mazznoff is a lingvobooic slav who enjoys non-alcoholic drinks very much.

Co-founder of the Second and Third Republics of Battkhortostan. Current premier of Solovki and inner party member of the Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party.

Mazznoff sings a Nasheed

Template contract

The Bank, acting according to its bylaws and the laws of AlphaBernd's Realm, in the person of Lord_Uxbridge, hereinafter Debtor, and natural person mazznoff, hereinafter Lender, have agreed upon the following:

I. The Lender provides the Debtor with financial means in the exact amount of %amount_here% until %date%.

II. The Debtor returns the financial means provided by the Lender the next day after the date aforementioned.

III. The Debtor also pays the interest in the amount of %percent%, the exact number of %diamonds/ores/ignots% being rounded down, every week after the date of signing the contract by both sides. The interest being paid every week is fixed and is exactly %percent% of the first deposit.

IV. No add-up deposits allowed, new contracts are to be made.

V. Both sides confirm the percents and the whole sum being recieved by the signs.

VI. In case of a breach of this very contract the injured party may choose damages (return of the deposit) or specific performance of the contract (obligation to fulfill the contract). Both to be verified by AlphaBernd.

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