<nerdbot> "mwah yipes wahey go soak your head" said whiteboy Junе while doing some bump uglies


Most Active Mod Abuser, June
Joins From: Россия (Russia)
Language(s): English
Русский (Russian)
Home City: Wadanohara
Declared Allegiances: None at this time
Political Affiliation(s): Caerulian Federation (dead)
Roles and Titles: Workhorse of The Staff
Founder and General partner of the Caerula Holdings

June is a helpful Russian player who enjoys exploring the world, and whose knowledge of the server's geography is, as a result, unrivalled.
Was previously a mod for a brief period of time before he succumbed to doing mod abuses and ended up banning himself out of shame. Because of some mod incident much later, his mod account was mercifully unbanned by a fellow mod.

He is an inventor of the bright new iron farm mechanism.

       <Spock> [alpha] <June> 1. Spam golems in the nether
       <Spock> [alpha] <June> 2. Ask Alpha to kill them
       <Spock> [alpha] <June> 3. Collect the leftovers
       <Spock> [alpha] <June> 4. PROFIT!      

He is founder and sole worker of NekroworkS, you can ask him to make you a zombiefarm.

His second spawn house was a favourite toy of AlphaBernd

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