Duke of Merriland
Must pay debts to Tangaloa
Full Name Fegelein von Winddorn
Place of Residence Fogel Mansion
Languages German
Ethnicity West-Slavic
Religious Affiliation Catholic
National Affiliation Former:Soviet Republic
Kriegstein Consulate
Holdings City of Merriland
County of Merriland
Selvata Free Territory
Titles Grand Councillor of the Soviet Republic
Chairman of the Soviets
Duke of Merriland
Lord Regent of Fallen
Governor of Selvata
Lord Mayor of South-Fallen
Count of Merriport
Military 1st Merriland Dragoons, Quartermaster
Joined September 2011

Joined the server in September 2011 and attempted to start some unsuccessful settlements.

After a new world was born, he joined the new Soviet Republic, quickly rose up in ranks and helped the Soviet Republic on its way to server dominance. Everything went well, until a demographic crisis hit the nation and the amount of active citizens shrank rapidly. During the Soviet-Mongol War several of the most prominent Soviet Leaders died of butthurt or were exiled due to cheating. Although equipping superior technology, the Soviets lost the war because of the Mongols infinite amount of reinforcements.

After the war he was introduced to the infamous Soviet Science Corp., which developed new methods of illegal cloning. Due to this he was exiled from the server, and after returning several months later, he inherited the former Soviet territories and settled down in Nouvelle Reims.

Owes a lot of debts to Tangaloa.

  • Order of Gorask
  • Medal of Good Service
  • Diamond Cross 1st Class

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