Sigfell Island Monument

Sigfell Monument
Built 6th March 2015
Coordinates -685 X, 4805 Z

The Sigfell Monument on Sigfell Island depicts an Elder Guardian impaled on a sword. It was erected by P_P_A two days after the successful assault on a nearby Ocean Monument by Hinoarashi, June, P_P_A, and later Venomthrope.

The Conquest of the Depths

When the map was expanded on the 2nd of March, Ocean Monuments were found all throughout the new ocean. On his way south to claim an island, P_P_A spotted a particular one at X=-875, Z=4805 and noted down the coordinates. A day later, inspired by yeti30's and feati's efforts in the north, June and P_P_A decided to take a shot at conquering it, and prepared enchanted gear and supplies. Venture capitalist Hinoarashi of the Ender Republic became aware of their plans and decided to invest in the expedition by providing quality diamond equipment and potions, and taking part in person.

The three adventurers met on a small nearby island, later named Sigfell Island. P_P_A was the first to arrive, and quickly built a small hut in his typical Witgebel style, though the base of operations was moved inside the Monument once enough space had been drained and secured.

The raid started out chaotically. The darkness, the labyrinthine layout of the temple, and the curse of the Elder Guardians made navigation difficult, and the three explorers ended up getting lost a lot. When their potions of water breathing wore off, they retreated to the entrance hall, which had been cleared with doors, and holed up.
Deciding that a different approach was in order, they each returned home to fetch supplies; Hinoarashi brought TNT, June supplied doors and milk, and P_P_A crafted scores of pumpkin lanterns. Their second push was met with success. Hinoarashi used the TNT to dry rooms and blast open walls, killing one or two Elder Guardians in the process, while June secured and mapped out the area. P_P_A explored the depths of the monument, lighting the path and creating air bubbles along the way. With the help of Venomthrope, who had arrived to join the raid, he slew the last guardian.

When the curse wore off, the Hino, June, and P_P_A claimed their prize: a stash of gold and sponges. After they had divided the loot, it was quickly decided that they ought to build a monument on Sigfell Island to commemorate their victory, but at the time, they parted ways.


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Another view of the monument.

The next day, June returned to the monument, constructed a Nether portal for easier access, and started to drain the monument of water, room by room. P_P_A designed the monument and built it a day later, while also replacing the small hut with a similar, though larger building, intended to later host a souvenir store to sell rare materials from the ocean floor.
There are plans to develop the site of the monument into a guardian farm ran by a joint venture of the Republics of Ender and Joodfontein.

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