War of the Breshikan Succession
Dates 26th Jan 2013 – 5th Feb 2013
Location West Battx., Avence
Result white peace; Nieuw Walschor destroyed; Kriegstein seceded
Flag Nieuw Walschor
Flag Kriegstein Consortium
Flag Holy Breivik Empire
Supported by
Flag Kingdom of Avence
Flag Neo Wissendorf
Katten Khaganate
Katten Khanate
Flag Kingdom of Battkhortostan
The Nazis of Bremen
Templar Order of St. Breivik
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Shakomatic
Flag Sick_Sector
Flag P_P_A
Flag Sidmarcus01
Flag Ivanidiot
Flag Killer_Chris
Flag Sikandar
Countless Infinite
40 15

The departure of Shakomatic prompted K_Chris to crown himself Kaiser of the Holy Breshikan Empire. His murder of the HBE's Field Marshal P_P_A sparked a war of succession, in which the forces of the HBE moved to subdue the pretender. The Mongols' raids caused the downfall of Nieuw Walschor, after which Kriegstein seceded from the HBE, leading to the Breshikan Civil War.

Main article: Fourteen Coals of Battkhortia

Tensions had been flaring up between the Holy Breshikan Empire and K_Chris after the latter made allusions to a claim on the imperial throne. He was subsequently removed from the House of Breshik by Shakomatic.

When Shakomatic left the game on the 24th January 2013, K_Chris unabashedly proclaimed himself Kaiser of the HBE and built himself a throne in West Battkhortia. Field Marshal P_P_A protested this insolence. A deal was struck that would see P_P_A return the Fourteen Coals of Battkhortia—which had been stored in Voelhaven during the Battkhortostani civil war—to K_Chris, who swore to renounce his claims. When the unarmoured P_P_A arrived at his manor, the false emperor assaulted him and seized the coals, which turned out to be fake.

This blatant act of war was promptly followed by an official declaration thereof from both sides. K_Chris later declared war to Sidmarcus01 as well, thus involving the whole Holy Breshikan Empire.

Siege of West Battkhortia

Main article: Siege of West Battkhortia

A day after the declaration of war, the armies of P_P_A and Sidmarcus01 untied at K_Chris's manor, where they ambushed him. The Breshikan alliance won the battle, and K_Chris's capacities were crippled as he lost all of his diamond armour K_Chris simply retrieved better armour from the Battkhortostani communal chest and cut his losses..

Declaration of Empire

Word soon reached the ear of Kaiser Shakomatic. He quickly reasessed his priorities and decided the legacy of Breshik was more important than paying attention to his gf. Taking it upon himself aftejust 3 days gone he re-appeared to Declare the Kurwo-Avencian Empire. This move was a measure concocted Long ago by Shakomatic VIII o prevent the Breshikan and the Kurwan legacies from falling into Batthork hands. This measure was only undertaken due to the closeness of the two houses in recent weeks. The Empire claims title over The Kaisership of the HBE, the old Kurwan Empire, Apostolic Kingdom of Avence, The Duchy of Isrealistan, Duchy of Neo-Wissendorf, Duchy of Tasunia, and claims holdings of the Avencian Sword Bretheren. The old Kurwan site of Kurwa Mons was left in HBE holding. The reformed empire pledgeds to backup her sister states in this war. The decision of using the Kurwan name was overturned in the Avencian house of Lords.

Founding of the Mongol Khaganate, Reformation of the Nazi-Mongol Alliance

After a collapse in negotiations with Breshik, the Holy Order of St. Breivik declared its support for the pretender. Additionally, Eisenbach in turn pledged its support for Emperor K_Chris.

After hearing of the return of Shakomatic, Sikandar decided to commit the initially neutral East Battkhortostan to war in support of the pretender.

The Katten Khaganate would later be formed from Battkhortostan, the Katten Khanate, and the City-State of Tora. Soon after its formation, they declared support for K_Chris.

Thus the ancient Nazi-Mongol alliance was renewed.

Raids and Counter-Raids

Main articles: Operation Glorious Dawn, Operation Noble Eagle, Operation Searing Desert

Mongol forces under K_Chris raided Nova Avence twice, slaughtering its hapless citizens. After Operation Noble Eagle, the Breshikan allied militaries organised a counter-raid and razed West Battkhortia. K_Chris, after having left his ally Triptide to be killed by the Breshikans, finally came to defend his manor. When he faced the Walschorer and Kriegsteinian armies in battle, he was soon forced to retreat with his tail between his legs.

Voelhaven Massacre

Main articles: Massacre of Voelhaven

A day later, the war was finally brought to Nieuw Walschor proper when K_Chris invaded Voelhaven while P_P_A was showing around a new player. It was only by the hands of said new player, Oranje, that the situation was reversed and K_Chris was driven out.
He returned fifteen minutes later and again wreaked havoc, but retreated when reinforcements from Neo Wissendorf arrived.

Oranje then headed a counter-offenstive; K_Chris defended successfully against P_P_A and Ivanidiot, but fell to the skill of Oranje. The newcomer then repeatedly slaughtered K_Chris, though he briefly managed to rearm himself to fend off a second wave of Nieuw Walschorer and Neo Wissendorfer invaders. Collateral damage includes Enton, twice.

K_Chris eventually signed off, and P_P_A hailed Oranje, the Hero of Voelhaven. However, said hero proved to have a price, and backstabbed P_P_A once offered a large sum of diamonds by West Battkhortia.

Nieuw Walschor lost most of its diamond armour and weapons that night, and emerged critically weakened. Oranje was later revealed to have been kovio in disguise, and subsequently banned.

Defeat of the Breshikan Coalition

The Principality of Nieuw Walschor, being a nation neither of many riches nor able to sustaina large army, finally desintegrated on the night of the 3rd Feburary 2013. The Grand Duke of Walschor, to whom the Prince of Nieuw Walschor was a vassal, revoked the prince's title and effectively dissolved the nation, returning its constituent party to the status of colonial settlements. As the Grand DUchy of Walschor was never a belligerent, this effectively removed Voelhaven and its overseas colonies from the war.

To this, Kriegstein responded by delcaring independence from the Holy Breshikan Empire. Kaiser Shakomatic refused to recognise Kriegstein's independence; the direct consequence of this was the outbreak of the Breshikan Civil War.
With the Breshikan coalition collapsed, this meant the end of the War of the Breshikan Succession. Nonetheless, K_Chris failed to achieve his goal, as the title of Kaiser of the Holy Breshikan Empire is yet Shakomatic's, and the remaining nations of the HBE still recognise him as such. All Breshikan functions were reabsorbed back to the Avencian Government. Simultaniously the Avencian Government reformed back into an older model not seen since the Westro-breshikan Empire.

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