Peaceful Empire of Florina
Local Languages English
Demonyn Florinaian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Empress Nenesha
Establishment 15.12.2012
Population 4
Abbreviation FLO

The Peaceful Empire of Florina, still in its infancy, was the result of Nenesha deciding to create a peaceful area where her, her friends, and allies could live undisturbed. Not seeking to wage war or get involved in conflicts, Florina's neutrality and diplomacy are top priorities. (See Below.)

Due to misunderstandings in the past, it must be made clear that this settlement shall always remain a settlement and detached from world politics and conflicts, therefore Florina will never become a Nation. Further, it must be emphasized that this settlement is purely a place for Nenesha and her friends to take it easy and just have fun, with Japanese themes. You are free to become a citizen, but knowing, understanding, and accepting these factors is necessary for citizenship requests to be accepted from now on. If you disagree with any of this, you are free to leave and pursue your interests elsewhere, and we can only hope you have more fun in your new location(s).


Florina's construction began in early December 2012 with efforts from Empress Nenesha and citizen Elnendil.


The Imperial Palace has been completed for the most part. A railway connects the Empire to the current netherstation for foreign access. An artificial NPC village was built to house rehabilitated zombies. Additional structures are built whenever Cawrus feels like it as need arises.

Recently, Florina has significantly reduced torch usage in favor of more environmentally friendly light sources.

Update: The Empress has overcome some of the real life issues preventing her from showing up on the server, and will be returning to Florina shortly.

The Imperial Palace is located atop a large mountain overlooking the Empire's lands. The Tower of Cawrus sits on an adjacent mountain, bearing the Florinaian flag.

The peasant village of Little Florina lies on the plains to the southeast, the light of its beacon visible for many miles.

MystiaLorelei's colony lies in the sea northeast of the settlement.

Sustainable food crops, plenty of animals, and most major natural resources. An abundance of emeralds from mining and NPC trading. Wither battles of questionable legality are frequently held in a shady underground bunker.

Citizens can employ Japanese architecture with some traces of Byzantine/Greek elements if they so choose. However, building and/or destroying things without permission in the Empire's territory is illegal. Theft of crops and animals is also strictly forbidden by Florinaian law. If a Florinian citizen is found to be guilty of breaking the laws of another settlement or those of a Nation, Florina will not protect the citizen from prosecution or punishment. Florina does not accept asylum seekers, either.

The current head of state is Empress Nenesha. She must be consulted before visiting the Empire, or building in Imperial territory. Alternatively, Cawrus or Elnendil can be asked for permission if the Empress is unavailable. They're all fairly nice and easy to get along with, so please do not misunderstand the intent of this rule.

Empress Nenesha is the head of state, and founder of the Empire. She is not on very often due to real life issues, but she is happy to answer any questions you might have when she is available.

Elnendil is a citizen of the Empire and assists the Empress with the building of the Empire.

Cawrus is a citizen of the empire and has worked to great lengths to expand the Empire.

MystiaLorelei is the newest citizen of the Empire.

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