Cærulean Federation

Cærulean Federation
Location -855 X, 4810 Z
Capital Prismriver
Local Languages English
Demonyn Cærulean
Government Republic
Leaders P_P_A
Establishment 7th April 2015
Dissolution 14th May 2015
Population 5

The Cærulean Federation is a federation of various coastal and insular settlements, including Prismriver, Death Knell Bay, and Siverny-le-Chateau. It was founded by P_P_A, June, and venomthrope out of a desire to unite the settlements of the southern ocean under one banner, and a desire to bully people with gunboat diplomacy.


Following the update to 1.8.3, the server's population exploded, and new nations and city-states sprung up left and right. With the Mongols having faded into history, it was a peaceful era—too peaceful for June, P_P_A, and venomthrope. June and P_P_A had worked together on the banks of the Maad and considered creating a nation of their own. They got together with venomthrope, who lived nearby and had fought alongside June during the Enchantment Table War, to discuss their plans. They quickly found common grounds in their interest in creating a maritime nation based on seafaring and gunboat diplomacy.

Liberation of Siverny

Main page: Sivernian War

At the time, Sidmarcus01 considered taking a similar turn with his settlement of Siverny. When he was told of the proposed nation by his old ally P_P_A, he immediately expressed interest in associating with the Federation. Shakomatic, unwilling to allow Siverny to secede from the Commonwealth of Breshik, blockaded the settlement.
As its first act as a city-state, Cærula dispatched its navy to break the blockade and to support Siverny in her struggle for independence.

Under the protection of the Cærulean navy, the Sivernians were able to conduct a poll on independence, in which an overwhelming majority expressed their desire to separate from Breshik. Breshikan loyalists, supported by their ilk from the mainland, rose up in the Sivernian province of Watertown. In the following chaos, a Cærulean citizen was killed by one of the rebels. In response, Cærula ordered her naval forces to support the Sivernian military in squashing the rebellion. After a costly siege the rebels were driven out of Watertown, and the region was fully incorporated into independent Siverny.

Accession of Siverny

Siverny joined the Cærulean Federation soon afterwards, after the formalities had been taken care of. This prompted another attack on Siverny by Breshik, who refused to accept Siverny's new status. The Breshikan troops were supported by a Calisian detachment under the command of then-chancellor Tomoko. They initially succeeded in occupying Sidmarcus01's palace and erecting barricades, but with the arrival of the Cærulean military, they were soon driven out. The soldiers under Sicmarcus01 controlled the highground for the rest of the battle and were able to repel any counter-attacks until the invaders gave up and retreated.

Calisian Peacekeeping Mission

Main article: Battle of Calis

Following Chancellor Tomoko's unconsitutional deployment of troops against Cærula in the Battle of Siverny-le-Chateau, public opinion in Calisia turned against him and forced him to flee the country. He found refuge and an ally in North Ender, and returned to Calisia the next day to take control of the country. Supported by North Enderian troops, Tomoko took control of the capital in a coup d'êtat and started massacring dissidents. P_P_A and Venomthrope of Cærula heard of the Calisians' plight and decided to send an expeditionary force to oust Tomoko's military dictatorship and to restore democracy. After a long journey, they finally reached Calisia. The North Enderians detonated a bomb in the middle of the capital, causing great damage, but the Cærulean troops survived and expelled the occupants. They maintained their presence for a few more hours to repel renewed attempts by North Ender and Tomoko to retake the city, until the Calisian militia had reorganised and they could leave the defense of the country in their hands.


The Cærulean Federation survived her trial by fire, and established herself among the server's other nations. King Shakomatic eventually accepted Siverny's seccession and accession to the Cærulean Federation, and so the blockade of Nova Bydlograd was lifted. Both countries normalised their diplomatic and economic relations and agreed on a common border.

Tomoko had joined the Republic of Ender, and agitated against the Cærulean Federation, for he sought revenge for the Cærulean intervention in Calisia. His efforts to provoke a war caused a brief diplomatic spat between Cærula and Ender, but P_P_A defusedthe tensions in negotiations with. Peace ensued, and the Cærulans turned to building, and to settling new islands.


A little more than one month after its creation, the leaders of the Cærulean Federation decided to dissolve the nation and to transfer its assets to an apolitical holdings company and to independent settlements. Factors in their decision were the declining activity of the server and the resulting inactivity of most other nations, the rise of the new Mongols and their centralising effect on server politics, as well as a desire by some of its members to concentrate on building projects.

The Cærulean Federation's territories are spread far apart, but connected by the ocean. Besides some unnamed small islands, the nation's possessions includes the capital of Prisimriver, Sigfell Island, Gamma Island, Death Knell Bay, Siverny, islands at (-1050, 4500) and the Ostrow Islands. Most of the Federation's lands are located in the southern ocean, though with the accession of Siverny, it reaches as far north as the Bay of Vargisk.

Prismriver and its surrounding islands. The eastern Ostrow Islands. Death Knell Bay.

The industrious Cæruleans area on average quite wealthy. The guardian farm of Prismriver makes the nation the server's prime dealer in Prismarine and Fish. Wheat is imported from the neighbouring lands of Transmaad, where Cærulean merchants own vast slave plantations.

Cærula is a maritime nation with a rich tradition of shipbuilding. Its merchant vessels can be found as far away as Breshik, and so too can its warships.

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