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This player is a COMMUNIST with authoritarian and dementia traits. This player is also a TERRORIST. Expect him to revolt against you waving red flags and calling you oppressor despite him being the same thing.

<caBst|IRC> Batt.x lobby worst lobby.
<caBst|IRC> It's like Washington D.C. over here.
<caBst|IRC> Batt.x = the Jews.
<caBst|IRC> [REDACTED] = the Gov't
<Sikandar[IRC]> that feel when head jew
<caBst|IRC> That is right.
<caBst|IRC> You barely show up here.
<caBst|IRC> But when you do you come up with some sick evil shit.
<caBst|IRC> You're the Ashkenazi Jew, K_Chris is the Mizrahi.

Sikandar relaxing in a pool (does he even lift?)
Titles Guide and Brother-Leader of the June 14th Revolution,
Sultan of the Battkhorttoman Empire,
Patriarch of House de Battkhort,
Khan of the Katten Khaganate (Battkhortostan)
Birth The very first /int/ creative server (pre-AlphaBernd)
Death N/A
Ethnicity Ashkenazim
Nationality Battkhortian

Guide and Brother-Leader of the June 14th Revolution and founder of Battkhortostan.

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