Noord Wortland

Noord Wortland

Noord Wortland (in green) in the Sea of Florina.
Location 750 X, -7660 Z
Local Languages Dutch
Demonyn Wortlander
Government Dictatorship
Leader P_P_A
Establishment 31st January 2013
Population 1

Noord Wortland is an island chain in the Sea of Kijima, occuyping the north of the Sabishii archipelago (referred to by the Walschorers as “Wortland”), and centered on Ebbenschipp. It is bordered to the south by the independent settlement of Kijima.

The name “Wortland” derieves from the Proto-Germanic word *wrōts, meaning “root”. When the settlers of the island first saw the island of Kijima, they were impressed by its lush vegetation and giant trees, which dwarfed the outlying isles. They learned that the natives' name for the island meant something akin to “tree island”. Compared to the trees of Kijima, they thought the surrounding rocks protruding from the sea to resemble exposed roots; thus they decided to call the archipelago the “Land of Roots”, “Wrōtland”. Over time, this morphed into today's “Wortland”.


The colony was established when Mystia Lorelei showed P_P_A her settlement centred on Kijima, Sabishi's largest island. When she pointed out that the other islands were unoccupied, Venomthrope got butthurt and implied that they were in the sphere of influence of New Finngolia, even though they are kilometres apart.
P_P_A, thus encouraged, immediately claimed them for Nieuw Walschor and built a settlement of a few houses and a port on the largest of the islands.

Wort Freestate

P_P_A had invited new players anikinoken and Oranje to his nation the day they joined. While the latter turned on him in the course of the Massacre of Voelhaven, anikinoken had stayed contently on Ebbenschipp, where he had began exploring the underground. On the 3rd Feburary 2013, when P_P_A visited the island to build another house and lay the foundation to a church, Oranje came and asked for permission to live with his friend anikinoken on Ebbenschipp. P_P_A reluctantly agreed, distrusting the traitor but being willing to forgive him.

Later that day, the two declared the independence of Noord Wortland as the “Wort Freestate”. P_P_A, still the ruler of the islands, refused to recognise their secession. Suspicions were roused of Oranje being kovio incognito; te3 launched an investigation which produced convincing proof; the admin personally descended unto Ebbenschipp to ban Oranje, and Nieuw Walschorer rule was restored.

Collapse and reformation of Nieuw Walschor

On the evening of the 3rd Feburary 2013, the Principality of Nieuw Walschor collapsed under the burden of the War of the Breshikan Succession. Noord Wortland thus became an independent settlement, though bound by personal union to the city of Voelhaven, of which it could be considered a colony. When Nieuw Walschor was restored two weeks later, Noord Wortland reverted to its previous status as a colony thereof.

New Finngolian aggression

In the early morning of the 24th February, two Finngols landed on Ebbenschipp and replaced the Walschorer flag with a New Finngolian one. They also left a large flag standing on the ground in front of the houses. Upon waking up and opening the window, P_P_A noticed the grieb. He investigated the site and quickly discovered the names of the two evildoers, who, when confronted, confessed to having been sent by Venomthrope. After lecturing the Finngols, P_P_A undid the damage and kept the wool of the Finngolian flags.

Nieuw Walschor War of Independence

In the process of the War of Walschor Independence, Nieuw Walschor was annexed by the Katten Khaganate. The Wortlanders tired of the corrupt administration in Voelhaven, and in the spirit of Kovio/Oranje—now recognised as a misunderstood visionary—proclaimed a free state, and lapsed into apolitical settlement status forever. The Duke of Nieuw Walschor, powerless as he was, was left with no choice but to acquiesce their decision.

Noord Wortland is composed of six islands, three of which are inhabited. The biggest island is Ebbenschipp in the centre; north of it lies Zefier; bordering Kijima in the south is the Island of the Lost Son (遠子嶼). The climate of the southern islands is tropical.

Noord Wortland's economy is frail but self-sufficient. The prized pumpkin pies produced on Zefier are the islands' main export.

100% P_P_A.


Ebbenschipp Island.

Ebbenschipp & Zefier

The two northern islands are dominated by a Dutchboo colonial style, reflecting the colony's Walschorer heritage. A windmill is the sole building on Zefier.

Ebbenschipp hosts a small harbour and a single street, lined by Dutchboo buildings and ending before the wooden Sint Nikolaas church. The church's interior was originally designed by Kovio, though Catholic hooligans vandalised the preacher's pult and replaced it with an altar of massive gold. Opus Dei operatives later broke into the church, placed the tabernacle in the centre, of the sanctuary, and buried a relic below it.

Next to the church, down a quiet path, the great Khagan Kovio's alias Oranje lies buried in a small grave.

Yuan Zi Yu at sunrise.

Yuan Zi Yu

Yuǎn Zi Yǔ (遠子嶼), or the Island of the Lost Son, long under the influence of the weeaboo Kijima Empire, features a number of small Chinese houses. A shrine dedicated to the goddess Ma-tsu thrones in the centre of the island.


The size and population density of the islands make arable land a rare commodity. Zefier is the only island on which agriculture is practised. Due to these limitations, the Wortlanders' local delicacy are pumpkin pies. The ingredients, sugar and pumpkin, can grow on poorly fertile soil, and chickens can be held in tight quarters, thus making the filling dish the ideal food for the islands' inhabitants.

Zefier as seen from Ebbenschipp.
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