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Katten Khaganate خانات قاتطهنلی カッタン 汗国 Katten Kağanlığı
Каттенский Каганат
Lófasz a seggedbe
Khagan Kovio RonGrundeswaldJr
Khans Greenkitten
Capital Kovkorum (de jure) Al-Iskandariya (de facto)
Demonyn Katar
Government Khaganate
Establishment The Khaganate is Infinite
Population Unknown
Abbreviation KK
Religion Freedom of Religion
Official Languages All languages of the Turan people
Preceeded By
Katten Khanate and all her vassals

After the exiled Khan returned, he decided to implement some reforms on his lands, most importantly a reorder of the command and the modernisation off all Katten Khanate settlements. Another important change that that the Mongols embraced the rest most of the Turan people.

The return of the Great Khan was rejoiced across the Katten Khanate. This return prompted an age of modernisation, the Khan ordered his people to build a mighty city in Kovkorum a permanent settlement to rule his lands from. Which was the initiation of his 12 step plan for modernisation.

Continuation of the Mongol Wars

Like their previous incarnation the Khaganate continued the Mongol Wars.

War of the Breshikan Succession

The first true test of Khaganate unity was against the forces of the Holy Breshikan Empire in the War of the Breshikan Succession. The war ended with a white peace on 05/02/13.

History as the Khaganate sees it

After establishing the capital, the Khan formed a Kaganate, and divided the lands amongst his trusted advisors elevating each to Khan status.

Division of lands

Khan Sikandar

Khan Sikandar would take charge of Battkhortostan (as well as her vassals Dogolandia, Montequercus, Kovanje Vrystaat, and Tel-Yeviv).

Khan Minoriko

Khan Minoriko would take charge of Tora no Seishi.

Khan Greenkitten

Khan Greenkitten would take charge of all the other Katten Khanate's lands such as Bannistan, The Katar Desert, Vinland, Laura, Vanamostan, and the Soviet Republic.

Mazznoff Noyan

Ruler of Auri after annulling its vassalship to Battkhortostan.

Brothers in arms, the Katten Khaganate fights together!
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Kovio Khan's tuğra
Kovio bin Chen el-muzaffer daima
Kovio son of Chen is forever victorious

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