Killer Chris the Hedgehog

<Sikandar_> you aren't american
<Sikandar_> you are 'merican
B DIAZ might stand for Bruno Diaz which is Bruce Wayne's name in Spanish.
Could Killer Chris also be the Batman?

This user is Canadian American.
He has unwarranted self-importance and an inferiority complex freedom.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Inventor of the Redstone Block

Killer Chris
of America
Real Name Hulk Hogan
Residence Al-Iskandariya
Languages AMERICAN (native)
French (to understand when they surrender)
Ethnicity AMERICAN
Religion JESUS
National Affiliation Kingdom of Battkhortostan
Political Affiliation Katten Khaganate
Holdings West Battkhortia
Isle of Maleth
Titles Kasier und König of the Holy Breshikan Empire
Duke of Cumberland
Commissar and Primus inter pares of Battx.
Envoy to the Great Khan
Elector of West Battkhortia
Governor of Fort Lovely
MP of Evergreen
Grandmaster of B.E.N.I.S.
Conqueror of the UKin General and Breshik in Particular
Joined June, 2011
Order Black Skull Society
Ganadian, bls :DD

K_Chris is from Canada America. He says “eh” and “aboot” god bless america. He lives in an igloo mcdonalds and apologizes for everything remembers 9/11. His internet runs on baby seal oil bacon grease. He eats fatty foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner (apparently he is allergic to fruits and vegetables). He is better than Americans.

Wrote the Hymn of Butthurt, the national anthem of Battkhortostan.

Pretender to the throne of the Holy Breshikan Empire and Avence

He's the fastest hedgehog you will ever meet. From America.

Full Stylized Title
His Imperial Majesty Killer Chris I de Battkhort-Breshik by the Grace of God, Kasier und König of the Holy Breshikan Empire, Duke of Cumberland, Commissar and Primus inter pares of Battkhortostan, Envoy to the Great Khan, Elector of West Battkhortia, Lord of Rhodes, Bürgermeister of King, Fried Chicken Colonel of Kentucky, Mac of Big, Governor of Fort Lovely, Member of Parliament of the West Rhodes House of Commons from Evergreen, Grandmaster of B.E.N.I.S., Conqueror of the United Kingdom in General and Breshik in Particular, Ph.D.
<caBst-An2> areteee is not my fault K_Chris is a bigot.
<caBst-An2> He is obviously Quebecois: racist and closed minded
<caBst-An2> Anglo Canadians are open for all cultures.
<caBst-An2> That is what makes Canada strong: diversity.
<caBst-An2> Canada is Multiculturalist since its foundations.
<caBst-An2> And finally white Canadians are realizing how priveleged they have been.
<caBst-An2> People of all races and religions are climbing up in Canadian society.
<caBst-An2> The new face of Canada will be Hispanic, Asian, Arab, Indian and African.
<caBst-An2> For that Canada needs to become a Republic.
<caBst-An2> The Queen is a symbol of Anglo Saxon opression.
<caBst-An2> And that my friend is very anti Canadian.
<@K_Chris> this is physically hurting me
<@K_Chris> please stop
<K_Chris> I'm not racist but
<K_Chris> everyone who isn't white should be genocided

Redstone Blox

Little known fact, Chris is the inventor of the redstone block, having first suggested it to _jeb in 2011.

Killer Chris' Theme: Gotta Go Fast! The man himself
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Editors note: Victoria is the cat

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