Nieuw Walschor

Principality of Nieuw Walschor

    Jan 7th–Feb 3rd    
Capital Voelhaven
Official Languages Dutch
Demonyn Nieuw Walschorer
Government Monarchy
Leader P_P_A
Population 7
Abbreviation NW

Nieuw Walschor was an independent principality nominally a vassal of the Grand Duchy of Walschor, located on a different server. It grew from the coastal settlement of Voelhaven, which expanded into the hinterland as its population increased.


Prior to the arrival of Walschorer settlers, the site of later Voelhaven was occupied by a small population of Yev, numbering 2.

Great Oyvey of Voelhaven

When the first Walschorer colonists set foot to the Voelhaven peninsula, they were received friendlily by the native Yevs, and found shelter in their small village. While they were out surveying the area, the Yev village was attacked by Zombies, who broke down the doors and massacred all 2,000,000 million Yevs. This event, and the failure of the first colonists to defend the natives, is remembered as the Great Oyvey of Voelhaven. Every day is memorial day and any citizen of Nieuw Walschor is personally responsible for these events.

Founding of Voelhaven

The city of Voelhaven, which was to become the bud and later capital of Nieuw Walschor, was founded by P_P_A, acting on behalf of the Grand Duke of Walschor P_P_A in search of new lands to colonise. His ship anchored in the calm Bay of Voelhaven. After setting foot to the Peninsula of Voelhaven and making contact with the local native Yevs, the colonists began constructing a small town.

Growth of the colony

Resources were scarce and conditions rough as the colonists laboured to construct a road network, mill, town hall, and modern fortifications around Voelhaven. Lacking yet the means to defend itself, Voelhaven joined the The Holy Breshikan Empire for protection.

It was not until the Eisenbacher merchant Luddi visited Voelhaven that it entered its golden age. Delighted by the town's architecture, he spread word of it across the server. Soon, a growing number of people settled down in the colony, whose population reached 5 on Jan 6th 2013.


The requirements having been met, Nieuw Walschor was declared a nation one day later.

In the light of its growing might, its status as a dependent colony was deemed inappropriate. To pre-empt secession, the Grand Duke of Walschor P_P_A awarded the colonial governor P_P_A the title of a Prince, thereby turning the nation into a principality. Nieuw Walschor formally recognises the Grand Duchy of Walschor as its suzerain, but its great autonomy renders it effectively independent.

Nieuw Walschor remained a member nation of the Holy Breshikan Empire.

Annexation of Nedermark

On the 23rd January 2013, P_P_A Prince of Nieuw Walschor was visited by the ghost of Koentinius and guided to Amsterhavn. He visited the cemetery and marked every grave with the name of one of Nedermark's former citizens. After a moment of silence, he declared the annexation of Nedermark, turning it into a protectorate of Nieuw Walschor for the sake of preserving its heritage.

War of the Breshikan Succession

Main article: War of the Breshikan Succession

Following the departure of Kaiser Shakomatic, K_Chris proclaimed himself emperor of the Holy Breshikan Empire, which the two de facto leaders, P_P_A and Sidmarcus01 protested. After K_Chris murdered P_P_A on a diplomatic mission war was declared between K_Chris on one side, and an alliance of Nieuw Walschor and Kriegstein on the other.
Nieuw Walschor, still lacking in resources, was ill-prepared for a war of the scale this one was to assume. K_Chris soon received backup by the Katten Khaganate and its vassals, Battkhortostan among them, and other assorted allies.


The Breshikan forces suffered many losses, and Nieuw Walschor's capacities were strained during successive raids and counter-offences. After the country's wolf militia was decimated and its armoury robbed during the Massacre of Voelhaven, it became obvious that defeat was inevitable.
Upset by the jingoistic behaviour and lousy performance of his vassal, the Grand Duke of Walschor in the distant capital Ketherbrühl revoked the Prince of Walschor's titles. The Princiality of Nieuw Walschor was thus effectively dissolved; its holdings reverted to settlement status, the colony Markonië gained independence.

Nieuw Walschor was located on the new spawn's continent. It was bounded in the north and east by the river Mark, in the southeast by Lake Zeemeer (Dutch)/Meersee (German), and in the south and west by the ocean.

The heartland of Nieuw Walschor was the Voelhaven Peninsula, on which the city of the same name was built. It controlled the Berganzee to the west, a small sea shielded from the waves by Trutzfels Island, and the Bay of Voelhaven to the east. The forest in the surrounding hinterland was cleared to make way for a bocage landscape.

To the west of the country lay the Marscland, a vast, swampy region, the western part of which was annexed following the settlement of the West Marscland Dispute.


Voelhaven Province contains the capital city of the same name and controls the whole south-western coastline of the country. It reaches deep into the hinterland to ensure the defence and supply of Voelhaven.
The Noord Wortland islands situated in the Sea of Florina were colonised by Nieuw Walschor on the 31.01.2012, much to displeasure of New Finngolia.
Markonië on the Aartsengel Gabriël archipelago west of Nieuw Walschor proper was a settlement whose sugarcane and cocoa plantations made it a jewel in the Nieuw Walschorer crown. xMarkuz was named its governor.

The Free City of Voelhaven joined the Holy Breshikan Empire in its early days. When it became the capital of the nation, this membership carried over to Nieuw Walschor as a whole. It maintained cordial relations with the Peaceful Empire of Florina.

West Marscland Dispute

During the time when Voelhaven was still a settlement, unknown forces landed on the shores of western Marscland and laid the foundation for a large tower, in plain sight of Voelhaven. Incensed by this grave disturbance of his coziness, P_P_A put up a few signs bearing harsh warnings. Even as Nieuw Walschor gained nationhood, the dispute remained unresolved. Days later, the building had been removed, and a couple of signs conceding defeat were found in its place, though the invaders' identity remained unknown. West Marscland was thereupon officially annexed to Nieuw Walschor and incorporated into Marscland Province. A monument was erected on the site commemorating this great victory of coziness.

The population of Nieuw Walschor, of which only 14.28% can be traced back to the old Walschor, was composed of the following ethnicities:

  • 14.88% P_P_A
  • 14.88% Dansendebaby
  • 14.88% Deathprize
  • 14.88% ovnuv
  • 14.88% xMarkuz
  • 14.88% anikinoken

The fertile fields of Voelhaven province provided an ample supply of wheat, potatoes, carrots, and lifestock. Sugarcane and cocoa fruits were aplenty on the insular colony of Markonië.

Voelhaven Building Code

  • Buildings must adhere to Dutch and Low German architecture.
  • They must be cute & adorable, and cozy.
  • Houses within the town must be taller than wide.
  • Houses may not be higher or shorter than their neighbouring building than by a third of the neighbour's height.
  • The façades are to form a continuous line, their front hugging the pavement.
  • Ornaments, small staircases, pillars, etc. may overlap the Smooth Stone Slab pavement, but not the cobblestone streets.
  • Upper floors may protrude by one block for every six blocks of height, up to three blocks.
  • There must be no gaps between buildings; each wall must hug the neighbouring one.
  • Gardens are therefore not permitted in front or to the side of a house; behind one or underground are fine however.
  • In compensation for this, every citizen is granted a field around the town for their personal use.
  • Plots within the town are 10 blocks deep and a minimum of 7 blocks wide.
  • Before building a house, build its façade in Creative Mode and submit a screenshot of it to P_P_A for approval.
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