View from Sigfell Terrace.
Location x:-850, z:4800
Local Languages English
Government Municipal Administration
Administrator June (July)
Establishment 10-03-2015
Population ~0

A city on the platform in the middle of the Prism Ocean. A capital of Cærulean Federation.


After successful raid on the ocean monument, by Hinoarashi, P_P_A, and June, the latter came with idea of remaking the monument into a prismarine farm. P_P_A liked it and helped him clear the water and remove the monument. Later, some people joined with the construction of the farm: CaptNOwen wanted prismarine to build his Birthday Cake Palace, GideonSpires liked all technological stuff like mobfarms and yeti30 just wanted to build something together. Eventually, P_P_A continued to expand Transmaad, CaptNOwen left to build his settlement and GideonSpires was accidentally scared by June when he worked on big heights and fell to his death. Eventually the appropriate hole was dug and the mechanisms were built. June proposed the idea of building a city above the farm, on the platform in the middle of the sea, and P_P_A expanded it into making a maritime nation. And so, Cærula was born.

Ebin donkey house.

Rise of the city

Each city has a name, so June chose name “Prismriver”, because he couldn't come up with better name with “Prism” part in it. Also it is a tribute to Touhou.
After the city was planned and major streets were marked, June and P_P_A invited their friends, Sid and Koinucian to build some houses there. Eventually, more houses were built, including the famous ebin donkey house by yeti30. However, server people were not very enthusiastic about building houses far away, and that left June quite depressed. So there is still several free places and we invite all builders who would want to test their creativity, or just build a house in the middle of nowhere.

Leaving the city

As server activity shifted to other places, P_P_A and June decided to move onto their other projects and IRL things. Having the major supply of prismarine, they didn't need the prismarine farm much, however, lack of sea lanterns sometimes brings them back. Still, completion of the city is expected some time at the future.


After returning from a year-long absence, June decided to expand the city by surrounding it with 8 more platforms with houses, making it really big city. But later his lack of architecture skills brought him into despair. So it's everlasting work in progress. Also playing WoW doesn't really help him.


After the Monument raid, P_P_A decided to erect a monument on the closest island near monument. For more info see Sigfell Island (a bit outdated).
During the city construction, P_P_A invited Mystia_Lorelei to settle on the nearby flower forest island, to which she readily accepted. She called it Hanajima (literally, Flower Island).
Some islands on the south are occupied by yeti30, who built a temporary house there and lighted them. However, as there is still place, something may be later built there.
Further south June's home island, Wadanohara, is located.
Three islands to northwest host the town of Orinburg, June's project. It is not really finished.
Prismarine farm. Directly under surface of the platform. We don't recommend you to dig down. Also, messing with machinery thing is bannable offence.
All islands are connected with an underwater rail line, which also goes all the way to Second and Third Spawns.

Prismarine farm as seen by most visitors

Prismarine is the main export of Prismriver. It is traded at the prismarine store at spawn (big prismarine building at the west). Fish is secondary export.

Prismarine farm as seen by CaptNOwen

As P_P_A doesn't spend too much time in the game these days, the city is currently administered solely by June (July).

Currently the only residents are 2 yev traders (at the hotel and the bar, respectively).

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