Dead and buried Not Anymore

This player is french. He is arrogant, fucking edgy, evil, and loves baguette. Oh wait.

This player is a well known warmongerer, don't trust him!

I surrender!” - Sidmarcus the French


Sidmund Marcus the First

this is an actual picture of sid, feel free to point and laugh
Home City: Kriegstein, the Stone Citadel
Language(s): French (Native), English
National Affiliation: Royaume de Kriegstein/ Kriegstein's Kingdom
Political Affliation(s): French Royalism and Imperialism
Roles and Titles: King of Kriegstein
Joined: ???
Sidmarcus01(center) leading the retreat at Madeuwe

Sidmarcus01, or just Sid, is the glorious, unrivaled architect of the Depths Region. Sid rules on Kriegstein as the First Consul the King of the Stone Citadel, Kriegstein, and is now working on the Consulate's Kingdom's new capital city Nouvelle Reims along with his fellow Co-Consuls Ministers and brothers-in-arms Ralxtew and TheDookie.

Sidmarcus's totally biased depiction by Venomthrope:

Sidmarcus's totally biased depiction by Venomthrope:


Sid's life before their beautiful endeavours in Kriegstein are yet unknown. A Badfacian wanting for land and gone lonewolf? A random newfriend? It is a mystery.

However, Sid is best known for being their back breaking efforts in making Kriegstein a full fledged world power, not only in building, but recruiting and political maneuvering. Previously Sid servered as the Prime Minister and a founding memeber of the H.B.E. super alliance, however, for reasons, Sid was the first member to withdraw their nation from the union, prompting what was called a civil war.

Thanks largely to Sid's efforts, and some allies, Kreigstein has once again attained free-dome.

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During the Consulate

In these troubled times, Sidmund Marcus the first, first Consul of Kriegstein started the Nouvelle Reims project with his fellow compatriote LeDookie. Too lazy to play continuously and wage his exquisite autism upon the server, he is currently known as one of the most evil warmongerers of the server. He took an active part in some genocides (some even credits one whole crusade) and stirred up wars with several nations.

Last days on Oceania

Due to inacvity of the two other consuls, Sidmarcus, the First Consul, forcefully legitimately took over the absolute power and naturally crowned himself Roy de Kriegstein. Creating in the meanwhile the Marcusian Dynasty, being the first king of this lineage. Few days before the end of Oceania, he waged a war with South Ender, destroying a spy satelitte and murdering the enderian leader Hinoarashi several times. In retaliation South Ender bombed Nouvelle Reims and killed many residents burnt the land.

Promised land of Alphabernd

Sidmarcus01 quickly colonized Alphabernd Realm and brought back a second kingdom of Kriegstein. However for much reasons he decided to abdicate his role to let Ralxtew gain full power on the kingdom. NOT ANYMORE LOLOLOL. Got back to the throne. He built up Kriegstein's power with some trusted allies early 2014 and developped his capital city: Nouvelle Kriegstein. However a pizzanigger called Paper rebelled against on his ruler and formed a rogue state, that finally vowed fealty to an abject drake.

As kriegstein recently died like all the nations of the server, he joined Shakomatic and some other bydloes to build Nova Bydlograd. His actual peasant hut can be seen there

During 2016, after having developped Siverny a bit, Sidmarcus took the gamble to make Kriegstein great again, thus he recruited the Iron fist mod and some oldfriends to make Nouvelle Kriegstein a decent capital city for not only Kriegstein, but the whole server.

Controversies and rumors

Many controversies are floating around the french. Some people are trying to enforce a surrenderer reputation while some individuals are seeing him as a malevolant being responsible of few atrocities, wars and skirmishes. His twisted mind and affiliation with some known warmongerers adds to that controversial face. He is also rumored, along Shakomatic, to surrender to loud sounds like lightning strikes and car alarms.

Honours & Activities

List of Titles

Sa Majesté, Roy de Kriegstein, Souverain du Royaume de Kriegstein et de Nouvelle Lorraine, Duke of Aumont-Turenne, Marquis de Siverny, Pair de Kriegstein, Oligarch of Caerula, Tetrarch of Danik, Danik's Protector, Souverain Grand-Maître of the Order of the Holy Spirit, Grand Khaganicide and holder of the Khagan relics, Fondator and leader of the Kriegsteinian Royal House, Gouverneur Suprême des Armées de Kriegstein, HBE Governor and Imperial Army general, Weaboo of the strong and fertile land of Japan, KS Lead architect and designer, Preacher of the Holy Temple of Feel.

Officious Titles

Le Surrenderer, Le Secessionist

       <Spock> [alpha] <Hinoarashi> Wow, that building looks cool, sid. Here's a wooden shovel. I'm going to need some sewers.
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