This player is a deceitful warmongering draconian asshole.
Expect deep hypocritical speeches about honour and respect to get soon after mercilessly backstabbed. Unless you bring tribute.

This player is the Best Dragon Drake Faggot.

We passed upon the stair
We spoke of was and when
Although I wasn't there
He said I was his ally
Which came as a surprise
I spoke into his eye
I thought you died alone
A long long time ago

Oh no, not me
We never lost control
You're face to face
With the dragon who sold the world

Ralxtew a.k.a. "Drake Fazuku"

Wer darastrix tiric ti klae drekiselic
Home City: Nova Etruria
Language(s): English, Italian, Swedish, Draconic, Esperanto
Alignment Lawful Evil
National Affiliation: None
Political Affiliation(s): The Church of the Holy Feel
Roles and Titles: Ancien Ingénieur et contrôleur général des finances de Kriegstein,
High Priest of the Holy Feel,
Historical Founder of Kriegstein,
Former Executioner of the Kriegstenian Kingdom,
Dragons don't wear pants,
Etrurian palace lurker,
Former King of the Kriegstenian Kingdom,
Former Head of the House of Kriegstein
Lazitalian Drake
The Dragon who sold the World
Joined: 2012??

A scaly, often called Scoundral by his French mates, with a masterly nose for smelling out drama.
He loves lewd dragons and would totally be glad to cuddle one. He can sometimes be found on IRC under the same username he uses in-game.
He built Kriegstein and Nouvelle Reims with his brothers-in-arms Sidmarcus01 and Dookie a long time ago in Oceania.
After retiring from his position as Kriegstein leader and going rogue lonedragon, he placed focus on his utopia project Nova Etruria on Alpha's Realm to build cozy stuff.
He's usually found hanging out at his massive crackhouse in Nova Etruria, counting his massive stash of jewgolds.

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