Rhodesian ConfederationConfederación Rodesiana
Pοδεσιανά Συνομοσπονδία
Rhodesische Bund
Rhodesische Bondsstaat
Confédération de Rhodésie

God Save the Lords
Capital Valhalla City
Official Languages English, Spanish
Greek, Dutch
German, French
Demonyn Rhodesian
Regional demonyns
Government Monarchical Council
Governor House of Lords
Established 9-01-2012
Population ~12
Abbreviation RC

Rhodesian Confederation

The Rhodesian Confederation (Spanish: Confederación Rodesiana Greek: Pοδεσιανά Συνομοσπονδία [Rodesianá Synomospondía] Dutch: Rhodesische Bondsstaat German: Rhodesischer Bund French: Confédération de Rhodésie) is nation-state that compromises the Rhodesian States under one government.


The Rhodesian Federation was founded the 9th of January, 2012 after the purchase of the East Rhodes from the Svetog Drveta Republic. It became the major extension of the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes allowing the member states to locally govern themselves while maintaining the Lords as the Heads of the respective States. Tangaloa entered his settlement of Uganda into a treaty of convenience with West Rhodes for defence reasons, as it was suffering at the time raids from wild Finns.

Despite Valhalla being its capital in the old 1.8 map, the Rhodesian Confederation is still in force through its member state the Dominion of New Rhodes-Mombasa. After unfortunate political decisions in Mombasa, the settlement faded into the darkness and much wasn't heard about Rhodesian roles in server politics. By mid February 2013, Nieuw Walschor joined the Rhodesian Confederation, thus activating it once more in its role in politics.

In February 24, 2013, through an Executive Royal Mandate the Dominion of New Rhodes-Mombasa was dissolved into two new member states: The Mombasa Free Territory (as New Rhodes-Mombasa official successor state) and the Dominion of the Rhodesian Newfoundland (as caBastard's personal lands) as an attempt to amend the wrong decisions made throughout New Rhodes-Mombasa's political development.

The Rhodesian Confederation is the second largest political structure know to the server, right behind of the Kurwan Empire.

Member States

Flag State Local Government Population Admission
Flag Merchant Republic of West Rhodes House of Commons 0 Founder
Flag Uganda Free State Governor Tangaloa 0 Founder
Commonwealth of the East Rhodes House of Lords 0 Founder
Commonwealth of Kenya Governor Dookie 0 11 - February - 2012
Free Territory of Mombasa Mombasa Free Territory Co. Ltd. 4 30 - March - 2012
Dominion of the Rhodesian Newfoundland Lord caBst 3 24 - February - 2013
Rhodesian Badface TACO_TOWN 2 27 - April - 2013
Commonwealth of Madeuwe Chieftain Ghoul 2 20 - August - 2013
Commonwealth of Voelhaven Stadtholder caBst 9 22 - September - 2013
Member States
Rhodesian Confederation - RC Merchant Republic of West Rhodes - WR Commonwealth of the East Rhodes - ER Uganda Free State - UG Commonwealth of Kenya - KY Mombasa Free Territory - NR Duchy of New Walschor - NW Dominion of Rhodesian New Foundland - NF Rhodesian Badface - Bars and Grills

Rhodesian Navy RCF Commissioned Captain Rhodesian Land Army Rhodesian Civil Service


The Head of State of the Rhodesian Confederation is the House of Lords. The Lords hold a decisive power in the member states; however, each state has its own local Head of Government. The autonomy of the states is respected; nevertheless, secession is illegal unless with the Lords approval.

Foreign policy is reserved for the Lords. The member states can freely establish diplomatic relations with other nations or settlements abroad, but each and one of them is assesed by the Lords and can be dissolved when warranted. No member state can declare war. The power to do so is limited only to the Lords of West Rhodes through agreement. Any member state that were to engage in warfare without the Lord's consent or in an official state of war from the Rhodesian Confederation will be severly sanctioned.

Lords of the Rhodesian Confederation
Symbol Lord Title Functions Founder
The Dookie TheDookie Lord Spokesman of the House Major Representative of the House of Lords and of the R.C.F.
caBst caBastard Lord Admiral of the Navies Builds the Rhodesian Navy
Otto Von Bistarck OttoVonBistarck Lord Architect Builds public areas and government offices
Koentinius Koentinius Lord Field Marshal of the Land Armies Commands the Land Army in times of war
Junipero Junipero Lord of Public Relations Creates a good image for the House of Lords and its holdings
Killer Chris Killer Chris Lord of Foreign Diplomacy Leads Rhodesian diplomacy.
Lord_Uxbridge Lord_Uxbridge Senior Lord Advisor A founder of the Nation, defender of the Faith.
Former Lords
Symbol Lord Former Title Reason of Departure Founder
Catbuskris Catbuskris Titles nonexistent Got drunk and banned himself
Tanga the Loa Tangaloa Lord of the Dependencies Useless. Lack of national attachment to Rhodes


The Rhodesian economy moves around to mercantile activities of its own citizens and member states. West Rhodes has long dominates the wool and sandtone markets as well as dirt extraction for terraforming. The Rhodesian navies also hold long commercial routes to exchange goods.


Do to its massive size, the Rhodesian Confederation holds many cultures within its territories. The dominant culture is the British/Rhodesian culture. A strong sense of national pride and self determination. To it adds up Dutch architecture, which added up with British culture form the Rhodesian merchant culture. German culture makes its contribution too which is noticeable in Rhodes' organization. Spanish and French culture enrich Rhodesian art and music which also adds some romanticism in Rhodesian culture.

Certain settlements have a more well identified independent culture, like Uganda, East Rhodes or New Walschor. Most member states are entirely Rhodesian, culturally speaking.

Needless to say, all Rhodesian are proud Monarchists.

It's artistic view over shore of Rhodes.

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