New Finngolia

New Finngolia
Local Languages English
Demonyn Fingolian
Government Dictatorship
Leader venomthrope
Establishment 30-12-12
Population ~9
Abbreviation NF

New Finngolia is a nation primarily consisting of finns seeking equally spurdö people to spärde with. New Finngolia though primarily focused on finnishness does not discriminate in its recruiting and takes all peoples as part of Finngolian glory. But not soulless Swedes, they are the source of all evil and must be put in to camps for re-education.

founding/time period

Founded 31.12.2012 by Venomthrope. When venomthrope ascended to the status of demi-god he was struck with depression as everything done in past seemed so easy now and creating things felt so hollow. Pondering his meaning venomthrope saw a black swan swimming near the pristine waters of venomthrope's isle. venomthrope saw this as a sign from the gods and started to follow the black swan. After flying many days and nights the black swan landed near a region of frigid cold and dark and venomthrope beseeched the swan why it had led him here. Looking into the eyes of the swan venomthrope saw men and gods clashing under the banner bearing the black swan dying for glory and honor, at this moment venomthrope realised he would have to start a nation that would bear the swan in its flag and lead this nation to fame and glory.

The Fateful Meeting
venomthrope ponders on his purpose before meeting the black swan

New Finngolia was founded on a snow biome north of spawn. The region is currently wilderness only inhabited by the wandering wolf packs and bears. Construction of the capitol of New finngolia has started.

New Finngolia can be found at the following link:

New Finngolian Express

The New Finngolian Express is a tunnel network currently spanning all the islands that belong to Finngolia. This magnificent piece of engineering goes to Spärinä village, Summa Fort, Mannerheim penisula, U.U.K island, Exile isle, Spedopia and Kvenland. The project of building the Finngol Express took about 1 month and the biggest problems encountered during building were underground lava lakes and suprise attacks by evil silverfish near the U.U.K Island. Finngol express is open for use to all weary travelers wishing to travel around the finngolian counties.

The region of New Finngolia is untouched virgin land full of minerals and spruce trees ready for the lumber mills and mineral process facilities of New Finngolia.

New Finngolia has received it first residents and is under constant development.

The Breshik Incident

First incident with the infamous tyrant and ruler of the oppressed people of Breshik Shakomatic. Shakomatic attempted to get the loyal people of The republic of finland to spy on the representative nation on the server New Finngolia. After numerous failed attempts and poor protections on the communications to the people shakomatic was trying to convert, the New Finngolian / /classified/ / agency was able to intercept breshikan communications and foil shakomatics plot to steal the secrets of Finnish architecture. As a back up plant the tyrant send a murrican to spy on the secrets of finngolia but failed as the mysterious finish soul overwhelmed the shriveled murrican souls and the tyrant received only maddened babble from the now incurably mad murrican.

Noord Wortland incident

On 3.2.2013 the people of noort wortland started to declare independence for the colony of Nieuw walschor. At the head of this rebellion was Oranje. Oranje reched for New Fingolia for aid and protection from the soon to be dead nation nieuw walschor. The righteous will for freedom moved venomthrope and he decided to protect the people of woort. But unknown to him at the time the leader of the “rebellion” was none other than the main mongoloid and biggest dick of the server Kovio who using his subhuman intellect tried to incite war between New Finngolia and HBE by using a fake alias of Oranje. The deceit was soon discovered by the server admin te3 and “Oranje” was banned for being a mongoloid scum and ban evasion.

The Polenation

The peoples of the land had been suffering from a plague of unintelligible blabber coming from the local Pole population. This insane drivel had driven many of the servers residents to declare poles anathema, see The War of Ethnic Cleansing. On one dark day the shores of the Summa fort in spärinä village were invaded by these mad blabbering poles from Commonwealth of Onionland. These poles had driven the demi-god Enton, Similiar to founder venomthrope, mad and he had become a sadistic supporter of the mad poles and their insane plans to invade Finngolian clay. The poles settled a small island south of Summa fort and started to claim ownership to this piece of Finngolian clay. Venomthrope said the poles had broken one of the laws placed by the god king Te3 and they should evacuate the region before any harm would befell them and the most merciful Founder gave the poles 2 days to remove their presence from clay or be cast out for all eternity beyond the gates of night. On the foretold date of 28.2.2013 18:00 venomthrope went to expel the uncooperative poles from Finngolian clay. Some resisted but were cast out of the gates of night so that venomthrope could remove offending structures. After removal the founder pulled the offending poles from beyond the gates and set them unto clay and said. “Let No Pole Tresspass The Clay Of Any Of The Free Peoples Living In This Land”. Thus the poles fled to their dark caves to plot and weave evil plans against the Free peoples of the server.

Finngolia is governed by Beloved leader. All matters concerning internal matters of New Finngolia are decided by the venomthrope and citizens are free to bring any disputes and issues before the Beloved leader. Matters of war and other really important shit requires the approval of venomthrope.

Finngol Archipelago

During the early years of Finngolian expansion the explorator ship saukko discovered what is now known as Finngol Archipelago. At first though uninhabited island proved to be full of barbarous people from the lands south of Finngolia. These barbarian tribes drove away the brave explorers who were suffering from lack of men due to various diseases and lack of pure water, were unable to rebel the cowardly barbarian tribes and were forced to return to sacred homeland for resupply. These barbarian tribes are know to currently inhabit the isles of the Finngol Archipelago and the region is waiting for reconquest so that Development and progress can be brought to these savage peoples.

+++ Updatum +++

After centuries of siege and starvation of the foul enemies of finngolia, the segret services of Finngolia have managed to slay the foul enemy warlord Mystialorelei the perverted, in a ambush in the very heart of the enemy stronghold. This caused the enemy lines to crumble and the finngolian armed forces managed to drive the enemy deeper into their corrupt and twisted lands in the east. Finngol archipelago has officialy been integrated into glorious Finngolian nation and the development and purification of the small islands has begun after centuries of pollution and stagnation caused by the enemy presence.

Mannerheim Penisula

As part of the series of attempts to stabilize the borders of New Finngolia and create a defencible position to prevent the southern barbarian tribes from entering finngolia proper, a penisula long ago discovered by finngolian explorers south of the capitol was selected to act as a monitoring station and garrison to a small selection of elite operatives to monitor souther barbarians and when necessary to sabotage the attempts to spread too close to finngolian borders. A imposing watch station was build on the best defencible hill position on the penisula and the site was one of the first locations to be connected to the trans finngolian rail way network, later to be called finngol express. This watch station was named watch station erioch and the region in general after the legendary finngol military commader mannerheim. The station crew have committed numerous actions agains the souther tribes an continue the twarth their expansion efforts deemed too harmful for New Finngolian interests in the region.


During a rare once a century astrological event known as poison rain when hundreds of comets fly near our world emitting a poisonous green glow on the world. During this rare event an anomaly was detected amoing the normal comets, a bright red comet was flying towards our world. Finngolian astronomist studied the pattern of flight and determined the location the meteor would impact on our world. An expetition was send to the estimated location to recover the fallen celestial object. After witnessing the landing of the comet finngolian ship headed for the site and found that it had impacted on a unclaimed and uninhabited island North East of the finngolian capitol and sunk deep into the earth so that it could not be transported easily into the capitol so a research base was founded on the impact site to study this object and its nature, structure and other features deemed important to the empire. This discovery was deemed important enough to add the island to the finngolian empire. The island was named Spedopia in rememberance of the famous Finngolian thinker Spede Pasanen.

Exile Isle

Found during the failed expedition to the Finngol archipelago. This island is covered in a lush tropical jungle that harbors numerous dangerous predators and a barbaric cannibal tribe. The removal of the tribe and the meager natural resources offered by the region were deemed too wasteful to remove actively so the Finngolian council decided to establish a prison colony for its most infamous murderers, traitors and heretics to keep them away and to protect the law abiding finngolian people and the inevitable loss of the prisoners to the local fauna or cannibals was deemed fitting end to their traitorous ways. The island has a mine that supplies finngolia with a small amount of resources like iron, coal and a small amounts of diamonds and gold and keeps the inmates busy. The mine is garrisoned with a small troop of guards and civilian staff to keep the inmates from escaping the mine or necessary the island if the locals are unable to stop(eat) the prisoners. The island also contains a small port for when the monthly supply ship brings the mine its needed supplies and also takes away mined resources to the capitol for processing.

New Finngolian Regions
Map of New Finngolias Clay
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