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This page holds archived editions of the MARNIE newspaper which is published every Monday. The Archive contains at least four-week-old issues, and links are clickable despite what the Editor's Notes of the paper editions say. In order to keep the reading content manageable, each month will have its own page.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
November 2nd, 2015

Editor's Note:
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In Worldwide News:
Peace Treaty Proposed, page 19

In Regional News:
Russian Walls, page 31

In Local News:
Battle Books Released, page 33

Worldwide News

Addition to Battle Rules
(ar) As a result of the first battle in the Second Ender-Commonwealth war, the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd, a new rule has been added to the Rules of Engagement page in the Autism Almanac.
Since some participants inquired about the lawfulness of killing Yevs, as of October 28th it is now explicitly forbidden to do so even while in a state of war or during a battle itself.

Cake Festival
(ns) From October 27th to November 5th, Resident Kagrenac sponsors a cake festival in a small stall in front of the Admin Office. The background for the event was not announced publicly.

Oblast Page
(ab) King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik created a page in the Autism Almanac for one of his nation's new oblasts. In typically redundant Breshikan fashion, the description for Hungariastan Oblast is limited to 'Oblast of Hungarians'. Its nominal governor Zsombiepancake is rarely seen these days.

Administration Change in Ender
(er) On October 28th, Prime Minister Sikandar Khan of the Republic of Battkhortostan announced “changes in the organization and leadership of Battkhortostan/Ender” after the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd. As a result, “any decisions regarding the war must go through me,” he stated.

Skeleton Guard
(ne) In an effort to promote interspecies cooperation, wither skeletons were recently contracted as decorative guards on the Nether side of the New Spawn portal. A cavity was also added on the opposing side, allowing travelers to more easily walk into the wrong direction. This change was effected by Moderator Koduck, who is speculated to have taken lessons about portal directions from Duke June of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras.

BellTower Renamed
(bt/mc) Since BettTower acquired NebisTown, his leader Emissario Paper decided to give the combined lands a new name. Former Città-Stato democratica di BellTower is now known as Mercymnius in the Autism Almanac.

Apolitical Aresea?
(at) On October 29th, Cleric Tomo of the Aresean Technocratic Republic noted on his nation's page that Aresea might not be officially apolitical since he is “not the sole leader of the nation and has no right to declare war or apoliticalness on his own. All decisions will be debated in the Technogrammaton.” Results of the mentioned discussions were not yet published.

Scheduling the Second Battle
(er/cw) Prime Minister Sikandar Khan of the Republic of Battkhortostan proposed the next battle to be held on January 3rd or 10th, with the Enderians “on the defensive this round.” High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia objected that this would be too long a time to wait, which was not further reacted to, to date.

Peace Treaty Proposed (cw) Three day after the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd, Kaiser P_P_A of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth published a proposal of the peace treaty he had mentioned already at the end of said battle. Within two days, the draft underwent various changes and ridiculous additions by President Hinoarashi of the Republic of Ender and King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik, making it clear that it was not being considered a serious option by either one of them. At the page in the Autism Almanac, the most current (comic) versions can be read.

New Tracks From New Spawn
(ns) On October 25th, Superintendent Tablecat of Calis established a narrow underground railway to his house near New Spawn. The entrance is located across from the Kriegstein Side entrance to the Hall of Kings and as yet unlabeled, and carts should be brought along. The tracks lead east halfway to Slavia Confederation territory, where a modest, wooden, windowless one-story house was erected the day before. While it seems to function mostly as a storage barn, the building is proudly named Tablecat Manor.

Recognition of Efforts
(er) For his outstanding performance and bravery during the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlogard, Speaker BearMonger of the Republic of Ender was awarded the 'Grand Order of the Temple of Solomon for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of life above and beyond the call of duty' by President Hinoarashi on October 25th.

Freed Nerd
(ar) On October 28th, news were spread by High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia that, “Nerd is free.” Indeed, the supposedly 'lifelong ban', as stated on Resident TheNerd96's page in the Autism Almanac, was lifted barely a week after being issued by an to date unrevealed party. While this is not yet reflected on the resident's page, the very next day he started right in with the creation of two more huge 3D monuments on New Spawn, this time depicting the Russian communist symbol Hammer and Sickle next to the symbol of Anarchy, to both sides of the bridge leading to Slavia Confederation.

Loli Complains
(ai/ns) Likely attracted by the battle noises, on the eve of October 31st Caliph Lolibernd Al Nuaim of Adschman Al-Ilol visited just long enough to litter New Spawn with a sign asking for a better one.

Regional News

Russian Walls
(ar) The small northern village that has been taken care of by a small Russian group for the past months was outfitted with sturdy walls on October 25th by Resident Nick4629. They are aesthetically pleasing and feature a walkway, a small entrance to the east and an opening for river travel. While the village has already lost its population, the new fortifications speak of hopes to resurrect the place.

Local News

Battle Books Released
(mm) Due to the overwhelming content resulting from the various actions and recordings of the battle titled the UFO Invasion of Nova Bydlograd, the book compiling the account had to be divided into two parts. The books 'Rearing to Fight 1' and 'Rearing to Fight 2', subtitled 'Attacks on the City' and 'Attacks on the UFO' respectively, were released by AMUN Publishing with small delay on November 3rd, to be sold at the United Book Store located on the lower level of the New Spawn Marketplace, in the southern annex beneath the cinema.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
November 9th, 2015

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In Worldwide News:
Vacation Mansion, page 18

In Regional News:
Brazil Cooperation, page 26

In Local News:
Carpeted Hotel Rooms, page 32

Worldwide News

Rise to Modhood
(ar/er) As of November 7th, Resident GlitchyBat's page in the Autism Almanac officially reflects his promotion to moderator status. New Moderator GlitchyBat states in regard to his “Ascent to Madness” that he actually received the promotion in late October 2015 from God AlphaBernd.
This may or may not be a result of the Enderian complaints about having 'all' moderators in one nation (the Commonwealth), following their recent loss in battle. Moderator GlitchyBat was included on the Staff Page moderators list a day later.

Pride Event Scrapped
(wl) The Winterlynian Pride Event which had first been proposed at the end of June, and promoted by a widespread campaign, seems to have been officially scrapped on November 11th. At the very least, the Kingdom of Winterlyn will no longer be hosting it. While the promotion page for the event still exists, it has not been updated since July 1st. It might be concluded that the very promotion campaign itself was the event.

'New Adventures'
(er/ns) The 'new adventures' promised by Moderator GlitchyBat's street hustler on New Spawn since November 2nd 'in a few hours', have yet to actually be released. Adventure Bernd and his ass remain a decoration thus far.

Placing Telendil
(cw) On November 7th, King Niller of Winterlyn proposed in the Commonwealth's Reichsrat the Bill C.R.R. 26 titled 'Absorbing Telendil/Aineias into the Commonwealth'. Resident Telendil, who has been absent for some months, while not listed as a citizen on the official Commonwealth page, is currently still listed as resident of Karak Khaldun, which is located in the Breshikan Khaldun Oblast.
Since Resident Telendil asked to found his own settlement within the Commonwealth borders, the bill proposes that he should have free choice regarding the location. It was enacted the same day through the agreement of Winterlyn, Klamdau and Badface.
However, by that time Resident Telendil had already chosen a spot slightly outside the Commonwealth borders, right to the east of the Breshikan border. He plans to start out independently and began clearing the area with Resident Mae on November 8th after expressing ideas about “a norse/early medieval town” with a “romanesque/gothic mix like crusader castles.” Earlier notions of underground dwarfish structures seem to have been postponed or dismissed.

Move Operation
(ar) On November 4th, God AlphaBernd cleaned up some pages in the Autism Almanac, reordering a few of them which resulted in a major link adaptation on many other pages connected to those. Most affected were orders and guilds.

Bat GlitchyBat
(er/ns) Following his promotion to modhood, Glitchybat proofed his otherworldliness by showing himself in his more vulnerable bat form around New Spawn during daylight. Grand-Duke Carluga of the Grand Duchy of Orcaella had the presence of mind to snap a photo which can be vied at The bat has not been seen since and it is unclear what happened to it, but the human form of GlitchyBat is still around.

Vacation Mansion
(wl) During his time in the Southrim jungle where King Niller of Winterlyn escaped for a vacation from his royal duties, he took the opportunity to establish a spacious and luxurious Victorian styled mansion to leisurely relax in. “It's so secluded,” the King stated proudly, “but so civilized.”
On November 7th, a dirt road was paved leading to it from the King's first shelter. He stated plans about creating a hedge-maze and/or garden in front of the building where currently a fountain dominates the place, and started on November 8th with a fence to secure the area around the building from hostile creatures.
The mansion itself is built largely with red bricks and quartz stone with a dark oak wooden roof and features a small clock tower on its southern side. It is charmingly asymmetric and cheery in appearance, much like a fairytale castle.
Due to the materials required and the interior decoration, the mansion proved to be a rather expensive and work-intensive project for the Kingdom of Winterlyn. Even so, once everything was gathered and bought, the structure itself was raised on November 4th, followed by two days of interior design, thus keeping in tune with King Niller's usual building schedule. Some photos of the mansion can be viewed at

Re-cycled Moon
(ns) For unknown reasons and by unknown parties, the red woolen platform floating in the skies above New Spawn has been recycled at some point during the past week. Originally created by Carluga on September 28th and titled 'The Moon', it had been conquered by Russians before being demolished. It is now restored to the point where Resident TheNerd96 pronounced it 'shit' on October 14th and wished it destroyed.

Regional News

Brazil Cooperation
(bc) As of last week, a big group of Brazilian immigrants lighted upon Alpha's Realm. They chose to explore the largely untouched northeastern corner of the continent Ur, and decided upon a thickly forested valley between two medium mountain ranges to settle down.
The various new residents each started in their own small spot of the area, sporting different styles and preferences and a great deal of creativity that does not in all cases allow for logical interpretations.
Whether or not the big group will start a nation remains as yet undecided, as does a name for the settlement (or individual settlements). Keeping with the character of the fast developing area, permission was given to the MARNIE editors to temporarily refer to it as 'Brazil Cooperation'.
Some residents in Brazil Cooperation show signs of Nazism in their name and actions; and Residents CacauxX and Sabota at least demonstrated disrespect regarding other people's property by barricading Tablecat Manor's entrance on November 8th for unstated reasons.
Resident Sabota erected a building in Brazil Cooperation proudly displaying a swastika on its western wall, and Resident Danico summoned a huge floating specter of Hitler's face. At the page some photos of the area can be viewed.

Local News

Carpeted Hotel Rooms
(mm) Going with a suggestion of Kaiser P_P_A of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth, who recently visited Midgard Municipality, the owner of Seainn Hotel decided to afford all rooms with carpets, providing guests with a warmer sensation and a quieter surrounding as of last Sunday.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
November 16th, 2015

Editor's Note:
As of this issue, pictures related to articles will be printed on the Autism Almanac's photo pages. Exceptions may be made for material provided by outside sources.

In Worldwide News:
From Free to Duchy, page 20

In Regional News:
Aesthetic Infighting, page 27

In Local News:
Station Repainted, page 35

Worldwide News

Aresea Disbanded
(at) On November 9th, Cleric Tomo of the Aresean Technocratic Republic disclosed and officially published the dissolution of the Areasean nation, not quite three months after being founded. Its territories are left with settlement status to those building within them, who are free to join nations of their own choosing. Any contracts with the former Republic have thus been voided, although this has yet to be noted on said treaties' pages.

Dead Breshik? (ab) The repair work of Nova Bydlograd unfortunately restored the city right to the half hour between Resident Dork69 disabling its nether portal with TNT and Kaiser P_P_A of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth rebuilding it.
Although it has been inoperative ever since, and at least two visitors teleported in by creating a new portal in a private residence, the leaders responsible for the capital of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik have taken no notice of the damage.

Move Two
(ar) November 12th saw another move operation by God AlphaBernd, this time concerning mostly historical, geographical and some people's pages. Links were adapted but should be checked anyway, particularly media ones.

No Neuschwanstein
(ar) The proudly advertised project of an island castle in the style of Neuschwanstein which Resident Harcourtien started a month ago, will never be finished. On November 13th, he disclosed that the as yet unnamed island with the unfinished structure was sold to Resident Tomokuroki who had been expressing an interest in it for almost just as long. Resident Tomokuroki did not tell what he plans to do with it, but according to Resident Harcourtien's speculation it might be “a game of thrones thing”. It might just as well be speculated that it will remain as is until somebody else buys it off the current owner.

Battle Memorial
(ab) On November 1st, High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia created a small battle memorial on the site of the Enderian UFO being conquered by Commonwealth forces and allies. While it is unclear whether it was an oversight or intention (this memorial too lacks any sort of historical description), the area remains dotted with various remnants of nether portals even after the restoration process.

Culture on Hold
(wl) The Winterlynian project regarding a literature/culture program, for which an ad had been requested in the MARNIE issue of October 12th, has been put on hold due to King Niller being otherwise engaged.
Considering his reaction when asked about progress, it seems unlikely at this point that this project will ever amount to more than the Pride Event.

Search for Mates
(sv) Resident Zoythrus is 'looking for mates', as signs in front of his shop at New Spawn state. The area he currently lives in is called Snow Veil Retreat and its borders and progress can be found on the page in the Autism Almanac. Interested parties should leave a sign at his shop, since Resident Zoythrus has not yet placed a mailbox in the post office.

Take Three
(up) Moving on from his last abandoned project, new Stadtholder Harcourtien decided to settle in a small flower plain on new land close to the western border of Alpha's Realm. There, he founded the Republic of the United Provinces of the Netherlands with its capital 's-Gravenfage (Den Faag), officially on November 15th. Listed as a government functionary is Grand Pensionary Tomokuroki, whom the Stadtholder considers “my friend”.

From Free to Duchy
(fa/sd) The former Free City of Aresia no longer exists as such. On November 9th, its status and name were lifted by newly promoted Duke Tomoko Kuroki, who only that same day joined the Kingdom of Winterlyn with permission of King Niller. The area is now known as the Duchy of Sidonia and reintegrated to Winterlyn of which is was part long ago.
According to the 'Treaty of Peace, Friendship and Commerce between The Duchy of Sidonia and The Mandate of New Badfacia' signed on November 10th by High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia and Duke Tomoko Kuroki, the latter currently rents the western part of Grundenburg Abbey “for building and administration rights”. The details can be read on the page

Regional News

New NEAR Line
(bc) Brave members of the Brazil Cooperation ventured into the Nether on November 8th and built a small station around their portal. With the assistance of Residents Hailmarx and Danico, the station could be connected to the NEAR Netherhub three days later, granting the ever increasing Brazil population easier access to their new home upon their first entrance into Alpha's Realm.

Camelot Redesigned
(fc) Resident Hostes, who had started building the Fortress Camelot on a northern peninsula in the Norteastern Sea back in July, returned on November 9th to his previous territory. In an interview he explained that he was the one who demolished the church built by Swamp Paladin Massolit, and that rather than sticking with the fortress idea, “I think it's time to build a city.” He has since started with the outline of a road and the first building in simple design.

Aesthetic Infighting
(bc) On October 13th, Resident Pixel of the Brazil Cooperation reported a successful raid of his property by his own landsmen. “They say we need to do ugly stuff first,” explained the single builder among them who showed a sense of aesthetics and style in his creations, “and farm items.” The damage was repaired by a moderator and the culprits received a two day prison sentence. Resident Pixel maintains his position of, “I'm just playing for fun, don't wanna rush like them.” In patriotic spirit, he did not release to the press the names of the landsmen responsible for the attack.

Halfway House
(pg/bc) Halfway between Phiagrica and what constitutes the center of Brazil Cooperation, Resident Nanico started building a home on November 7th. While it was left unfinished since then, it is located in a splendid position to warrant a continuation of the swamp highway in that direction, should the Brazilians wish to connect their budding nation to the wide trade route Resident Santikaye established last month.

Local News

Midgard Store Closed
(mm/ns) Since last week's issue, with the permission of God AlphaBernd the newspaper MARNIE is now sold on the balcony of the Admin Office on New Spawn. Having lost its primary purpose, the Midgard Store which housed the stall before was deemed unprofitable and has thus been closed.
Books other than the newspaper, that might be released by AMUN Publishing in the future, will remain available at the UBS in the Marketplace. Any other materials Midgard merchants wish to sale will be offered in stores on our own island.

Station Repainted
(mm) Midgard travelers recently noted upon returning that the submarine station level was not designed very welcoming to arrivals. They suggested repainting the walls, at least to the extent of the above-surface levels. Since the instigators quickly gathered support among the populace, Midgard Administration redistributed materials mined during the pillar excavation and had the station walls painted in granite, and polished to match the rest of the station mall.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
November 23rd, 2015

Editor's Note:
Links to pictures still cannot be clicked in the paper issue. They lead exclusively to this server's wiki and its media pages.

In Worldwide News:
New Spawn Project, page 33

In Regional News:
Brazilian Split, page 43

In Local News:
Connection to New Braziltown, page 46

Worldwide News

Ironed Out
(if) In the middle of the night on Novemver 9th, Residents Sabota and Perovsk of the Brazil Cooperation explored the public iron farm, damaging its functionality by impairing the water flow, and went on to steal the iron blocks used as flooring.
On the evening of that same day, Resident Zylix visited the farm and patched the floor up with dirt. He placed two signs explaining that; however officially reported was the damage only on November 16th by Resident Bazooka_Joe.
Moderator GlitchyBat conducted the investigation around the iron farm and repaired the damage early in the morning, upon which Resident Bazooka reported it was working “good as new”.
During the investigation of the scene, it was also discovered that Resident AdamJensen established an iron vendor in a corner of the storage room, as well as a small storage basement, on October 27th. While its merit is debatable, at least in times of the farm not functioning a desperate builder might buy 14 iron ingots for an emerald.
That same evening, the farm was reported broken again. This time, Moderator Niller1703 was on duty and discovered only changes made by new Brazilian Resident Gabe69. After some connection trouble, said resident explained that he had already found the farm nonfunctional and been attempting to repair it. With his insight into the workings and some donated materials, the waterway and glass elevator could be restored into working order.

Yeti's Ice House
(sr) Choosing a location befitting his name, Resident Yeti30 created a small ice house in Southrim's majestic snow plain on November 16th. It is currently inhabited by his friends the snow golems.

Stuck in the Dark Ages
(td) Resident Telendil seems to have lost both his stride and the support of Resident Cat during the past week. Albeit he visited his area in order to “work on the castle” (which was supposed to be a medieval town), no progress could be observed in the as yet unnamed settlement beyond the outline created during the earliest days. Most of the construction site remains insufficiently lit, so currently, the area certainly fits its proposed theme.

Elkkuton's Wall
(ek) On November 16th, Creator Tangaloa of Elkkuton announced that he had “surrounded Elkkuton with a wall to keep immigrants out. I'm going to make Elkkuton great again,” he added. In spite of that ambition, 'great' is not a description likely to be attributed to said wall. Standing at a mere three blocks tall next to a slabbed road, it is easily traversed and likely exists more for decorative purposes. The wall follows the southern border of the Elkkuton settlement only along the Kurwa Highway, actually extending the border much further east than outlined on the settlement's page and effectively annexing the settlement of non-citizen Resident Laki.

Rounded Station
(at) Despite being the Duke of Sidonia settling in Den Faag, Resident Tomoko continues to build in Arianapolis. On November 21st, he adapted the design of the space station Areios hovering above the area to a rounder shape. As had been revealed by his carelessness, the changes could be effected within a few hours thanks to a temporary gift from God AlphaBernd, which has since been rescinded due to complains from other residents.

House Northway
(wl) The Victorian styled mansion King Niller of Winterlyn built in the Southrim jungle has been named The House Northway Estate. On the grounds surrounding the building, King Niller planted in the southwestern corner hedges that finished growing into maze on November 16th. It has two entrances with only one way to the center and presents an enjoyable challenge.
East of the house, guarded by an angel sculpture, generations of non-state leaders rest in the family cemetery. Next to it, a quiet Zen park allows for philosophy and romance above a trickling stream, and a little further south more vigorous visitors can enjoy horse races on a modest track.
In the northern part of the estate, a lake was created by importing sand all the way from Tur-del-Achbad. Across the west entrance, a Sauerei memorial statue was built. and ...002.png show views of the estate.

Dual Tomoko
(sd/up) On November 18th, Duke Tomoko Kuroki of the Duchy of Sidonia mentioned in an interview that he “resigned Winterlyn since [the] COM[monwealth] is dead too.” While he technically retains his citizenship and title, he joined the Nederland clan and “settled with Harc since he kept asking me to […] a few days ago.” Neither area has since seen noticeable development, possibly due to both leaders repeatedly demonstrating an unwillingness to build on their own, openly preferring creating structures in more populated areas such as the next New Spawn. It might be this tendency that leads to many abandoned projects upon co-builders vacating a site.

Southrim Fortifications
(sr) The area first populated by Residents AdamJensen and Mimokrokodil this summer and connected to the netherrail network by Resident Zoythrus has been discovered and seized by Austrian immigrants during October. Claiming the mountain biome directly west of the snow plains, Resident PizzaTeig666 has been working on a great fortification around that area as of the first weeks of November. The wall, reaching heights of twenty-five blocks depending on the terrain, is broadly traversable, curved and gently slanted where needed, with the occasional watchtower and access to the inner settlement.
The settlement has not been given an official name, nor have its borders been publicly marked in the Autism Almanac, but on the map page the entirety of the colossal projects can be appreciated.
Inside the borders, Residents Balli666 and Pwnisrufezeichen are working on farms, buildings and roads.

Suntopia Settlement
(st) Two new residents settled on the westernmost savannah peninsula on the southwestern corner of Ur. Having started with a basic shelter and small farms, Residents CorruptedPants and Passaia opted to fortify their home in plain, medieval fashion and decided on the name Suntopia for their budding settlement. It lies directly adjacent to Resident Opti's settlement Psydonia and has not yet been afforded its own page in the Autism Almanac.

Southern Frame House Village
(sr) During the first week of November, High Commissioner Austrobernd of the Mandatory of New Badfacia quite secretly followed King Niller's example and took off from his homelands to Southrim, where he built a small coastal settlement on the southeastern corner. At one can view the charming yet unnamed frame house village which is intended to remain apolitical and self-sufficient.

New Spawn Project
(ns) Having finished a first outline of a (later to be protected) rectangle area for a New Spawn, Resident Tomoko of the Three Bases asked various residents for opinions on late morning of November 19th. Incurring mostly favor with just small, aesthetic considerations, he adapted the spawning platform and allowed changes of the inner walkway.
During the following day, God AlphaBernd approved the New Spawn, changed the spawn point accordingly and placed a building protection on the square just as promised. However in the evening, while various residents from all around the realm gathered there to assist the road constructions, attacks from a troll as well as other hostiles caused Resident TheNerd96 to die on the protected square where he later could not access his death chest.
Realizing that would require added attendance, and also fearing sanctions from outside forces greater than himself, God AlphaBernd lifted the protection, allowing Moderator Koduck to alter the pond symbols.
At that same time, various residents from all around the realm gathered to assist in paving roads in a grid pattern. While Moderator GlitchyBat ignored those efforts in order to build his own house, and workers on the eastern side just simply did not know how to count out a grid, the results of the efforts, mayhem included, were generally approved.
God AlphaBernd himself helped out by securing the nether side of the portal; in vain as it turned out since that same portal was later moved by Moderator Koduck, who also prettified the corridor leading to it on November 21st.
Around New Spawn, various buildings are eagerly being erected, while the area which was known as 'New Spawn' until now has been renamed to Second Spawn.
Some snapshots of the project can be seen at

Regional News

Cooperation Development
(bc) The few Brazilian residents who remained in Brazil Cooperation, still without choosing a suitable name for the settlement, recently started creating more architecturally sound and aesthetic structures. Particularily Residents Sabota and M0n5tr1nh0 created residences and fortifications, respectively. In doing so, they partially or completely tore down their own previous buildings but left alone those of their landsmen.

Brazilian Split
(nb) During conversation, Resident Cavisk aanounced on November 19th that a big part of the Brazilian settlers from Brazil Cooperation moved east to found another settlement. With permission, it will be referred to as New Braziltown in this newspaper and on station signs until a more suitable designation is chosen. The settlers banded together in a clan called 'HUE', distinguishing them from the comrades who remain in the original place. The page shows some views of the more sensibly planned and constructed new settlement.

Local News

Connection to New Braziltown
(mm) Having offered the settlers in New Braziltown an extension of the existing railway to Brazil Cooperation, Midgard Administration decided to expedite implementation in order to ease the MARNIE reporters' journeys too. The new line to station N13 and proper gate access were completed the following day, on November 20th.

Midgard's Alpha Realm News
International Edition
November 30th, 2015

Editor's Note:
Pictures can be viewed at when exchanging '???' with the photo number given in the articles.

In Worldwide News:
Spawn Ventures of the First Week, page 21

Penalty for BearMonger, page 34

In Local News:
Midgard Bookstore, page 47

Worldwide News

Chicken Grief
(nb/sg) In the night of November 23rd, Resident GnFur of Sacred Solntze-Grad was accused of destroying a glass cage and kill all fowl in Resident Hailmarx's territory.
Although the defendant gaily denied at first, he offered sand and chicken meat as compensation when confronted with evidence. The plaintiff insisted on justice for the chickens, and Moderator Niller1703 punished Resident GnFur with a prison sentence of four and a half hours.

New Spawn's One Man Defense Unit
(ns) On Sunday evening, Master Paladin Massolit of Solntze-Grad protected New Spawn from an intended wither bomber named Zirael. In an interview, he described the situation as follows.
“I was wandering at spawn and saw soul sand blocks at the very spawn point. There were also wither skulls appearing out of nowhere. I realized there is an invisible player doing that. I killed him and took his skulls. After he revived, I became his target. He chased me, so I went into Niller's crypt asking him to save me. After some minutes running around the crypt, I finally could /home [after the combat cooldown].”
According to Master Paladin Massolit, King Niller of Winterlyn tried to help him but with little effect because the assailant was invisible again. He called upon Moderator GlitchyBat for assistance, who was able to ban the griefer while King Niller fought him.
The skulls used in the attack attempt were stolen from Resident Mimokrokodil, as Master Paladin Massolit recounted the robbed party's claim. Until the theft victim returns, the Master Paladin will hold on to the wither skulls.

Geometry of Samarkand
(sa) After about a year of absence Flakese, Trader of the Merchant Guild of Samerkand, returned to resume his enormous glass project north of Old Spawn. For the longest time, travelers along the Kurwa Highway have known the structure only as 'Major Autism Ahead', as described by a sign on the street. Now, the area was given the proper name Samarkand, a map and some views of which can be seen on photo 006.
Trader Flakese explained that he had started the project when the map was first launched, and been working on it in three great spurts. He 'carpeted' big parts of the desert with sugarcane for a nicer look and built several viewing platforms on jungle trees to appreciate the same more effectively; they are affectionately known as “feel stations”.
“A good settlement like this build in all three spaces,” Trader Flakese explains from fond memory, “air, land and underground. It's the Badface way.” (He does not yet seem to have noticed that this year's Badface has long since lost that way.)
As to further plans he mused, “I will probably wind up making more wings along the axis of the highway, and a tower at the end of the cross.” Trader Flakese showed the MARNIE journalist around the mines, glass cooking machinery and farms; however the most impressive remains the geometrically pleasing glass edifice which can be viewed in more detail on photo 007. It “serves no other purpose than to create feels and hopefully a little awe.”

Color Coded Spawn
(ns) Last Monday morning, Representative GlitchyBat of the Republic of Ender was given the go-ahead from God AlphaBernd to spread out the central beacons on the spawn point to the corners of the spawn terrace. He color coded the four directions and named them accordingly, thus establishing a primitive yet effective address system. Respectively, the flooring was adapted to suitably be called the Ruja (red), Verda (green), Blua (blue) and Oranji (orange) Region.

The Return of King Shakomatic
(ab) During the past week, King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik returned to Alpha's Realm after several months of absence and promptly ventured out to snare in new dig slaves. He managed to get ahold of Resident Bazooka_Joe who also recently returned after a hiatus. In exchange for “a house in town” and “supplies”, Resident Bazooka_Joe agreed to help build the cathedral in Nova Bydlograd.

Spawn Ventures of the First Week
(ns) From the moment it went into business, New Spawn has been brimming with activity. After only a week, almost all available plots (to date) are claimed, and on most of them construction started at once. As can be seen on photo 008, the first finished structures, while certainly rather individual in style, still present a somewhat unifying theme with dark wooden roofs and log supports in the walls.
The biggest building is the new emporium of the WitherWood Trade Guild. Right across from its main entrance, God AlphaBernd erected his Admin Office on November 22nd. For a while, Trader Flakese of Samarkand arranged for an Icelandic ambassador to live in the second story suite. However, the ambassador was assassinated by Duke Tomoko Kuroki of the Duchy of Sidonia on Wednesday. Due to investigations into the incident, the front desk remains unmanned for the time being.
Neighboring the Admin Office is the Public Library established by Duke Tomoko, which is furnished with an enchantment table, anvil and free stuff chests. Right next to it, Representative GlitchyBat of the Republic of Ender opened another Starbats as the very first house built on New Spawn.
Across the street, Resident TheNerd96 raised a small home, where he lives while managing the Russian hotel a little farther west, also established by himself. Presenting an iconic vehicle, Moderator Koduck's Burger & Fries Truck was also given permission to remain in place, the officious warning sign humorously included. Photos 009, 010 and 011 depict various sites of New Spawn.
South of the WitherWood emporium, smaller shops are located, surrounding the public post office provided by Duke June of the United Duchy of the Two Sorras on Wednesday. This New Spawn Post will take over the functions of the Second Spawn Post Box, so residents are encouraged to move their mailbox here or rent a new one.

Iron Fix
(if) November 24th had the Iron Farm reported broken again. This time, Chief Tsaryu of the Commons of Valensiya volunteered to have a look at the situation and managed to repair the mechanism. He was unable to determine the culprit.

Birthday Cakes
(ns) Last Thursday, Duke Tomoko of the Duchy of Sidonia presented Resident Yeti30 of Yetitown with a full panoply of birthday cakes right on the spawn plaza. Photo 012 are snapshots of that event. Although all players were invited to eat up and tried their best too, the leftovers had to be cleaned up on Sunday when the cakes started to go bad out in the open.

Duchy of WitherWood
(ww) For the past months, more and more business was moved from former WitherWood to Snow Veil Retreat, until during November it became obvious that the original settlement remained pretty much abandoned. On November 28th, Resident Zoythrus decided to take the name with him as well, and founded the Duchy of WitherWood with himself leading it as newly inaugurated Duke Zoythrus.

Penalty for BearMonger
(ns/mm) As was reported last week, Speaker BearMonger of the Republic of Ender started acquainting himself with New Spawn by blowing up the spawn plaza (see photo 005 for proof), which was restored by attending moderators without rebuke. Two days later, he constructed the atrocity captured on photo 013, barely half an hour after placing lava on the plaza. The result obstructed the actual spawn point to such an extent that it could be considered griefing. According to the builder, it was intended solely to anger Duke Tomoko of the Duchy of Sidonia; however the structure was removed by Duke Zoythrus of the Duchy of WitherWood and King Shakomatic of the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik before achieving its purpose. In part due to the intervention, Speaker BearMonger's actions again went unpunished. Similar but less severe deeds in Nova Bydlograd were followed that same evening with him attacking King Shakomatic, who wisely retreated from the deranged brute who slugged him to death with a cooked beef.
Saturday's early afternoon was greeted with the Republic of Ender's President Hinoarashi asking, “Hey, anyone wanna see something cool?” Thus invited residents were then showered with potion bottles on New Spawn by the President and Speaker BearMonger, among cries of “Gas the kikes! Burn the Jews!” and “Race war now!”, anyone not Enderian apparently being deemed a different race.
When summoned by Speaker BearMonger, a MARNIE journalist went to the scene expecting to have been called in order to report properly. Belatedly finding that for some reason (in self-defense, as later learned), Speaker BearMonger had been killed four times by three people already, the reporter was unprepared to be attacked by the assumed victim. Not only did Speaker BearMonger poison the reporter, when the latter tried to run away, the aggressor also followed and kept punching so that the journalist could not escape to safety and an antidote. Growing progressively weaker and being unable to move properly, he was soon slugged to death by the Enderian Speaker of Congress.
In outrage, Midgard Municipality's Administration decided that the madman had gone too far, and being directly involved this time, Administrator Jinxauthor_Mel informed the Enderians that he was going to press charges.
The claims and the evidence (like in photo 014) were taken to Moderators Niller1703 and Koduck two hours later, demanding Speaker BearMonger to be given a penalty for 'Illegal PvP on Spawn'. Moderator Koduck acted swiftly on it, punishing the Enderian madman with incarceration for three and a half days.
According to expectations, the ban was lifted early the next day - unexpectedly, by Moderator Koduck himself. According to Speaker BearMonger, the judge had deemed his sentence excessive and thus reduced it.
However, considering all the mayhem the Enderian had caused over the week without being restrained, the fact he received any sentence at all at least for this incident, was gratefully recognized by Midgard Administration as justice served.

Local News

Midgard Bookstore
(mm/ns) At the beginning of last week, Midgard Administration greenlighted the establishment of a bookstore at New Spawn. After various complains by the Distribution office that the travel to Second Spawn's newspaper stall was too cumbersome, and similar considerations from Marketing that customers would not necessarily undertake that same journey each week, the minimal amount of financing was granted to build and furnish the new store.
All other book vendors are also now employed exclusively in the Midgard Municipality New Spawn Book Store, right on the Orenji Region's corner plot.

This issue ends the November 2015 page of the MARNIE Archives. The next issue will be posted on the December 2015 page.

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