The Dookie

Dookie telling his countrymen not to surrender

Dookie is a non-surrendering french frog that started playing on the server in May 2011. He was a former member of FAP's triumvirat and the architecture mastermind of Uganda. His work is a combine of ordnung and coziness. He was known in West Rhodes for having braved the wicked and glitchy arena of Libau while Uxbridge was trying to sort it out. Always sexually harrassed by Elkku. He officially quit the game a first time during the dark age of omgmac because he constantly fell into the void, had lags and got butthurt of not being able to build his eppinen space station in the far End then. Saying minecraft no longer gives him feels he spent his time with his black south african friends in Banlieue 13 eating chiggen and melons.

Finally came back after months. New Lord of West Rhodes replacing the indifferent Australian. Recently died of AIDS after having had sex with a 40yo african male, he will be missed ;_;.

Came back to life after months in IRC limbo. He cured his autism and started building again in the town of Nouvelle-Reims. He now is a member of the leading triumvirate of the Kriegstein Consortium.

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