This player is a guy girl roleplaying as a girl

Don't hit on him her

Titles Ex-Shogun of the GAM
Ex-Empress of the GAM
Empress of Kijima
Joined September 2011
Languages Spanish
Feel No Job

<kovio> the comment section is filled with
<Sikandar> pure faggotry
<kovio> like 11 year old weeaboos\ <@Enton> sikandar, kovio, where?
<autism> <Omaar> pathetic
<Sikandar> mystia's steam profile
<Sikandar> Mystia is grooming 11 yr old weeaboos
<Sikandar> to make fuggings

Former Empress of the Greater Pan-Asian Meritocracy (G.A.M.).

The Abandonment of Eien-Kyo and the day the G.A.M. was dissolved.

Mystia on her family

[18:48:39] <houdini> [alpha] <santtupiip> Its legal to marry your cousin here.
[18:48:50] <houdini> [alpha] <santtupiip> not even kidding
[18:48:50] <houdini> [alpha] <Brosephtx> it's legal to marry your cousin in Texas too
[18:49:09] <houdini> [alpha] <MystiaLorelei> I want to move to finland with my cousin then, shes hot
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