Fighting skills of BremenBernd

Hello Bremen! t. Kopfjaegar

Autistic German who owns a floating castle that no one can invade which Testytigershark repeatedly invades with little trouble.

Has been known to ban people for insulting Prussia, resulting in small-scale (and pretty short-lived, for obvious reasons) flame wars between him and players from Southern Germany, especially Bavaria.

Since he is a mod all he does is to be a diebische Elster. He teleports around to people, just to check their private chests. If the private chests contain anything valuable he becomes buttmad and starts screaming (e.g. dragonbf and the glowstone). If some chest is not private for a moment he takes all the stuff. (e.g. Ameribernd and the cobble stacks)

The only mod duty he does is kick and ban normal people with the sentence “fug u”, “no u” and so on.

The Melon King

Bremen is also the Melon King

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