Koinu is a disgusting faggot

Has a 10/10 ass, would fug.
t. Tomoko “the ass-rater” Kuroki


Home City: Kurakao
Language(s): Polish, English
National Affiliation: none
Political Affiliation: none
Roles and Titles: Pedał (Faggot)
Primate of Onionland
Tsaritsa of Izmorosjov
Poglavnica of Alisa
Joined: July 2012

Koinucian (or just Koinu) is a Polish underage faggot. He often builds cosy solitary settlements, such as Alisa, Marysin, Izmorosjov and Dynamiburg.
He took an active role in some of Onionland's early projects such as colonisation of lands claimed by savages and glorification of the Polish Pope.
He is also known for making lewd posts and threads on Krautchan /int/, where his “cute” lewd animu pictures (always traps), as well as some camwhoring, are easily spotted.

Has nice fat gay legs.

Totally not gay

<Chizumi> Come at me
<Chizumi> I dare you
<Koinu> no
<Koinu> you come at me
<Chizumi> I fuck your ass, cunt
<Koinu> come with all you have
<Koinu> i love semen
<Chizumi> I'll drown you in my semen, slut
<Koinu> yes
<Koinu> pls

Shakomatic on koinu

[23:28]	<autism><Shakomatic> you are a nice building

Inside Koinu's mind

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