Nouvelle Reims

Nouvelle Reims
Local Languages French, British, Murrikan, Italian
Government Consulate
Current Leader Grand Duke Tomoko
Former Leaders Sidmarcus01 (First Consul)
TheDookie (Consul)
Establishment February 2013
Population 9~13 (estimated)
Abbreviation NR
ASC/S Kriegstein Consulate (KS)
Location 719, -4670

Nouvelle Reims is the new Kriegstenian Consulate's capital City. It's currently under massive works and is far from a “final” state.


Tired of Kriegstein's monotony and lack of population, Sidmarcus01, leader of the consulate, decided to move from the old underground capital to create a new one on the surface instead. PPA, also bored of being alone in his autistically wonderful dutchboo capital, gave neighbouring clay to Kriegstein in order to make this new settlement near Voelhaven. Interested by the project, Dookie joined the former Consortium (that later became the Consulate) and officialy became a member of the sacred Triumvirate. The city started with the industrial/commercial harbour district island (still far from being finished) and with the digging of the canal (called “Canal de Lafayette”), dividing the sector from the rest of the city, and being the milestone for one of the most advanced urban marvels soon to be created.

Major events

Nouvelle Reims's foundation was accompained by numerous events, such as the HBE secession wars, the two crusades of Polish Cleansing, the Battle of Auri, and some anarchists and Breshikan slaughters that led to several bans for [REDACTED] Consuls. Pushed by its numerous successes, national pride and sovereignity, the city keeps growing more and more.

Current status

After the disintegration of Kriegstein, nouvelle reims was handed over to Grand duke tomoko by Sidmarcus. The Capital is being renovated and developed.

Nouvelle Reim's site is a located between the ocean, forests, mountains and deserts. It will home some major buildings and urbanism projects like the Palais Consulaire and the Place consulaire which will surrounded by a Great Holy Temple of Feel (with several altars to the Never Surrender's feel) and several Embassies from every nations that want good diplomatic relationships. There is some other projects like a military harbour located in a creek and such…

Inheriting the Kriegstein Consulate's wealth, the economy in Nouvelle Reims is strong, however at the moment it lacks farms and such infrastructures.

There is no formal building codes in Nouvelle Reims, just some simple rules:

  • Build either creatively and/or Realistic. Ordnung muss sein!
  • All styles are ok if they follow the first rule
  • Respect the current urbanism and accept modifications if needed
  • Ask one of the Consuls when you want a building spot. Create a façade of your
    building in a local creative world, and show a few screencaps to any memebers of the Triumvirate
  • All Government related buildings should follow the Kriegstenian palette style. Slight changes are allowed.

The government is led by the Sacred Triumvirate, with the Place Consulaire as the main government building.


  • Sidmarcus01 (First Consul and Leading Urbanist, Architect and Ingénieur des Ponts et Chaussées)
  • TheDookie (Consul, Urbanist, Architect and Gardener )
  • Ralxtew (Consul, Architect, Urbanist and Engineer)


  • Baggie
  • Termocaos
  • Juinn (?)
  • Fegelein
  • Texan (and probably some friends)
  • GingerHermit
  • King_of_nether

Honorary residents

  • Aineias
  • Koinu
  • PPA (?)
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