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Great Janitor of Ender
Home City: Hinoarashington
Language: English
Alignment Gay faggot
National Affiliation: Republic of Ender
Joined: November 2012
Ethnicity Enderian

Birth and Early Life

Roughly around November 30, 2012, Glitchy was born in a nameless village, present day Aspergia, near a coast of Mari. His parents, Hinoarashi and EternalZohne, often had to keep a close eye on him so he wouldn't do dumb things like go into the mines and die in lava and losing one of their few diamond picks. Glitchy often attempted to explore the area, rebelling against his parents' wishes. However, he would often be slaughtered by prowling mobs less than 100 meters away from home, because despite his pure heart and bold spirit, he was reckless and naive.

The Migration

Roughly a month into his life, Glitchy had to migrate with his parents to a new land in search of a new land to build with, as Mari is literally nothing but snow. The group boarded their shitty wooden boats and sailed off. For many kilometers they sailed until they arrived at an ancient land of the Soviets. Pressing on, they eventually settled in a damp swamp where Glitchy proceeded to build a fucking terrible mockup of Unova's Village Bridge. His parents soon left him for a nearby desert at the coast, and he was left to build alone in Village Bridge.

The Other Migration

One cold night, Glitchy had felt a dry spell, and developed a desire for something great and new. Grabbing basic supplies needed to survive, he warped to Spawn and sailed out to a somewhat unsettled continent. After establishing a safe house he dwelved through thick jungles, swamps, and snow to find large plains with a weird rock sticking out of the center. This new land was soon dubbed Wonderfields. This was followed by more foundings of settlements.

The Founding of The Republic of Ender

Glitchy and Hino said okay let's make a nation and they did. North and South flavors were established

Shit happens

I'm actually surprised you're still reading this shit lol

North Ender Goes Bonkers

Kim Jong Bat kicks Glitchy out. Hell follows.

The Fading of Oceania

One day, Glitchy fell asleep in his hidden bunker. When he awoke, Oceania had melted away and all that was around him was a mysterious forest with trees made of wood no one had ever seen before. Gathering the remaining Enderians, they all set off on a great quest to rebuild the great nation of Ender.

The Great Enderian Quest

Article featuring the Great Enderian Quest

Unfortunately for Glitchy, his attempts to fuck Ender midbattle lead him too injurred to survive. Glitchy's Swoobatty body went through cheap 1970s special effects as he regenerated into a weird purple thing with no real species name.

Ascent to Madness

In late October 2015, Glitchy was bestowed power by God and channelled magic through the Ender Dragon. Legend speaks that he occasionally descends from Heaven to judge mortals for their actions or make autistic quests for people to play.

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