His Superme Cowardness
Home City: Nova Avence Perkele
Langwuage(s): Breshikan English (native)
National Affiliation: Breshikan Himself
Political Affliation(s): Catholic, Anti-Mongol, Unionist, Coward, Pro-Life
Rolls and Titles: Bydlokaiser, Kiaser of Breshik, High King of Nova Avence, Supreme Deuchbag, Biggest coward, Ture Deffenser of the Englihs lanuguage
Ethnicity Breshar
Johned: June 27th, 2011
“<miklos> Shakomatic I dont need to make shit clear to you people”

Coward Leader Shakomatic (alt. Shako, Shak, Shaggo, Tacomatic, the Taconator) (pronounced: Shake-o ayyyy lmao) dates back from and through eras past, into the oldest times; a true 2011 oldfriend. Shako first made his name in a time of Kurwan dominance, of Battx's fledgling brutality and spycraft; a time of fierce competition and brutal laws. But among this adversity Shakomatic rose a nation as though unhindered by these desperate times. The nation was Breshik, and Shako was its Kiaser. He was a builder of the Holy Breshik First City, Karak Sakor; an underground refuge that earned the Breshikanese the nickname, “dwarves”. A perpetuating force for some of The Server's oldest establishments and customs, Shako is an active RP/Political player, proudly holding the record for most Nations created, reformed, and/or abdicated. All “true dwarves” 'love' him, but for his long and colourful history the rest of the server eyes him with mixed feelings; mostly bad ones.

At a high point in server history, Shakomatic (perhaps even legally) claimed world dominance in a famous coup of an International Union; the Alpha Nations. And for this bold act of almost certainly illegal activity and the strife surrounding it, Shako was bannished from the server.

In the vacuum of Shako's autism, an even more autistic newfriend appeared, themselves banished among other realms for notorious behavior; Kovio. Unlike Shako, Kovio was unfettered by politics, and lived by the Mongolian Empire's credo of robust expansion. To all other nations of The Server this meant to capitulate or be conquered. Needing a piece to keep this new element in check, The Order of the Staff recalled Shako from afar to maintain balance in these interesting times.

Shakomatic refounded the Breshik Empire in the Oceana map, only being forced to abdicate and disassemble the country after just over one month of its existence, leaving the server for personal real life reasons. Rival Kovio rejoiced and made (baseless, rebuked) claims to the Empire, Ivanidiot was believed to have committed suicide for grief, and inexperienced Prime Minister Juinn was unable to hold the nation together. But as Shako's pent up autism had no other outlet, a week later and the Breshikan Autistic Oceania Line was reborn. Theoretically this voided the then war with Mongol, but there was some debate. Since then the state has reformed 2 or 3 times, mostly just for feels.

For example, Shako then created the shortlived H.B.E. supra-national union (not to be confused with the previous Holy Breshik Empire singular state), a potentially powerful force to finally rival the Mongols. However, either by shadowplay, personal incongruities, unyeilding autisms, inactivity or boredom, this soon fell through. Some time after this, Shako publicly confirmed that he had stole/acquired friend and staunch backer of the Empire FireSeeker's GF (a most rare IRL item) Mysu21, which sparked tension between the two until Fire left the nation for greener, less bitter memory ridden pastures. A week later and Mysu also left Shako, depriving Breshik of its first Queen.

To date, Shakomatic is ruler of the Avencian Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik, and is ever embroiled in hostilities with the Mongols and Batts as the only thing standing in their way; between the Hordes and capitulation of the entire Server.

Shako pioneered the idea of the krieg sea but quit the server before it was ever finished. He left the Westro-Breshikan empire in the hands of Ux saying “look to the west from their I shall return”. ( This was after the aforementioned 'Ux' had declared The Westward Isles independent of Breshik so nobody really cared, though it did play a small part in the The Nth War of Breshik Agression).

  • The unfinished Parliament of Fort Cumberland,
  • The Castle of Nova Avence
  • The Grand Cathedral of Nova Avence
  • Has been butt-frustrated and butt-frustrates some mongoloids.
  • Recent project of Nova Bydlograd, with Sidmarcus and Tomoko.

Shako is a premium user and has a custom skin that he has used for years; the military dress standard of Breshik. He wears this cowardly. So much so in fact that he often runs around unarmoured and dies; a damn fucking lot.

(4:39:59 PM) autism: [Shakomatic connected]
(4:57:50 PM) autism: Shakomatic hit the ground too hard
(4:58:16 PM) autism: Shakomatic hit the ground too hard
(4:58:41 PM) autism: Shakomatic hit the ground too hard
(5:00:09 PM) greenkitten: suicidal shako
(5:00:12 PM) autism: [Shakomatic disconnected]

How embarrassing, no so glorious leader….

	[20:54]	<autism><Shakomatic> "ppa has to cooperate with me, not the other way around"
        [23:26] <Spock> [alpha] <Shakomatic> ROSEN :DDDDD
        [23:26] <Rosenmann> :DD
        [23:26] <Spock> [alpha] <Shakomatic> MARRY ME

Murdering children for ones own personal gain is evil and we all know it. The arguemnts that a fetus is not a child, or that abortion can be justified as helping a mother or any other nonsese like that simply is an attempt by Marxist forces to devalue human life in order to progress their “workers agenda” of allowing the masses to be in complete and utter control of society. Abortionists and the mothers who go to them should all be hung form the highest pole.

In early 2015, Shakomatic betrayed autism and started his own server, located at:

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