BremenBernd kills the unarmed citizens of Taibei for daring to exist in his claimed space.
Man wird ja wohl noch träumen dürfen. Schön hätte es sein können. Adieu.
Evidence of Bremen stealing
Evidence of Bremen stealing
Evidence of Bremen stealing
Evidence of Bremen stealing

Hello Bremen! t. Kopfjaegar

Autistic German who owns a floating castle that no one can invade which Testytigershark repeatedly invades with little trouble.

Has been known to ban people for insulting Prussia, resulting in small-scale (and pretty short-lived, for obvious reasons) flame wars between him and players from Southern Germany, especially Bavaria.

Since he is a mod all he does is to be a diebische Elster. He teleports around to people, just to check their private chests. If the private chests contain anything valuable he becomes buttmad and starts screaming (e.g. dragonbf and the glowstone). If some chest is not private for a moment he takes all the stuff. (e.g. Ameribernd and the cobble stacks)

The only mod duty he does is kick and ban normal people with the sentence “fug u”, “no u” and so on.

The Melon King

Bremen is also the Melon King

The Big Gay

Let it be known in the year of our Lord 2020 Bremenbernd, God rest his soul, succumbed to the Big Gay at only 38 years of age. RIP in peace.

Dropping tps like a king

12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <DanFunMan> who droppin TPS?
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> i am
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> probably
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BearMonger> why
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <DanFunMan> why
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BearMonger> stop
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> playing 48 dispensers
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> stfu niggers
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> placing
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BearMonger> for what purpose
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> done
12:31 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BearMonger> you dont need that many dispensers
12:32 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> nigger fuck you and your purpose
12:32 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> if i wanna place 1000 dispensers im gonna do it

A moment of clarity

16:45 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> feliin you gotta need a mod who checks on people to see what shenanigans they are up to...
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> fuck off
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <swifty321> ( .-.)
14:52 <+fiveLiter> you so jew you need 11 diamond chestplate from noobs chest?
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> yes
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> you know why?
14:52 <+fiveLiter> nigger scum
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> they are free
14:52 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> and they are diamond
14:52 <+fiveLiter> biggest nigger on this server
14:53 <+Kirk> [harmony] <Rickroll> now i belive you he is real nigger
14:53 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> im not nigger. just melanin enhanced
14:53 <+fiveLiter> "dindu nuffin"
14:53 <+Kirk> [harmony] <swifty321> XD
14:54 <+fiveLiter> Blakk Cucker
14:54 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> u mad, whiteboi?
14:55 <+fiveLiter> >being mad that someone shows the whole server how nigger he is
14:55 <+fiveLiter> yreah
14:55 <+fiveLiter> 110%
14:55 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> u mad cause your little we we cannot satisfy a woman like i can
18:24 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> i didnt mod abuse
18:24 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> i was just autistic
18:24 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> thats all
18:24 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> which is good
18:24 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> shit like the pornhub at spawn... i was the first to build that
18:25 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> called it "House of Chests"
18:25 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> was nice
18:25 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> back to topic: the fact that you have to ask feliin for permission has nothing to do with "how being a mod works"
18:26 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> its all bout feliin being autistic and keeps you on a short leash
18:26 <@Salah> >not abusing is having  a short leash
18:26 <@Salah> I can give the panda eggs, but it's not my decision to make
18:26 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> since when is giving 2 spawn eggs abusing?
18:27 <@Salah> since we started defining mod abuse
18:27 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> ic
18:27 <+Kirk> [harmony] <BlakkCooper> so again... its about the admin defining how short of a leash you have to wear, little pup
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