Spawn City

Spawn City
Location Alpha's Realm's Map
Local Languages English
representative dialects
Government Theocracy
Leader God AlphaBernd,
Moderators in Office
Establishment April 1st, 2016
Population Various Merchants
Spawn City, Aerial Views

When originally created, Spawn City was meant to become a business district. This is still the ultimate goal; however due to those residents who actually had stuff to sell and trade then more active on Omega, a different purpose quickly emerged.
The plots of Spawn City served as stepping stones for immigrants, particularly players entirely new to Minecraft. They could chose a plot and use materials provided in the free chests to start out until they were ready to explore and settle further out. At that point, it was hoped they would remodel their original home in Spawn City into a store, but that choice remained optional.
Some did and many did not, and by September 2018 Spawn City has grown to honor its grand name, albeit to many players' dissatisfaction as noted in this page's alert.

Directly to the east, Spawn City is bordered by the Pony Valley Racetrack while a little to the south, the Giant Black Dick towers over Second Spawn. In the northeast, the quartz New Spawn Mall Ruin is easily visible, and a bit farther the Public Iron Farm dominates the landscape. North of Spawn City, a woolen Statue of Lenin eternally celebrates Christmas holidays in front of the Sydney Harbor Bridge rip-off to the Duchy of Eureka. At the northwest corner of the city, twin skyscrapers form Spawn City's very own easily discernible landmark.

The following map is outdated since early 2017. While the street names still apply, many plots look very different now.

Spawn City, Border and Street Names

It has been decided that street signs will be posted on the northwest corner of all plots. Because of that, the following table will also refer the northwest corner of the plot in question.

Building Location Entrance(s)
Admin Office 9th Avenue / Tradehall Street from Admin Street
Clinic 6th Avenue / Clinic Street 7th Avenue
Crypt of the Dead 8th Avenue / Crypt Street 8th Avenue, 9th Avenue, Crypt Street, Sparta Street
MallMart 5th Avenue / Glasshouse Street 5th Avenue, 6th Avenue
Post Office 10th Avenue / Post Street Post Street, Bookstore Street
Public Fields 9th Avenue / Fields Street 9th Avenue
Russian Hotel 4th Avenue / Tradehall Street 5th Avenue

In order to preserve the image of a capital and prevent abuse, a set of rules pertaining only to Spawn City were implemented.

Mind the GAP

In this case, the GAP refers to Spawn City's Ground-Air-Policy.

Ground Rights
… are afforded to plot owners only to the depth to which their property is clearly marked. This means that in general, all the area beneath Spawn City is free to be mined; however a player is allowed to build something below his own plot all the way down to bedrock level. It must be recognizably bordered, and miners will be required to respect those boundaries down to the level the structures reach. Plot owners have the right to remove subterranean objects within their marked premises without asking for permissions first. Cases of such infringement will be considered a willful destruction of another's property, a.k.a. griefing, and may be reported to and punished by a moderator.

Air Rights
… are afforded to plot owners over their own plot, meaning any player has the right to build however high he wants within the borders of his property, and no player has the right to infringe on someone else's property on whichever height. Plot owners have the right to remove foreign objects above their own premises without asking for permissions first. Cases of such infringement will be considered a willful destruction of another's property, a.k.a. griefing, and may be reported to and punished by a moderator.

SPUR of the Moment

In this case, the SPUR refers to Spawn City's Spawn Plot Usage Rules.

… refers to the One Plot For Each Resident (a.k.a. 'one plot per player') rule, which was officially put into effect with the establishment of Spawn City. Before April 1st 2016, several veterans already claimed more than one plot; this rule's purpose is both to prevent said veterans from taking over the whole city and to ensure that empty plots for new players always remain.
As long as many plots are free, plot owners may be allowed to use a neighboring plot for farming. However, they may be asked to vacate that secondary plot in the future, in case no other plots are available anymore or another immigrant desires that particular location.

… refers to the No Unfinished Shit Stuff rule, which focusses specifically on literal dirt or cobble huts, chest and/or furnace littering without buildings, mere holes in the ground and projects abandoned for over 60 days. In case of violations, the following removal procedure will apply.

Removal Procedure
Claimed and/or occupied plots can be cleared out with the permission of at least one moderator under the following conditions.

  • Condition 1: A player states that he will not return to Alpha's Realm and gives permission to seize, lease or demolish his property.
  • Condition 2: A new player leaves an unfinished house or hole in the ground and does not log in again for 60 days.
  • Condition 3: A veteran player leaves an unfinished building and does not log in for 6 months. In this case, either three moderators or God himself must give their approval to demolish the structure, or allow to finish the construction.

Removal Storage
In case a plot is cleared, any personal effects and sales proceeds as well as the materials used in the building will be stored in the 'Vault for the Vanished'1) a place of the attending moderator's choice (or not), where players, should they ever return, will have access to their belongings.

(in copies of relevant newspaper articles)

November 2015

New Spawn Project
(ns) Having finished a first outline of a (later to be protected) rectangle area for a New Spawn, Resident Tomoko of the Three Bases asked various residents for opinions on late morning of November 19th. Incurring mostly favor with just small, aesthetic considerations, he adapted the spawning platform and allowed changes of the inner walkway.
During the following day, God AlphaBernd approved the New Spawn, changed the spawn point accordingly and placed a building protection on the square just as promised. However in the evening, while various residents from all around the realm gathered there to assist the road constructions, attacks from a troll as well as other hostiles caused Resident TheNerd96 to die on the protected square where he later could not access his death chest.
Realizing that would require added attendance, and also fearing sanctions from outside forces greater than himself, God AlphaBernd lifted the protection, allowing Moderator Koduck to alter the pond symbols.2)
At that same time, various residents from all around the realm gathered to assist in paving roads in a grid pattern. While Moderator GlitchyBat ignored those efforts in order to build his own house, and workers on the eastern side just simply did not know how to count out a grid, the results of the efforts, mayhem included, were generally approved.
God AlphaBernd himself helped out by securing the nether side of the portal; in vain as it turned out since that same portal was later moved by Moderator Koduck, who also prettified the corridor leading to it on November 21st.
Around New Spawn, various buildings are eagerly being erected, while the area which was known as 'New Spawn' until now has been renamed to Second Spawn.
Some snapshots of the project can be seen at
(published in MARNIE 23.11.15)

Spawn Ventures of the First Week
(ns) From the moment it went into business, New Spawn has been brimming with activity. After only a week, almost all available plots (to date) are claimed, and on most of them construction started at once. As can be seen on photo 008, the first finished structures, while certainly rather individual in style, still present a somewhat unifying theme with dark wooden roofs and log supports in the walls.
The biggest building is the new emporium of the WitherWood Trade Guild. Right across from its main entrance, God AlphaBernd erected his Admin Office on November 22nd. For a while, Trader Flakese of Samarkand arranged for an Icelandic ambassador to live in the second story suite. However, the ambassador was assassinated by Duke Tomoko Kuroki of the Duchy of Sidonia on Wednesday. Due to investigations into the incident, the front desk remains unmanned for the time being.
Neighboring the Admin Office is the Public Library established by Duke Tomoko, which is furnished with an enchantment table, anvil and free stuff chests. Right next to it, Representative GlitchyBat of the Republic of Ender opened another Starbats as the very first house built on New Spawn.
Across the street, Resident TheNerd96 raised a small home, where he lives while managing the Russian hotel a little farther west, also established by himself. Presenting an iconic vehicle, Moderator Koduck's Burger & Fries Truck was also given permission to remain in place, the officious warning sign humorously included. Photos 009, 010 and 011 depict various sites of New Spawn.
South of the WitherWood emporium, smaller shops are located, surrounding the public post office provided by Duke June of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras on Wednesday. This New Spawn Post will take over the functions of the Second Spawn Post Box, so residents are encouraged to move their mailbox here or rent a new one.
(published in MARNIE 30.11.15)

December 2015

Spawn River Collaboration
(ns) During the last week of November, Resident Nick4629 started to build a boardwalk along the eastern riverbank of the river west of New Spawn. He started in the south and worked his way north, using an intricate design that also prevents swimmers to climb up from the water.
From the north, after having established the new boathouse named the Innsmouth Shack on November 30th, Resident Dora worked southward from there, mostly successfully trying to emulate his countryman's design.
On the first of December, Duke June of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras requested, “Someone please rebuild the western spawn bridge. It's too low.” For the time being, he placed a sign on each side warning about inevitable head bumps.
Following the request, the next day Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel of Midgard Municipality elevated and stabilized the bridge, naming it Former Headbump Bridge in honor of both the original river crossing and Duke June's appeal to improvement. The boardwalk, which had not yet reached the bridge area, was extended, keeping with the designer's intricate details, and the bridge itself was constructed by blending the styles of the spawn grid and boardwalk together.
After the bridge was declared finished, Master Paladin Massolit of the Tsardom of Solntze-Grad widened the riverbed, enabling boats to maneuver the bend around the bridge support more easily.
(published in MARNIE 07.12.15)

January 2016

Overworld Railways
(cw/sg) With the approval of Kaiser Shakomatic of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth, Resident Cyka connected Nova Bydlograd with New Spawn by underground overworld rail at the end of the year. Master Paladin Massolit of the Tsardom of Solntze-Grad added a station for his capital since the line runs right beneath, but the access on the New Spawn end was rather hard to find.
As other railways might be added from various directions, Moderator Koduck decided to preemptively create a metro station at New Spawn where the lines' end points could be gathered. Last Sunday, he requested aesthetic advice from King Niller of Winterlyn, admitting, “I don't really know how to design the exterior and what to put there. I don't really like it.” However, King Niller was unable to join yet, and the design of the outer facade remains open to suggestions for now.
(published in MARNIE 04.01.16)

Plaza Bombed
(ns) A chain of explosions obliterated New Spawn's spawn plaza Tuesday evening, catching unaware Immigrant Vladislaw in the blow. The damage was immediately discovered by Residents Wolleman and FeuerFischer of Sitzfleisch, and captured on photo 026.
While investigating the scene, an invisible Resident Mimokrokodil attacked Moderators P_P_A and GlitchyBat as well as both spectators and stole possessions of the dead.
Moderator GlitchyBat soon restored the spawn plaza and Resident Mimokrokodil received a one-week prison sentence by Moderator P_P_A. Within minutes, the imprisoned convict complained through the bars in broken English and gave as only explanation for his actions the answer, “JFL […] well it was too funny!!!”
President Hinoarashi of the Republic of Ender offered Resident Mimokrokodil to become “a state-funded terrorist”, but the latter eventually revealed, “but I don't want come back.”
(published in MARNIE 25.01.16)

February 2016

Free Chests at Spawn Plaza
(ns) After the New Spawn plaza was cleared of Christmas decorations and New Year's remnants, the freed up space was used to set up some chests for dumping and distributing food and materials free of charge on February 10th.
The measure was taken mostly in order to assist immigrants and poor new residents, especially those who do not speak Autistic and cannot follow guidance instructions to the library, where similar chests had been provided since the founding of New Spawn.
While there were few residents willing and able to stock up the chests - compared to well-settled ones taking from them, the system proofed itself to be widely accepted and working so far.
Beside food and building material, free armor and weapons were offered to new players. This might be considered a risk in terms of arming aggressive invaders, however a calculated one: Immigrants who immediately use weapons to attack residents are more quickly identified as miscreants unwilling to follow our realm's rules, and thus can be punished and/or eliminated sooner. The actual thought behind providing weaponry and armor was to allow immigrants to travel away from the densely settled New Spawn area without assistance and hunt their own food.
On February 27th, Grand Duke Tomoko of the Grand Duchy of Hohenfels suggested a cleaner layout with more chests available, and the setup was adapted to better match the south half of the spawn plaza.

Blown-up Spawn
(ns) Captured on photo 031 is this month's 'Blow Up New Spawn' event which followed a 'Fun 'Til It Ain't' all-out battle between Moderator Mazznoff and several residents. Apparently in support of his comrades, near the end of the fighting Residents Primera and Gnfur provided the TNT which later obliterated the spawn plaza and placed it to that effect. After the detonation, Moderator GlitchyBat was called upon to repair the damage, to which he responded quickly and competently. He also awarded Resident Primera a three-day and Resident Gnfur a two-day prison sentence for his antics. Unpunished remained Resident Tremolo, who Resident Primera claimed was the actual person triggering the TNT he had placed, a statement that could not be verified. Resident Primera did not complain about his sentence though, and instead proudly claimed that he had no regrets about the event or its consequences.
(published in MARNIE 01.03.16)

March 2016

Withering Spawn
(ns) Utterly off his rocker went Resident Primera on March 11th. Having discovered a loophole in the recently overhauled physics laws, he exploited the change in hostile behavior for duplicating items. In particular, he incited fellow Residents Benin, FeuerFischer, Koinucian and GnFur to fight wither skeletons in the nether and loot their heads for him, then used those and kept doubling them to undisclosed numbers.
His original purpose seems to have been the easy creation of nether stars, for he intended to create and kill withers in the appropriate killing room in the Nether. However, for unknown reasons they did not come into existence there, frustrating Resident Primera into the decision to try it in the overworld.
He chose New Spawn as the location to do so and incited his fellow fighters to create some themselves, covering up his own culpability and hiding from his allies the number of withers he kept bringing into existence under, on and around Spawn Plaza.
Half past six, Resident GnFur reported “5 withers at Spawn”, immediately corrected by Resident FeuerFischer's “10!”
New Moderator Tsaryu arrived at Spawn around ten minutes after being informed about the situation and investigated who spawned them. Resident FeuerFischer proudly informed that “after 1 was down … 10 more were spawned.” Evidence of Resident Primera actually creating ten withers at once, as seen in photo 034, was handed over to Moderator Tsaryu, who immediately penalized the culprit with a three-day prison sentence.
However, even with the creator behind bars, his thugs kept on wreaking havoc around Spawn Plaza, captured on photo 035, and the small fry that had previously been hiding in fear, as shown on photo 036, decided to ally with the big fish upon nightfall.
From prison, Resident Primera boasted, “I spawned 10 under Spawn, and 10 near Starbats.” A snapshot (also on photo 034) provided by his comrade Resident FeuerFischer show him also creating the ten original ones, bringing the count up to thirty and causing Moderator Tsaryu to raise Resident Primera's sentence to two weeks in prison.
Despite Moderators P_P_A and GlitchyBat joining him in trying to eliminate the hostiles, those proved difficult to destroy. Prayers were sent to God AlphaBernd while the moderators established emergency measures that would continually repair the damage they kept causing, some of which can be seen on photo 037.
Shortly after seven, God AlphaBernd bestowed killing rights upon moderators; however their spell did not work on the withers. It took divine intervention to banish all withers from Alpha's Realm, and a few more minutes repairing the rest of the damage, particularly underground.
(published in MARNIE sped#03)

This building was removed due to wanton disuse on September 4th, 2018.
A few hours later, Koduck's placement of multiple ladders on ponds met fierce resistance.
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