Alongside with modabusers, many players are believed or suspected to be criminals. Among them are war criminals, here is a list of those evildoers.

List of people who have hurt Sidmarcus01's butt


Probably the greatest war criminal of the server, Kovio is considered by many as the worst plague autism ever known. He is responsible of many murders, massacres, clay stealing, grieffing, and terrorist acts. He used to rule the Katten Khanate, a criminal nation based on wild aggression, rape and looting.


Following closely Kovio for the worst war criminal title, Shakomatic is viewed as an autistic malevolent being, reducing people into digslavs and known for landrunning a fucking lot. Ruling Breshik, he waged many wars and is suspected to have stolen a lot of properties/clay through violent acts of butthurt.


Ruler of the Enderian Republic, Hinoarashi is well-known for being an Islamic Terrorist, a Wither Bombing afficionado and a War Mongerer. Followed by his manpet GlitchyBat he is rumored to have slaughtered many civilians without hesitation.


This section is dedicated to Battkhorts in general. Since a fucking lot of those are considered as dangerous/war criminals. Basically followers of the Katten Khanate they performed many slaughers and massacres. Islamic terrorism and Wither bombing practicing was done on every day basis.


Known for being highly autistic, areteee is also a Wither Bombing abuser. He participated in many wars and sometimes performed ethnic cleansings.

List of suspected War Criminals


Ruler of the Rhodesian Confederation, caBastard is a Nicaraguan Cockroachboo. He's suspected to have perpretated a lot of clay stealing and proxy wars.


Rumored to have perpretated two polecides, Sidmarcus01 is Kriegstein ruler and a long time ally of Breshik. Known for being a warmongerer he also took part in the controversial Enderian Satellite's affair.


An austrian communistboo which is suspected of chiggin bombing and horse genocides.

List of Dangerous People


An over aggressive finnish player, Venomthrope commited a lot of aggressions and skirmishes. Naturally violent.


Also known as Blakkcooper, that player is unpredictable and very unstable. He murdered a lot of people on a whim.

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