This Union is extinct

The Commonwealth

A poor attempt at reviving a bad idea.

The Commonwealth of Breshik
Flag of the Commonwealth
Location Mostly in the East
Capital Nova Bydlograd
Local Languages English
Government Constitutional Empire
Leader King Shakomatic and
First Lord Austrobernd
Establishment 3-9-15
Population ~25


Gather round children and I will tell you the story of a great man who wanted to do good by all the peoples of the world, but evil forces wanted to crush his dreams of peace and friendship. This man who never did harm to anyone and only brought joy to the hearts of many. But these nasty ugly and rude people forced the good people of Breshik to flee their homeland. Thankfully they have returned to bring peace and prosperity to the world once more.

Kriegstein Takeover and Regency

While a black hole took away Nova Bydlograd and the former king with it. Sidmarcus, sad over the loss, took responsibility of the kingdom to not let homeless peasants and fervent workers starve again. Novobydlograd will still be a major pole of the nation. However Silverny will be the cultural center and will welcome the best architects and intellectuals of the commonwealth. Instoring a Regency, the former king will be welcomed back if he ever survived to the black hole incident. On the afternoon of the 26th of March a great evil overtook the breshikan Capital of Nova Bydlograd, driving the Good king Shakomatic blind with rage he disappeared into the unknown. Within Moments of his leaving a great Sorcerer appeared who convinced the First Lord to seize control in his kings absence. The king, after fighting his way back from oblivion, returned to see his noble and fair rule replaced by a Tyrant and an evil Mage sitting on the council. the king knew his life was in danger and the Lords still loyal to him helped smuggle him out of the county to the oversea Colony of former Salve. King Shakomatic, his appointed Marshall BWKeegan and theirallies in the underground are currently stockpiling weapons to retake the country.

Under cover of Darkness BWKeegan Smuggles the King out of the City in Entons Mellon Cart

Breshik is made up of many Counties each nominally ruled by either a lord, Knight or the Central Breshikan Government. A list of Old Empire territories and Provinces of the commonwealth is as follows:

Old Empire

Middle Empire

  • Nova Bydlograd - Small village nestled on what once was the edge of the world. Consists of the territories around Novobydlograd, the abandoned feifdom to the north, and the abandoned Breshikan settlement of Watertown.
  • Silverny-le-Château - A large Island east of Novobydlograd which is Ruled By the breshikan national council, currently in rebellion
  • Conraria Del Rey - Part of Tomoko's unnamed settlements except it was named.

Siverny-le-Château during construction.

Novobydlograd on a rainy day.

Colonial Empire

  • "Colony 5" - A Breshikan colony. Former location of Salve Plantations.
  • Tur Del achbad - Merchant colony established by Wynterlyners
  • Karak Khonindir - Abandoned settlement control of which was lost long ago
  • Eureka - Fief of the Kreiger Crown
  • Fort Aineias
  • “Colony 7” - Former settlement of Tomoko, now owned by Breshik.
  • North and South Sorra
  • Rosenfort on Rosenisland
  • New Danik - An undeveloped colonial claim
Tte Divisions of Breshik
Shown above are the Old and Middle Empires of the Commonwealth and the Colonial Empire portions.

The Breshikan Economy heavily relies on shopkeeper merchantry. There is also a blossoming Construction industry in Breshik the contracts and Subcontracts to Various other Groups. Breshik has struggled for years to built a tech Sector but as of now is still lagging behind many other industrialized nations. Breshiks Agrarian exports are slowly being built up but agriculture is not a high priority since Breshikans tend to work relatively close to their homes.

Breshikan Culture follows many old traditions stemming from Dwarven, to Kreiger, to Wynterlynian. Old Danikan traditions dominate Breshikan life and day to day activities. Breshikans are very wary of other nations and tend not to recognize property rights of apolitical settlements, a fact of which the Breshikan government is trying to reverse in recent days.

Every day the Breshikan Bureaucracy grows. Below are some facets of the bureaucracy“

Ethnic Groups

  • “Danikans”
  • Old Breshikans
  • Kurwans
  • Kreigers
  • Dwarves
    • Khaldunians
    • Wynterlynians


  • Nobles
  1. King Shakomatic
  2. Lord Austrobernd, First Lord of Breshik
  3. Lord BWKeegan,
  4. Lord Niller,
  • Knights
  1. Rosenmann
  2. BanksyStreetArt
  3. Deakin
  4. killasanta
  5. jiph
  6. Austrobernd
  7. Tengo
  • Bydlo
  1. Deruntotekaiser
  2. Corovaneer
  3. Dylanrules22
  4. Zsombiepancake
  5. Luddi
  6. Bernd_Lauert
  7. Volker
  8. lastbil175
  9. Ohfishyfishyfish
  10. rasmushn
  11. (Technically) MikeMallorca
  12. Rickross

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