This player has fallen a martyr to mod admin abuse. Good night sweet prince.

This player is a Mod DIRTY FINN, DON'T TRUST THEM.
Talk to him in Swedish and Polish only!


Venom- (n. a poison, v. to infect with venom) -thrope (likely derived from anthrōpos meaning mankind, humanity) is a newer moderator, and recently one of the more active members of the staff. Despite the implied meaning of their name, the poisoner of humanity, they are actually fairly friendly and helpful when not Dyna-Smiting your entire settlement or otherwise lagging the server.

Le Venomthrope lives far from spawn, near the northern edge of the map. As the original inhabiant of the region Venomthrope was dismayed when the dirty Dominion of New Rhodes-Mombasa led by caBastard came into the region and started their poopy nation there stealing Venomthrope's rightful clay from the continent next to Venomthrope's settlement. Luckily after a few months of oceania the dirty Rhodesians have abandoned the server and left Venomthrope to be autistic in peace.

Venomthrope also was considerably involved in the creating of Wissendorf, a project originally headed by Ivanidiot. Up until the dirty mongols launched sneak attacks, burned the city into the ocean, and slaughtered entire families in the streets, parading in the bloodsports of their barbarian people, for the excuse of Ivan's politicals and of sheltering Yevian political refugees. At this point Venom, somewhat forcefully some say, but perhaps for the greater good, assumed headship of the settlement and maintained totalitarian despotic autisms and peace inside the realm.

On one day of boredom Venomthrope went full spördö and started the nation of New Finngolia which he rules with an iron fist north of the “peaceful” empire of Florina.

With the birth of alpha realms Venomthrope sat around Elggun but found it borings. He them moved into separate reality a settlement started by the wizzard areteee and started to fight the eternal battle against the pole by building forts and defensive structures to keep the dirty pole out of blessed clay.

Since 2015 the blessed year of our lord alphabernd venomthrope has been holing up in here building things and mentoring newblings in server politics.


Local Languages Winnish
Location Under the sea
Leader Venomthrope
Venomthrope's Isle
Local Languages Winnish
Location x-290, y-21965
Leader Venomthrope
Venomthrope IRL
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