Popar Rosenmann
Get off muh lawn
The Kurwa Standard
Home City: Kurwa
Language): Polish (native), English
Political Affiliation: Above it all
Affiliation: Feelcatholic Church
Roles and Titles: Pope
Joined: April 2011
Rosenmann doing rollbacks

One of very first players on the server, and one of very first mods. Created first commieblock and second cart station on server . Founding council man of every Kurwa ever. His (temporary) death was one of the causes to June 14th Riots, but for his pure heart, he was revived to life 3th July 2011. Known for enforcing strict building policies in Kurwa, pioneering the field of redstone engineering, and being generally evil OK. He has the soul of a deep philosopher, and is accredited for creating the basis of a political system on the server.

Rosenmann, ceased to be moderator since he rolled back a group of few players' work 300 hours after they decided to wildly protest a spawn change in november 2011. When he realized the error of his ways, AlphaBernd suspended him for a week. Crestfallen, Rosen proclaimed the loss of his honor, and so he decided to abdicate his lofty position on The Staff and leave the realm of autism forever. Rumors claimed he died days later of alcohol intoxication.

To date Rosenmann serves on the Palpal throne as Popar of The Feelcatholic Church.

When Alpharealm saw it first dawn Rosenmann has brought back to service as a mod and one of Political Officers.

2015-06-02 Nerd & tehftw incident

After bearmonger noted that his mall elevator was griebed again Rosenmann roll'd back ALL block changes made by tehftw and some made by TheNerd96, resulting in a massive mess(300k and 100k autism points had been scored by those players). This feat siphoned off all of his moderator powers and, as a result, he ceased to be a mod.

List of Alpharealm titles

List of Oceania titles

  • Councilman of Nova Kurwa Town
  • King Salomon
  • Daimyo of Greater Asian Meritocracy

Full list of 1.7 titles

  • Archimandrite of Petrus
  • Councilman of Kurwa Town
  • Member of Imperial High Council
  • Imperial Council Founder
  • Duke of Feels Island
  • Kurwan Librarian
  • Server moderator
  • King Salomon

Notable Public Projects in 1.7

  • Commieblock in Berndtown
  • Kurwa - Rosenstation rail
  • Church of St. Isidor
  • Second Kurwa Rail Station
  • Kurwa Library
  • Kurwan Public Mob Trap

Rosenmann on insulting the pope

Rosenmann on insulting the pope

and im asking myself man are you proud of yourself do you even realize what youre doing?do you even have reason and human dignity?i dont know but you seem to be a pathetic person ,you probably didnt think of what youre doing and who youre insulting ,you can insult those who deserved it but not our polish pope our fellow countryman and great person ,so exceptional and important because its not someone random you can mock cause you like it i dont know in what a family you were brought up in but you i dont know dont understand what faith is .if you think youre great youre a regular nut nobody isolated from society yet, i dont know whats so funny about that but pick on stalin or hitler or other degenerates but dont pick on such a holy person as pope john paul 2 .how dare even publicly place such photos on internet forums ?im asking who should be responsible for this because its rather visible that he doesnt go to church if youre whatever an atheist or believe in sects or something or are you maybe even a servant of satan and you wont make the pope one ,then you are probably dont know some gets turned on by satans pack .come on think about how much the pope did ,he was someone and who are you to ridicule him huh ?who gave you the right even to insult our pope ?did you even think about that hes not a person i laugh at and everybody praising me ?come on kid youre really some psycho because unlike you its the pope who is an authority for me and you i dont know whose authority you can be i think that of some fools like you who dont know what the church and religion are ,its visible that you dont pray and dont go to religion at school ,its visible that you dont respect religion then whatever if you want take your own photo and put it up i wonder if youre brave enough. seriously kids come on think about what youre doin because you have clearly no idea about who the pope john paul2 was if youre not fully developed intellectually then dont pick on such a person like the holy father because it means that you have probably no cross or not a single holy picture at home its not even about church but generally about rules of faith in general to have some dignity because the pope never offended anyone so what are you offending him for huh? come on tell me what are you insulting such a person as the holy father for ?im speechless but if you had at least any idea and picked up the holy book and read it maybe you would change .whatever go to church because we see that satans been in you for a long time man ,if you dont like the church at least keep quiet and dont insult other people .

Rosenmann on kissing men

Rosenmann on kissing men

<Rosenmann> kissing with other men isn't gay :DDD
<Rosenmann> kissing other guys in the lips is manly as fug
<Rosenmann> brezhnev was alpha male and he kissed other men
<Rosenmann>  even Brezhnev did it
<Sikandar[IRC]>	typical slav latent homosexuality
<Rosenmann>	now fucking puritan anglosphere says that kissing other men is gay

Rosenmann on Mystia

Rosenmann on Mystia

Rosenmann engaging in recreational activity

Mazznoff on Rosenmann on Mystia

Mazznoff on Rosenmann on Mystia


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