system, was scrapped after the return of the veterans. Considering those parties' resources, an unfair strain would have been placed especially upon the diamond exchange rates. Furthermore, the original idea failed a mechanical test as well as space considerations within the small office, and recently the residents whom it was meant to help out have risen their own capital gain in various resources considerably. It was therefore decided by the instigator, Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel of Midgard Municipality, that a currency converter was no longer required.

Non-Dissolved Commonwealth (nk/cw) According to the page in the Autism Almanac, August 28th in the year 2016 saw the Commonwealth in any of its previous constellations dissolved. However, the same article states the coronation of Kaiser P_P_A over a not yet clearly defined nation, union or even territory or citizens. Point 3 of the cited terms declares the establishment of the Breshikan Empire as 'a new supra-national state', suggesting Kaiser P_P_A should reign over that; however the current leader of Breshik remains to date King Tomoko. The coronation of the Kaiser also has not yet been entered into the official leaders list, nor any other page beside the above battle account, leaving the current politics of central Ur quite at large.

Regional News

National Growth of Oppai Islands
(oi) During the past two months, Oppai Islands Artificial Archipelago has grown in various regards, be it geography, economy, population, ambition or even its representation in the Autism Almanac, as found on the page
Resident Onion's project, formerly termed and 'oil platform', was used as a base to farm an equally valuable resource in the form of the nation's first gold farm. Its first part was already operational on August 5th, employing the piston crusher system in its mechanics.
At the same time, Leader Variobond created Alpha's Realm's first witch farm in the eastern district Slime Swamp, a national project “to insure wealth inside OIAA.” The same goes for the aforementioned gold farm, as well as a planned additional guardian farm. Access has therefor been restricted to citizens of the Oppai Islands Artificial Archipelago, with very few exceptions, and possibilities to export farmed goods are not yet being discussed.
As a group of Oppai citizens settled in Nordtown (see previous MARNIE issue), Leader Variobond extended his skyrail system about 1.3 kilometers down south. While the skyrail path outside national borders is not lit, about half of the way has already been safeguarded against hostile or errant mobs. Leader Variobond seemed especially proud about the beautiful, systematical pattern and coloring he employed in “what I think to be the most perfect tunnel”, through the rocky peninsula of southern Skellie Farms.
In Paizuri Plains, Leader Variobond demonstrated an intricate lighting system on the decorative 'fortification' Fort Shekel, which is intended to become the nation's business center in the future.
On August 21, he invited a group of visitors to the first version of the new settlement Cuckshedia across the river, a cozy housing group on planed ground barely supported over a plentiful breeding ground for hostiles. “I'll do the terraforming later,” informed the leader, meaning the space below the platform is to be filled out at some point. In its original version, “every plot is 9×9, every house is 4×4,” but later the settlement's layout was widened and the pattern changed, granting more garden space around the houses with equal plot sizes for each.
Though cramped, the small houses offer an attic kitchen and storage space above the living and bedroom, reachable over a not quite intuitive system which the designer will be happy to demonstrate to prospective habitants. While the settlement is not lighted yet, iron doors protect from zombies and other mobs.
“The point of the […] plots is that you can do what you want [on it],” Leader Variobond explained, and the claim reaches from bedrock to sky limit. Only the houses are not to be outwardly changed.
Two of the visiting group accepted the offer to lease a plot for free for vacation purposes, and Leader Variobond of Oppai Islands Artificial Archipelago extended the invitation to the “public resort” to anyone interested. Some shots of the mentioned projects can be viewed on photo 044.

Local News

Bank Building
(mm) Instead of an international currency converter as planned for Spawn City's Admin Office, Administrator Jinx decided to employ the working machinery in a community bank building which can be manually restocked by the bank's staff in lieu of the non-working mechanics originally considered for the project.
Next to Seainn Hotel, construction was started on August 20th, including a night security system which has so far passed most tests.

name corrected in following issue
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