This nation is a tribunal member of the Katten Khaganate.

Yes we have four flags and three coat-of-arms.

The Empire of BattkhortostanБаттхёртостанская Имперія
  Flag of Imperial Battkhortostan
Battx RISSIR Flag
  Battle Flag
Coat of Arms Coat of Arms Coat of Arms
Anthem National Imperial Anthem of the Battkhorti Empire
Capitol Al-Iskandariya
Official Languages Arabic, English, Turkish
Demonyn Battkhorti, Battkhortian, Battkhortstani, Battkhortostani
Government Absolute Monarchy, Socialistic Feudalism
Ideology National Bolshevism, Islamic Gommunism
Leader Sikandar, House de Battkhort
Establishment June 15th, 2011
Population Enough to be a nation ;)
Abbreviation Battx., BX

See also: History of Battkhortostan

The eighth incarnation of Battkhortostan following the coup of K_Chris and fall of the seventh Battkhortostan.

Unstable from the start, the Battkhortian Civil War would see Battx fractured into multiple warring states. Eventually a peace was made and West Battkhortostan would reunify with East Battkhortostan.

Shortly after the civil war, Battkhortostan became embroiled in the War of Breshikan Succession, seeking to install K_Chris of House de Battkhort-Breshik onto the Breshikan throne. These events would ultimately culminate in the collapse of the Holy Breshikan Empire.

It was around this time that Battkhortostan, in conjunction with the Katten Khanate and Greater Toran Empire, founded the Katten Khaganate.

Al-Iskandariya would in time become the de facto capital of the Katten Khaganate and principle city of the region.

On April 11th, 2013, the Empire of Battkhortostan was declared, inheriting all responsibilities and titles of the Kingdom of Battkhortostan.

Now in HD: The primary territory of Imperial Battkhortostan is shown in red, while that shown in yellow is of Kovanje Vrystaat, a territory of ambiguous ownership administrated jointly by Battkhortostan and the Katten Khanate.

Old maps

Old maps

Map of the Kingdom Battkhortostan, outdated
Map of the former Kingdom of Battkhortostan, outdated


Eyalet of Al-Iskandariya


Eyalet of Gurkburk


Eyalet of Maleth


Eyalet of Pollyanna


Location of Battkhortostan

Internal Politics

Battkhortostan is led primarily by the House de Battkhort, an aristocratic family headed by Sikandar, the absolutist ruler of the state.

In the absence of Sikandar, policy is to be set by the Regency Council comprising greenkitten, K_Chris, and mazznoff.

Despite authoritarian rhetoric Battkhortostan has proven to be more democratic than any other nation.

Anti-Yevism is a rampant in Battkhortostan. The terrorist group, the Bureau for the Ethical Neutralisation of Inferior Species (BENIS), is thought to be receiving covert sponsorship from corrupt Battkhorti government officials.

International Relations

Kovanje, Montequercus, and Tel-Yeviv are protectorates and vassals of Battkhortostan.

Battkhortostan (and its vassals) are constituent members of the Katten Khaganate, and Battkhortostan herself is a tribunal member.

Battkhortostan has formed a mutual defensive pact jointly with Auri and Kriegstein.

See also: Military of Battkhortostan

All nations fear the Battkhortstani wizard.

Battkhortostan sustains its inefficient economic programs with an endowment of minerals received as a gift from Allax at the very beginning of the map.

The National Bank of Battkhortostan maintains branches at spawn and Al-Iskandariya. It is the main competitor of the Bank of Kurwa.


Battkhortostan is a very large country with very few industrial centres. Whereas al-Iskandariya is a rich, bustling powerhouse, the rest of the nation lags behind (except see Kovanje and Dynstad).

To remedy the situation, dear Brother-Leader and Guide of the Revolution has called for flattening and large-scale industrialization of the Blasted Desert region to complement the agricultural sector being constructed in Gurkburk.

From this map one can see the difference in light availability in Battkhortostan.

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Battkhortostan encourages blanda upp among its citizens, whites are in the minority and mixed-race children are the norm.

See also: Relics of Imperial Battkhortostan
See also: Honors of Imperial Battkhortostan

The Hymn of Butthurt is Battkhortostan's national anthem, written by Killer_Chris.

Battkhortostan's honors include the Order of Butthurt, awarded to those exhibiting extreme butthurt.

As is common in socialistic societies, after a hard day of toiling in the potato fields and local GULAGs, the average Battkhortstani prefers to wind down by sampling some of the finest North Korean ganj.


Battkhortostanis are indoctrinated with the official state ideology at the Battkhortostan National Academy of Arts and Sciences.


Most Battkhortians are followers of the haniffiya, or the true religion of Abraham, and are devotees of the prophet Muhammed and Allah.

Battkhortostanis and the Battkhortostan government can be reached through the talk pages of this wiki or our IRC channel: #battkhortostan #chat

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