A dwarven city with a german name, built and lead by italians and frenchmen, and designed with jewish intents.

Kingdom of Kriegstein and Nouvelle Lorraine / Royaume de Kriegstein et de Nouvelle Lorraine

Kingdom Of Kriegstein / Royaume de Kriegstein
National Anthem:
Capital Nouvelle Reims
Official Languages English
Demonyn Kriegstenian
Government Monarchy
(The Monarch)
Ministers Ralxtew
Establishment 7/12/2012
Population ~14/16
Abbreviation RKL
Icon: Citizens: Nobles:

Originally the Kingdom of Kriegstein was an association founded by Sidmund Marcus I and Ralxtew as a means to encourage commerce on Autism, facilitate the rise of smaller companies and inspire meta-autism with the rise of trading and commerce as a goal. It is now one of the most respectable Monarchy on the server, housing even a few Immortal Demigods.


Kriegstein (originally a consortium, a Consulate and now a Kingdom) was originally founded by Razor1311 “the Heretic” and Ralxtew for no fucking reason as a mining facility project on a small island. Different travellers and citizens from faraway lands joined the duo's autistic project, such as Sidmarcus01 and Termocaos. While Razor's and Ralxtew's tasks were that of exploring the ridiculously mineshaft/ravine-riddled depths directly below the tiny island, Sidmarcus01's was that of enriching the facility with an exquisite architectural style. Termocaos had the terrible chore of NOT BEING ONLINE. What terrible fate indeed.


The fall of the Estonian

Due to dangerously deadly amounts of mixed autism and butthurt, Razor1311 was forced to abandon the project. It was too late discovered that he is underage, and cannot solve insignificant problems in a polite and civilized manner. He was awarded the “Heretic” title after attempting to start a /b/ raid on the server, with minor griefing acts exclusive to the spawn. Fixing his misbehaviour took only a handful of seconds. His infamous title was chosen on the base of his board preferences.

<Razor1311> "MY FAVOURITE BOARD IS /b/ xD"

His return has been accounted several times in cryptic ways, but it is now merely a myth. It is said that the return of the Heretic will be accompanied by fiery storms of fire, a devastating mighty earthquake that will obliterate the Citadel, and worst of all, a wild herd of /b/ anoonislejun memespouters that do not know the meaning of feel and hate dragons.

Kriegstein, former founding member of the Holy Breshikan Empire

Once having emancipated the nation from the Katten Khanate's temporary protectorate, the two initial leaders of Kriegstein decided to form an alliance with the former Breshikan Empire and its Knight Order on the ashes of the old sovereign nations of the Breshikan Empire with its former ruler: Shakomatic. This alliance haves the main goal of creating a cultural, military and economical partnership. Sidmarcus convinced Toran and Soviet Republic remnants to join the alliance aswell, becoming free of the Katten Khanate's influence in the process.

KriegCorp's independence claim

In good faith, KriegCorp pulled the strings in cold blood decided to remove the Consortium from the HBE and to turn it again in a pacific nation focused on jewing. Despite the Breshikan battle of succession, that strained its resources, its leaders decided to give the go to Operation Stonebreak. Kriegstein is now officially recognized as Historical Capital of the Kingdom, while the current capital is now Nouvelle Reims

The Kingdom

Kriegstein is currently homing the political and religious organs of the Kingdom, while Nouvelle Reims is being built little by little. Kriegcorp is currently the biggest growing corporation on the server, incorporating new sources of income like the Ace Burger fast food chain owned by Enton, CEO of Zajebatsu Industry, and the Spudland industrial potato production.

Kriegstein: the not so "UNSIEGEABLE" Stone Citadel

There are a lot of slimes. They push you around and fap in public while you build.

Seriously, guys

After a brief period of total absense of slime, it was soon uncovered that they plan on taking the Citadel all for themselves.
The cold evening of 19th February, two giant slimes ambushed and murdered in cold blood Ralxtew, that was returning from Nouvelle Reims' construction site to gather materials from the Citadel's warehouse (therefore with no armor/weapons with him). This is a clear declaration of war, and Ralxtew prepares for the upcoming slime genocide, and proudly takes arms against the Green Menace.

The Consulate's Fondation

On the 23rd February 2013, an inthronation ceremony was held in Kriegstein to reform the government and honour the allies of the nation.
While Enton DJ'd played the organ, The Popar, who had travelled to Kriegstein for the ceremony, prompted Sidmarcus01 to stand before the altar of the Church of the Holy Feel. The Popar ritually washed Sidmarcus, lit candles, and blessed his reign, before handing him the sceptres of the realm and proclaiming him Consul of Kriegstein. The new Consul then turned around and named Ralxtew his co-consul, passing him the second sceptre. P_P_A pelted the ceiling with eggs confetti was thrown, and two chicks hatched and clucked the Noord Wortlander girls' choir sang a song of praise for the new rulers.

The guests—among which were representatives of the Holy Banana Empire, Battkhortostan, and Nieuw Walschor, proceeded into Kriegstein's recently completed assembly room, where a rich banquet was prepared. Sidmarcus01 held a speech and proclaimed a renewed alliance between the Kriegstein Consortium and the Duchy of Nieuw Walschor, and promised to build a church for the Popar in the new Kriegsteinian capital of Nouvelle Reims amid much applause and more eggs confetti.
The Consul then took the ceremonial golden sword and founded the Légion d'honneur Kriegsteinienne, of which he was made Grand-Croix. Ralxtew was named Co-Grand-Croix, Rosenmann Commandeur, and Enton and P_P_A were both awarded the title of Chevalier. P_P_A's dog got angry and chased Sid around a bit, but everyone agreed that the ceremony was lovely and thanked the host. 10/10 would attend again

Rise of a New Kingdom

After a long time of inactivity from the part of the co-Consuls, Sid Marcus, in the day of grace of 09/10/2013, took legitimately over the absolute power and created the Kingdom of Kriegstein / Royaume de Kriegstein. Giving to his former co-Consuls and some meritant citizen the role of Ministers. This done, he created the Marcusian dynasty, being the first representant of this royal house. His first decision as the First king of Kriegstein was to abolish the légion d'honneur Kriegsteinienne, replacing it with the Order of the Holy Spirit / Ordre du Saint Esprit.

The Historic Capital city

Kriegstein is a bustling underground stronghold, located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean in the Depths Region. The nation's name is taken from the Germanic words “Krieg”, meaning 'War', and then “Stein”, meaning “Stone” (or rarely “pit”). A rough translation of the name would be “Stone Citadel” (Zitadelle-stein is much less catchy).

The Capital city, Nouvelle Reims

Nouvelle Reims is the Kingdom's new capital and soon to be a beacon of pure magnificient urban and engineering marvel.

Landmarks and architecture

Kriegstein is currently under heavy development, and the most important infrastructures are slowly taking shape. The most notable ones are currently:

  • The surface buildings: a lightouse, docks's surrounding the island and the Entrance Gate, all these made by Sidmund Marcus the First
  • The Overwatch, a pretty autistic room that permits a wonderful look of the Mainhall, situated on top of the latter. Made by Ralxtew
  • The Mainhall: historically the first structure to be shaped in kriegstein with the collaboration of: Razor1311, Ralxtew, Sidmarcus01 and Termocaos
  • The Cultivation District: a classy cultivation district nearby the main hall, made by Sidmarcus01
  • The central station: a rail-station which will connect the different districts to the Main Hall (there is only one district linked currently). Made by Dozer and Sidmarcus01
  • The Temple Of Feel: A Neo-Classical/roman temple dedicated to worship the Holy Feel of no GF. Made by Sidmarcus01
  • Kriegcorp™ KriegTech® Redstone Laboratory of Delevopment and Research (K2RLDR): The Citadel houses one of the many portals scattered around the server that lead to the main KriegCorp Corporation facility. The redstone development branch takes care of practical problems and automatization of commercial processes to improve national functionality and help to slowly achieve a better, peaceful world. At a price.
  • The Royal Palace: a French Renaissance palace homing the great Assembly Hall. Made by Sidmarcus01
  • Incoming features: an enormous circular room surrounding the Mainhall that will welcome residences, some dwarven “vertical city” residences located in ravines, publics and political buildings in the main hall (as Embassies) and much more…

<NR landmarks go here>

Lands and territories

The Kingdom's annexed territories are mostly located in the Depths region, that features an enormous ocean. This forced the utopic plan of building almost every nation's buildings entirely underground. These territories extend on the nearly islands as Spudland, and other inoccupied ones which will be soon annexed as settlements and strongholds. Moreover each island haves its own Exclusive Economical Zone (EEZ), expanding the possessed lands on the ocean surface (and dephts). Kriegstein Consortium also annexed New Lorraine, making this settlement a legitimate territory of the nation. Since P_P_A gave clay to the consortium with the goal of building Nouvelle Reims near Nieuw Walschor, all the clay around Nouvelle Reims is Kriegsteinian.


The association's main quarters are located in Kriegstein, where the Table of the Council is located. New Lorraine has been recently annexed as a Kriegcorp possible trading outpost. Kriegcorp must be considered as a partial subdivision, as the skyscraper HQ (made by Sidmarcus01) is located in East Badface disctrict, making this building a national enclave.

Being part of the Holy Breshikan Empire, the Kriegstein Consortium must prevent the uprising on any Mongol movement. NOT ANYMORE LOLOLOLOL

Sidmarcus01 fought to emancipate the Consortium and went full dixie on Breshik (I WANT TO SECEDE) thought he died martyr for his nation in the process. With the fall of the HBE and Shakomatic's departure, final nail to the coffin to what remained of Breshik, the Consortium has regained full independency over their actions and territories.

The Kingdom of Kriegstein is an imperialist nation, and its relationships are based on cultural domination and Serverwide Economical Supremacy.

The nation's economy revolves around the materials that are inventoried as stack surplus, those mainly being cobblestone, smoothstone and coal.
Kriegcorp covers the nation's economy at 360°, offering also a detailed inventory of raw materials, precious resources and useful mechanizing/banking systems, making Kriegcorp the main Merchant's Guild rival in terms of Economical Supremacy.
Kriegstein is also the site of the ServerWide Le Happy Merchant Market, where people from lands far away can freely practice commerce with all the people of the free world.

02:24   autism	<Ralxtew> how nice
02:25	autism	<Ralxtew> i log in and a slimy fap noise welcomes me
02:25	autism	<Ralxtew> i love this server

Such is life at Kriegstein

The Kingdom is famous for the monarchy's jewness (or at least Sid's and Ralxtew's); In fact, that of being a Jew is truly a work of art and scholarship, requiring unnecessary amounts of knowledge about classical music and baroque art, as much as pre-capitalist market strategical management and profit gain from absurdly born deals. In a nutshell, a Jew is an asshole with class.

This marks a huge social borderline between filthy plebeians and the glorious Jew master race, the former left absconded to the joy and bliss of concentrated ignorance in the Citadel slums. Only letting this happen is of the most inhumane behaviours that a Jew could ever let happen. To save face deal with this outrageous presence, the Jew master race decided to bring their unfathomable and priceless knowledge to the uncaring and ignorant mass of filthy slum plebeians.

Fun fact: there are no filthy plebeians in the Consortium's annexed territories. For now.

Sid in the main entry hall of Kriegstein

King of Kriegstein / Roy de Kriegstein

  • Sidmarcus01 (Historical founder of the Citadel; Roy de Kriegstein; Gouverneur Suprême des Armées de Kriegstein; Souverain Grand-Maître of the Order of the Holy Spirit; HBE Governor and Imperial Army general; KS Lead architect and designer; Preacher of the Holy Temple of Feel)


  • Ralxtew (Historical founder of the Citadel; Prince of Nouvelle Etrurie, Contrôleur général des Finances; Officier Commandeur of the Order of the Holy Spirit ; Lead KC RS Technologies researcher; KS Mineral Research and Extraction Foundation Lead engineer; Priest of the Holy Temple of Feel; Shaman of the Winddragon temple)
  • TheDookie (Historical Founder of Nouvelle Reims, Duke of Nouvelle Lorraine, Ministre d'Etat à la Guerre et à la Marine; Maréchal de Kriegstein; Officier Commandeur of the Order of the Holy Spirit; Cozy Architect of Nouvelle Reims)
  • Fogel (Count of Gorask; Ministre d'Etat à la Maison du Roy; Maréchal de Kriegstein; Officier Commandeur of the Order of the Holy Spirit)
  • Juinn ( Count of Juinndaten-Tasunia, Ministre d'Etat aux Affaires Etrangères; Commandeur of the Order of the Holy Spirit)


  • Termocaos (Lumberjack; Nouvelle Reims charcoal pit Manager)
  • Dozer
  • Heazen
  • Bloatedfish
  • Mazznoff (Official Consul Apotecary)
  • Bloodfirst92
  • Shid0x
  • Spiritkiller
  • Nova92
  • Gingerhermit

Honorary Members

Honorary and highly exclusive NEVR 4GET past residents tier

  • Razor1311 (Historical founder of the Citadel; Ex-Lead Miner)
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